April 9, 2020
Youth and UNCTAD E-Commerce Week 2018

Youth and UNCTAD E-Commerce Week 2018

hello everyone my name is Eugenia and I’m from Ecuador my name is Rohan and I’m from India and Switzerland last year the United Nations conference on Trade and Development, UNCTAD, successfully hosted the third ecommerce week with a theme towards
inclusive ecommerce, there you had an opportunity to discuss with global
leaders about youth involvement in e-commerce in our recommendations we
prioritize updating the education systems so that they meet the needs of
the job market and encourage more trust in youth and in their abilities as
entrepreneurs more investment in technology led companies and improve
regulatory frameworks to allow a positive ecommerce ecosystem this will
contribute to equal community opportunities and encourage inclusive
and sustainable development and economic growth it also creates an avenue to encourage
innovative approaches to enterpreneurship and empowers youth by
allowing them to be part of the discussion and solution the next
ecommerce week is set for 16 to 20 April 2018 team with emphasis on the development dimension of digital platforms a wide range of topics will be covered such as
the size of Commerce at a national level blockchain and trade facilitation, trade
logistics in the digital world consumer trust in e-commerce and much much more but where does UNCTAD come in to this? it’s a good question UNCTAD has played
an integral role in creating awareness of the power ecommerce by bringing
different shareholders together and facilitating discussions to make relevant
policies and recommendations needed for the future of ecommerce so join us 16 April and share your thoughts using the hashtag #e4Youth follow us
on Twitter Facebook and Instagram also join the inside youth Network and lend
your voice as we work to shaping the world that we want to be more connected
inclusive and sustainable place see you there!

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