April 7, 2020
YouTube ECommerce Marketing Tutorial

YouTube ECommerce Marketing Tutorial

Hey folks, this is Brian J Pombo with BrianJPombo.com here
coming to you from Grants Pass, Oregon today. Obviously you can’t see me, we’re over on screenshare and
we’re going to jump right into it. YouTube ecommerce marketing tutorial. Here we go. First if you are a business owner or an
executive in the self-reliance field and you’d like to experience the
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this out, watch that video. If you think you qualify, fill out this application below and that
will get you a free conversation with me, which at this point
in time is a $650 value. So that aside, let’s take a look at Vat19.com, these guys have a YouTube channel and
these videos, if you haven’t seen it, you’ve got to jump over here and watch
some of these videos. Look at this. They have over six and a
half million subscribers, six and a half million subscribers at
this time. They’re growing all the time. They have videos out on a constant basis. You will not find a video on their
channel, on their YouTube channel, that is not a commercial.
These are all commercials. This one came out nine hours ago.
It has nearly a million views. This one came out five days
ago, 2.3 million views. Why do people watch these
commercials, so crazy? Now they may be at an advertising today’s
and maybe a lot of these views come from advertising. I haven’t seen
them pop up as ads specifically. These are things that people are
watching on their own. If they subscribe, they literally went and subscribed because
they want to watch these every time they’d pop out. So every
time a new one comes out, this is popping up in people’s
subscription feed and it’s because they’re entertaining. Me and my kids love watching
these things. So if you look at this, here’s $100 to eat, you click on it.
These are commercials. Let me warn you, these are commercials. Of course there’s
an ad, so we’ll have to wait for that. But you’re talking about something
that is nothing more than a commercial. 10 minute commercial. What’s it about? So this is the owner of the company, I
believe he’s the founder of the company. Here’s some super spicy pickles okay. The whole storyline. I
happened to watch this one, the whole storyline of this one is he’s
got $100 he is going to offer anyone who has a company $100 if they can get
through this entire jar of pickles and they’re super spicy. So He’s going around
his company asking people to do it. They finally get to a point where people
are actually doing it here and going through all the comedy that
ensues. These are funny videos. These are things you really
ought to go and watch them. Very well produced,
especially the latest ones. They put a lot of time and
effort, well edited, well filmed, very, very well done. It’s because they put so much time
into producing great videos. It’s not just the quality’s great, but the fact that they’re so
funny and so well thought out, but each one’s a commercial for something
on their website. They have gag gifts. This is a website made up of gag gifts, basically unique gifts and
unusual gift ideas. Just, everything you could think of,
there’s a giant gummy worm. So not only do they put out these things
and they get tons of attention for them, everything keeps driving
people back to the website. Their name of their channel is
Vat19.com, so you go to their website, look at any of their items
here. Let’s check this out. This is a giant sour gummy worm, right? So it looks just like any
other ecommerce website. You’ve got all the different
categories that you can see. Other things on the website there promise
for a flat rate shipping, you know, free shipping over $45
okay, pretty standard right. Over here you’ve got
pictures of the items, but you’ve got these videos that
they produced on each of the items. So not only are they
using them outward facing, they’re using them for people that come
to the website because they’ve got these videos on their website. It
gives them great rank in Google. They’ve got a pretty well done. They’ve
got their SEO pretty worked out here. Search engine optimization. For those of you who might be new to
this world’s largest sour gummy worm. If I type that in, look, they’ve got Vat19.com is
the first one in their ads. Ah, then you’ve got a result
showing up from Amazon, but that looks like one of those
that Google pops up to the top, but that’s not typical. Look,
all their videos are popping up. Here they are beating on
Amazon on the front page. World’s largest gummy worm is
the is the brand name of it, but this is what’s possible. If you can go out there
and create great content, put it out there for people to
consume. It’s gotta be entertaining. If it’s entertaining,
people will eat it up. It will drive people to your
website. Once they’re on the website, you can re-entertain
them with other things. Look you could just click around here
and find all these funny videos, nearly everything on here as a funny video
attached to it that can check out. So you don’t have to have crazy gifts. Would you have to do is have something
entertaining for people to see? If you do that, you could use
it both offsite and onsite. Don’t only have to use YouTube, you
can use all the other video channels, all the other distribution
places that you can hit up. This is just another form of contact
marketing. Hey, we’ll see you next time. We’re going to have another tactic
that we’re going to talk about, these are always fun to talk about, so
we’ll see you tomorrow. Have a good one.

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