March 29, 2020
Your New Years Resolution?

Your New Years Resolution?

Your New Year’s Resolution? Hi, I’m Brian Pombo welcome
back to Brian J. Pombo Live. Today I wanted to ask you, now
that we’re past Christmas a bit, what’s your new year’s
resolution? Do you have one? Do you ever have new year’s resolutions? I know they’re kind of
silly to begin with. Well, why does one specific date
mark a difference at all
for how you should behave or act or think about your future. I get it, but when it comes to business, sometimes it’s good to have some mile
markers in place to have an idea of where you’re at and where you’d like to
be by a certain period of time. A mark in a year is pretty good option. If there’s one resolution I could recommend
if you’ve never had one or don’t know what you would have when it comes
to business, it’s a simple one. The simple thing is pick a number that
you want to be at this time next year, you could say it’s revenue.
You’d say it’s profits. You could say it’s number of customers. Pick a number that’s big enough that
you’d be able to look back over the past year and say, yeah, I put in some good hard work and we
hit that number, we did something, we accomplished something and I
could see where to go from here. If you go and do that, you’ll be happy with the results and
using the first of the year as kind of a setting point or allow you to also
remember where you’re going from here and what the point is and where you started, at which point you
started to the end game. So just a quick notion, and it’s funny, it’s such a simple concept that
how few actually do it. You know, how many of us actually have
a number that we say, okay, by this time next year
we’re going to be here. Think about that, consider it. Tomorrow I’m going to have another
resolution for you to kind of think about. Another thing that you might want to
add to your list. But the meantime, if you are a business owner
or an executive that’s the
self-reliance field, I’m going to recommend you go check
out There’s a quick little video there. Love to get
your input on it. talks all about the Dream
Business Transformation. You can find that link in the description.
You click and go directly to it. Hey, we’ll see you tomorrow. We’re
back here every day. Have a good one. In the meantime, get out there
and let the magic happen.

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