April 9, 2020

100 thoughts on “YOUR FULL AD TEAM SUCKS! – COWSEP

  1. Cowsep it's true that Ghost Poro sucks now because even though you swap your Oracle into Ward, it become 67secs(*maybe) so Ghost Poro does sucks.. -Philippines *Master Yi main (also)

  2. isn't lethol tempo better than conqueror on yi? Yi's damage mostly comes from his AAs and you can select legend: bloodline instead of conqueror which gives you %12 lifesteal. your lifesteal wouldn't change that much but you would gain a huge attack speed boost.

  3. it's been so long since your last stream highlights video. I might be in the minority, but I'm not really into these full game videos.

  4. I LOVE UR CHANNEL COWSEP!!! You inspire me to create my own youtube content. I love every single video of that you make! 🙂 I just created my own youtube channel ''vyzerionlol'' Tomorrow at 12:00 CEST my first video will be announced! I would love some support/feedback so please check it out and maybe could subsribe to me. Thanks.

  5. Do u mind to balance both in-game sound and your voice?
    Both seem to loud.
    Maybe put in-game a bit lower so we can listen you speaking

  6. Why you dont post others video or livestream? Almost your videos is hight light? Are you god? Never lose? We love Baga because he is real, maybe sometime he play good or bad but he show everything about himself in the game. Im play Master Yi so youtube recommend me to you but Im done here. Good luck.

  7. I think you should put delays on your stream, that tryndamere sniping you all game, at 7:18 he even said " why are you so delusional baldie? " which he meant you failing to solo baron

  8. mình có đăng video cover nhạc trên kênh , xin mn bỏ ra vài S qua nge ủng hộ mình với ạ , nhớ để lại 1 sub cho mình nhé , thanks mn nhiều !!!

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