April 7, 2020

Zoho Mail vs G Suite 2019 *VERY DETAILED*

I tried both of these things that I’m going to give you guys a my honest review on it and what you should choose and what you should look out for so let’s get right into it guys this is my first video I know that in the video I know that I have a bitch thing I know I say a lot I know I say a lot and also know that I blink a lot but please bear with me thank you okay guys so I would like to start something new we will be having a quote at the beginning of each video so the quote that we have today is by Emily Amelia Amelia Earhart and he says the most difficult thing is the decision to act and the rest is merely tendency Tennessee Tennessee or Tennessee let me know down in the comments all right let’s get started it is Miss Cassie and so welcome to my channel this is for the entrepreneurs out there I will be good my experience using G sweets and Zoho what I call Zoho Miller I am gonna be going over at that as you guys know I’m an entrepreneur I own a hair company and a weight loss boutique so try both of these things and I’m going to give you guys a my honest review on it and what you should choose and what you should look out for so let’s get right into it so if you guys see me looking down I like have my little paper or whatever that I wrote everything in to so basically the name of the email for Zoho is Zoho Mel and the name for the G suite is jazz we all know it so with the $3.00 per month if you pay annually you can attach files up to 30 megabytes as opposed to G suite where you can only upload 25 megabytes there might be a game changer for some people that sent over like large files like for example if you’re a graphic designer and you’re sent over people with logos and their branding templates and all this other stuff and those are larger files so you might want to look accordingly on how you send that information over okay okay so for people like me they like to know when their emails have been read I when I had G sweet I downloaded a mail tracker which I paid twenty dollars every three months to know when my emails have been read so I would get an email that oh this person has Richard you know this person has clicked your link things like that but now as I switch over to Zoho I am paying eight dollars every month and those eight dollars every month it is on app called mail spring which I downloaded onto my computer but that’s for all of my emails not only one like the mail tracker the app that I had on my Chrome for the G Suites and all my emails have been read so that was 20 dollars every three months and that was only for one account as opposed to Mel spring which I can use for all of my accounts and Mail speaking is pretty nice you can organize it the way you like I’ve been adding your signature as they’ll help you create a signature and it was really really easy to use another thing for I mean me I’m really picky and on my phone when I hear a notification sound I automatically know what app it is and sometimes I even know who it’s from so I like to have those custom notification sounds for different things in my phone and that is something that you can do in Zoho mail but that is something that you can not do in the Gmail app so that’s something to keep up with so one thing that was really bothersome for me with Zoho was the fact that with Zoho mail you cannot send out a bunch of marketing emails with Gmail you can because they don’t care but when so home no you cannot because oh ho mal has something that’s similar through MailChimp and mailer lights so that’s the reason why you cannot send out like marketing and promotion email so if you do that they will block your account for like a couple of hours and then they’ll unlock it they have done that to me but they also do have a separate space that part of Zoho it is free up to 2,000 subscribed and up to 12,000 emails for free you can do as much marketing as you want over there but you just cannot do it in your in Soho Mail app okay and this place where you can basically do like MailChimp and marelul is called Sol campaigns so I know this video was a little all over the place but if you guys have any questions you guys can definitely comment down below and send your questions because I know this it was a little confusing for me as well but um so that’s the difference between Gmail in Soho so how their cheapest option for your email so let’s say for example your company name is bad and bujji bundles so is bad mushi bundles calm so if you want to have info or support at vanna vazhi bundles calm as your email address you can go to Soho and pay $12 for the year but if you desire to go if you decide to go with G suite you will be paying $6 per month so what you would pay for two months with G suite is what you would pay for one year with Zoho so definitely keep that in mind and so has different options you can upgrade of one dollar per month plan that you have to pay yearly so it’s like twelve you know twelve dollars they also have a three dollar plan which is what I was talking about this o whole workplace and they also have like a Soho premium or something like that which is four dollars a month so personally for me I have two businesses and each businesses have two sets of emails so that’s four emails so four four emails I paid forty eight dollars for the entire year but granted I am paying eight dollars a month for a mail spring to get the read notifications so we can technically say this four plus eight so that’s $12 $12 every month that I am paying so I’m technically paying $12 every month for email hosting as opposed to if I had those four emails with G suite I would have been paying six times four which is twenty four dollars so that’s double plus the twenty dollars that I was paying every three months so if you wanted to pay every month I think I believe it was ten dollars so ten dollars times four which would be fourteen on top of the twenty four dollars we should be like about sixty dollars that I would be paying with G suite so I’m saving a crapload of money by going with Zoho and actually like it it’s it’s really nice I like logging on to my computer and I’ll get like the notifications like oh this person read your email this person clicked your link and it’ll tell you in real time how many times people have opened your emails you’ll be shocked how many times people open your email like the email that you sent them after you guys have closed out the conversation it’s very weird like sometimes I’ll get notification so-and-so open this email 12 times in like two minutes and I’m like what are you looking for but yeah so I definitely do like Soho mell and for all the beginning entrepreneurs out there I highly highly highly suggest that you go with Zoho mell as opposed to going with G Suites because o ml is cheaper and it’s easier and it’s just lighter on the pockets it’s very very light on the pockets okay so if you guys have any questions let me know down below and if you guys are like a tutorial on how I connect my domain name through my Soho then definitely comment that down below and I will definitely make that video okay bye guys [Music] I got the trip I make the play [Music]

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