March 29, 2020
Zippy Shipping with Inxeption Help Video – Inxeption, an Industrial-Strength eCommerce Platform

Zippy Shipping with Inxeption Help Video – Inxeption, an Industrial-Strength eCommerce Platform

Welcome to Zippy Shipping! In this video, we will show you the simple,
step-by-step process for using Inxeption’s integrated UPS shipping. The first step is to Enroll in Zippy Shipping
First you need to set up your Zippy account. To do this, go into the Admin tab and select
System Settings>Zippy Shipping First you will enter your company details: For Company Details: Indicate whether the
address in company settings is valid for UPS. This is used by Inxeption for identity purposes.
Company URL: enter your Company’s URL address Primary Contact Info: Enter the primary contact,
title, email and phone number for your company If you have an existing UPS Account, click
YES Enter your existing UPS Account/Shipper Number,
Postal code of UPS Account and Country of Account
If you have received an invoice from UPS in the past 90 days, you can perform UPS Account
Invoice Verification by entering invoice date, currency, amount and invoice control ID. If
you have not shipped in the last 90 days, indicate No and other methods of validation
will occur. Note that this is primarily to identify your
company/account to UPS, no billing to your account will occur. If you do not have an existing UPS Account?
Click NO and you will be prompted to complete the necessary information, including:
Billing Address: Enter your Billing Contact Phone Number and if the Billing Address is
same as the Company indicate Yes. If not, complete the Billing address information section
Pick up Address: Enter the pickup contact phone, contact email.
Pickup Address: Same As Company? If no, enter pickup address information if not the same
address as the company. Currently only one pick-up address is allowed
You will then be prompted to answer some Additional UPS Questions. Answer additional questions
provided by UPS as it relates to the sale of prescription pharmaceuticals, if applicable. Lastly you will be prompted to sign and agree
to the UPS Technology Agreement
Read and agree to the terms of the agreement. And Click CREATE PART 2 With Zippy you can still use Inxeption’s
shipping rules if you would like to pass along a flat rate shipping fee, otherwise your customers
will be extended free shipping. UPS Ground 5-7 days is currently only available in the
current release. After your account is set-up, you are ready
to start shipping! As your orders come in online or entered into
the Inxeption application you can manage those Orders in the Supply module. Based on your
“pre-defined” business process your order may move through several status, but when
you are ready to ship simply change the status to “Ready for Shipping”. All orders marked “Ready for Shipping”
will appear in the Zippy module When ready to generate the shipping label,
simply click the Order # Click Create New Shipment
A pop up window will appear where you will indicate the following:
Description: if needed Weight
Size Declared value of your parcel
Indicate Delivery Confirmation desired Indicate if Additional Handling required (yes/no)
Click ‘CREATE” Click “Download shipping label”
A PDF file will appear – Review and validate information contained on the shipping label
is accurate Print PDF and affix to package
Click “Send email with Tracking Number” An email will be sent to your customer with
confirmation of shipping and inclusion of the UPS tracking number. The email sent with
the tracking # can be modified in Sales Channels>package sent When order is picked up or delivered to an
authorized UPS facility, click Actions – Set State to Shipped and the item will fall off
the Zippy shipping list. For ongoing validation the Order will contain
the Tracking Number hyperlink and date shipping label created. The Tracking number hyperlink
can be clicked to view the UPS tracking status on
the UPS website.

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