April 1, 2020

12 thoughts on “Your Questions Answered – What Do You Need To Start Your Online Business?

  1. So, what’s keeping you stuck? What do you want to know? Whatever questions you have around getting started with your own online business.. lemme know in the comments below ⬇️⬇️⬇️

    UPDATE: Thanks for all your questions, I'll reply to each one when the video goes live to answer them. Next one will be "I don't have the time" – (to be published on Wed 18th Dec)

  2. Dan , please I don't know what top publish on my website and also what to do on my YouTube page. Can u help me with any idea?

  3. The most challenging things for me are finances for investment and also the technology involved most of these things are new to me things like making a website then making ads videos and then generating leads all these create an overwhelming fear , hopefully all will be well

  4. I need to know what I m good at and/or what I love to do that could be useful to people…so I need to start from this point. I ve been to courses, read a lot, made tests etc, and still don t know what is my suitable profession or passion, I just can t identify it

  5. Hi Dan, thank you for all your videos, they're super helpful. What I need is to find service/product that could be of value to people and that I would be passionate about. I feel like I need to find a "Light-bulb" idea but don't know how to go about it. Very much like Veronica Sandu's comment down below. Thanks a lot! 🙂

  6. I think what is lacking most is initially (for lack of a better way of asking.) How much to get started? How long to get it going?

  7. At the moment, Dan it's the tech skills that has been holding me back, but I'm getting through it. My biggest concern is running out of money before I start making any, talking to Mark Hayes last night has given me more confidence and direction of advertising on a budget. So, step by step, I'm building the sales funnel this week, wish me luck.

  8. TIME!!!
    I think this is the biggest challenge and question that many face, Dan.

    1. How do you schedule your time to make your life work with a busy "family life", kids etc. and other responsibilities that you already have? It's only 24hour per day, right.

    2. I already have my own companies but like to know, is it worth getting into this? Dollar earnings per spent hours?

    3. How long does it take to see any real progress of the investment you do, time VS money, invested start founds and all cost maintaining the electronic platforms to reach out to the 3part end customers?

    Thank you in advance!
    Best regards

  9. So whats the real investment in FHM and how can i keep the Tech side of things as simple as possible? to get the first product out into the market place to start an income as quickly as possible FHM products what are they and how can use them with my skill affiliate products through FHM

  10. Hi hello Sir Dan , thank's for the great information in how to start online business;;,,,but my problem is lacking of time because of my work , and of course lack of financial;;; How can i start my own business if we do not have enough financial right. I go your site because i want to know and learned something different in the way how to start a business and how to handle it ….

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