April 8, 2020
Zapier | Automation Solution for Ecommerce Sellers

Zapier | Automation Solution for Ecommerce Sellers

hey it’s patti scharf CPA and co-founder
of catching clouds the leader in e-commerce accounting and today’s video
is going to be on zapier I’m really excited about this one so make sure you
stick around to the end because I got some deals and some special like events
coming up that I want to tell you about so but let’s just get started so I’ve known about zapier for the past
I don’t know two or three years I’ve had a couple of zaps that I had set up but I
really didn’t have time to dive into it and a couple of weeks back we went to
the accounting salon which I talked about in an earlier video and they had
like a little session on zapier and it reinvigorated me and I started diving
deeply into zapier and I’m so glad that I did I’m like so geeking out on this
it’s like kind of ridiculous I’m such a dork but but I wanted to share it with
you guys so if you want to improve the automation in your company this is the
way to go so I think the best way actually to learn about some of the
functionality of SAP years just to show by example so I’m going to just show you
a couple of zaps that I have set up that might be able to help you out so as you
know I create YouTube videos and what I was finding is every time I would create
a video I would publish it up to the YouTube channel and then you know it’s
not enough to just post it there you have to actually tell people that it
exists so every time I would post a video I would also share it on social
media I would tweet it out as caching clouds as catching clouds Academy I
would post it on LinkedIn yada yada yada sometimes I would forget to post it on a
particular channel or whatever anyway I created a zap and here’s what it looks
like so every time a new video is posted on YouTube that’s the trigger event and
then it will post it in slack so that my team knows that we uploaded a new video
they can go up on there they can watch it they can share it like it whatever
then I will also send it out to Google+ I will send it out through tweet on
catching clouds I will send it I will post it on Facebook another tweet
LinkedIn my own other LinkedIn account and then I’ll create an asana task for
the other stuff that’s not automated so that I remember to go in and pin it to
Pinterest and shared in our Facebook groups so all of
that used to take me anywhere from 15 minutes like half an hour every time I
did a video so I have this one little zap set up and boom done instantly and
it’s just amazing I love it okay the reason why these all look like the same
application by the way is we have HubSpot and so i have everything go
through hub spots so that all of the like performance can be tracked and I
can see how different channels are doing and things like that so there you go and
then my other one so you’ll see that one has like eight different tasks this is
24 because I just kind of went hog-wild on this so if you didn’t know I have
some online courses accounting for Amazon accounting for Shopify you can
find links to those down below if you’re interested in those and so what happens
is when so I have those posted on teachable and anytime there’s a sale on
teachable I will rip out the name of the person I will add them to HubSpot so
that I and I will add that like what course they purchased so that I have
that information in my CRM in my customer relationship management tool
then I’ve got these handy-dandy paths so if they sign up for a Facebook group
what happens is I add it to a little spreadsheet but then I will also send
myself a notification in slack just kind of giving me a heads up that somebody is
going to be going to the Facebook group pretty soon and I need to go look and
see if they’ve answered the three questions so that I can admit them to
our group by the way if you don’t know about our group’s we’ve got a Facebook
community for ecommerce sellers we have another one for ecommerce accountants go
check the links down below for those okay so that’s path a if they however
buy a course then they go through this different zap where it kind of
restructures how the formatting is because teachable it comes over like 39
that was in dollars when it’s $399 so I changed the formatting so that it looks
better and it can actually be usable then I automatically create an invoice
in zeros so that I know that we sold a course we’re going to be collecting
money on that soon then if they use stripe then I will have them go look for
the charge and pull out the zip code because teachable does not collect the
addresses of my students and for any of you who know anything about the new
sales tax rules I need to know where my my students are like where they’re
buying these courses so that if I have to collect sales tax I know what to do
okay I throw that information into a spreadsheet and then I post myself a
message in slack notifying me hey we sold the course yay all right and
then if they use PayPal it goes through basically the same thing only it gives
me information about the PayPal ID and Steffan instead the stripe ID as you can
see this stuff is really powerful because they can zapier can like take
all these different tools and connect them together so one event happens and a
cascading effect of automation occurs and you don’t have to lift a finger so I
love it super much so I highly recommend that if you are not familiar with this
tool you go check it out there is one little warning I want to give you I know
that if you are new to this ecommerce thing if you haven’t taken my accounting
for Shopify course or if you haven’t watched the YouTube video on Shopify
which you should go watch you’re going to see that Shopify is one of the apps
that zapier integrates with and you will be tempted to integrate that Shopify app
with your QuickBooks Online or with zeros so that you can have that
information posted as sales occur be very very careful with that because if
you are planning on growing at all you’re going to be doing yourself a
disservice go watch that video and you’ll
exactly what I’m talking about so this was just a taste of what zapier can do
but if you want to know actually how to use it my buddy Jake Immelman is going
to be going over the basics of zapier in a webinar tomorrow sponsored by elephant
training so make sure you go check that out if you want some more in-depth
training and you really want to like roll up your sleeves and get in there
hether Satterlee is doing a workshop actually just started last Friday and I
am in it so so if you want to join me and go through it just send an email to
Heather sadly I have her email address down below she can manually add you to
the course and I’ve got a coupon down below for $50 off of her course if you
would like to attend if you can’t make this one then you can just use that $50
towards the gate one of the next courses and stuff I know she’s got some cool
ones coming up over the next few months or so so make sure you check that out
and if you want to go through the one that she’s doing now that I’m a part of
and you want to come through it with me cool even though you missed the last one
on Friday she’s got a copy of the video in her slack channel that she has for
the group so don’t worry about that so I hope you got something out of this video
I was not paid as a sponsor for any of these people I just really super geeked
out on automation and stuff and making things really easy if you like this
video please like comment and share if you haven’t already please subscribe and
I will catch you later

5 thoughts on “Zapier | Automation Solution for Ecommerce Sellers

  1. Thanks for watching! Do you use Zapier to help automate your ecommerce business? What's your favorite zap?

  2. I've use IFTTT for a few years but Zapier gives me a headache whenever I look at it. Can you do a video on Hubspot? I have it but haven't done much with it and would love to see it in action.

  3. Patti, this is so cool! I've been meaning to ask you how you automate your firm. I've been interested in Zapier but never find the time to understand how it can help.

  4. Zapier is my favorite tool of the year also! I need more time to dig in but I really want to. Thanks for sharing.

  5. thank you for sharing! I didn't know about zapier and i came here through your teachable video, your videos are clear and useful!

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