April 1, 2020
ZitaFTP Server – Not Quite Ready (Delayed)

ZitaFTP Server – Not Quite Ready (Delayed)

it’s now late on Monday night, August the
19th, the night before I’m supposed to release ZitaFTP server. And to be blunt,
I’m not gonna make it. I had hope to have at least a trial ready for you to try out, but I think I better slow down and take a bit more time. So, if you want to know the moment that that trail is out I suggest you sign up to the newsletter
I’ll leave a a link down below, and I’ll let you learn later when it’s
available to purchase. So, it’s partially because there are just so many last-minute things that need to be done but by far the biggest issue has been
the licensing code. I learned my lesson from a previous project, that it’s much better to give people a time limited trial that allows them to try everything instead of having a crippled demo where they can try these
features but not these. So that means having licensing code which, I bought off someone else because I don’t want to write that myself. I’d
rather focus on the actual software I want to to write. And it turns out that the code quality is not as good as I expected. It’s got things like
uninitialized variable issues which sort of works on other platforms,
but not on AmigaOS. So that’s held up… taken up a lot of extra time than I
expected. And to make matters worse, the person I
contracted or company I contracted to link the licensing server with the
e-commerce store couldn’t handle it So that’s come back to me. I’m gonna have to do that too. So as I said I’ll have a trial version for you to try out as soon
as possible. sign up to the newsletter (link below again) if you want to know as soon as it’s out and otherwise I’ll let you know when it’s available for sale

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