April 10, 2020
Your 2018 eCommerce Strategy For Drop Shipping on Shopify

Your 2018 eCommerce Strategy For Drop Shipping on Shopify

All right. So 2018 is right
around the corner, but since e-commerce and drop
shipping especially is always evolving, how are you going
to go ahead and strategize for the new year? Because I’ll tell you
guys what, it’s definitely not the same way you
should be executing as you have been for the past
couple of months, or maybe year if you’re a little
bit of a veteran, because we definitely are
going to be stepping up our game in 2018. So make sure you go
ahead and stay tuned. And let’s get right into it. [MUSIC PLAYING] First off, I want to
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you know, you did all the above. But besides the
point, guys, 2018 is going to require some
serious game planning. And the reason why I say
that because everybody and their mother is
trying to drop ship and has been trying to drop
ship for the past couple months, you know, past couple years– I would say like
2017, a lot of people have gotten into it,
especially us as well. But regardless to
the point, all right, regardless to the point,
what happens when everybody is trying to run
Facebook ads and sell physical products online is
the ad revenue or the ad costs go up. So the costs per click go
up, the costs per impressions go up, costs per link
clicks definitely go up. And the reason for that
is because everybody is trying to promote and
advertise their products. But let’s say you’re
trying to sell [? babies ?] and, you know, there’s only a
million people in that market. Well, if you got in at the
point where there was only, you know, 100 other
advertisers, well, it’s going to be so easy to
get your products in front of that million people
audience, right? But if there’s 1,000
or 10,000 people trying to promote similar
products that you are, then what Facebook
is going to do is obviously going to
charge more for each person to get their products in front. Now, here is who wins, OK. The people that win
when ad costs go up is those that have a very,
very strong back end. And I learned this
from Alex Becker. Although I was really
well aware of it, Alex Becker made it
super, super clear. He’s a mentor of mine. I learned a lot from
him, especially when it comes to just building
online business in general. But besides the
point, all right. So the reason why I say
that is because here’s what the amateur
drop shippers do. Here’s what we did when we
were first getting started is we would run
cold traffic, OK? So cold traffic straight
to the store here. Run cold traffic to
the store, and whoever converts on that
cold traffic ad– and what I mean by
cold traffic, it’s like interest targeting,
demographic, et cetera, et cetera, right, because
it’s like not an audience that you’ve built up. It’s not your email. It’s just literally people that
have never heard of your brand, never heard of your store, never
heard of your products before. And you’re trying to
drive them to their store where, at a certain point,
right, when it was first getting started, although
e-commerce has obviously been around for a while now, when
Shopify and drop shipping first became really
hot, it was so easy to get sales and revenue
because all you had to do is drive cold traffic, and a
certain amount of those people would buy. Let’s say 10%, OK? 10% of those people were buying. That’s a pretty high number
to get from cold traffic conversions. But the truth is that there is
another, obviously another 90% that you need to
get them to buy. But most people were so
satisfied with that 10% that they didn’t give a
shit about the other 90%. They just kept
running cold traffic, and they were still profitable
at the end of the day. But as more and more
competition comes into play, this number right here
drops to let’s say 5%. OK, let’s say nowadays you
can only get 5% conversions on the front end, although
that’s still a little bit high. What you need to do,
OK, what needs to happen is you need to have
a strong back end. And what I mean by
that is you need to have tons of audiences,
as well as email marketing. OK? Because what’s happening
here with the cold traffic that’s coming in, all right,
[INAUDIBLE] certain amount. And I hope you guys,
if you can’t see, you can at least hear me. What’s going to happen here is
the first [INAUDIBLE] are only going to [? page ?]
[? you, ?] right, they’re only going to come
into your store and bounce. Then there’s going to be
starting now they actually add to cart, all right? Then there’s going to be another
amount that initiate checkout. Then there’s going to
be another amount that add their payment info. And then there is
going to be a smaller people that actually purchase. OK? So although this is what
we’re looking for is buyers– I mean, you know, traffic
is cool and stuff like that, but the truth is we’re
looking for buys, right? We’re looking for purchases. So again, to bring
it kind of back to what I said at first is,
since most people were focusing on the cold traffic and
it was still profitable, that’s what they’ve been
doing all along, right? Whether it be
Instagram influencers, whether it be Instagram ads,
Facebook ads, whatever it is, they were still profitable,
so they didn’t really care about building their
email list and their audiences, right? And I don’t blame them. I mean, we did similar
stuff in the beginning. But we quickly realized
as we saw ad costs go up and, you know, cost per
impressions through Facebook and cost per clicks
[INAUDIBLE] stuff like that, we were like, dude, we’ve got to
start hammering our email list. And it was unbelievable
the type of results we were able to generate
with our email list. It was literally free money. It was, you know, the 10% plus
the other, you know, 30% that– I would say this right here,
30% that either added to cart, initiated the checkout, added
their payment info, but did not actually purchase. Well, we were able to
hit them with our emails and say, hey, look, you
forgot to buy this product that you showed interest in. So make sure you go ahead
and finish the checkout. So we were collecting
another let’s say 10%. And again, guys, I’m only
throwing rough numbers here, but we were able to collect
another 10% conversions through just our
email marketing. And then we got into audiences. Well, I would say actually
we got into audiences before email marketing. It’s a little bit simpler. So we got into the
audiences, you know, doing look-alike
audiences and retargeting. Most people still do not
do that till this day. They do not retarget the
other 90% of the traffic that did not convert right away. OK? And they definitely do not
do look-alike audiences. So if you’re looking at
this game plan right here, I know it might seem a little
bit overwhelming or not really super, super detailed, like as
to what emails you should be sending, for example, you know,
pre-purchase or pre-launch, pre-purchase email
sequence or, you know, abandoned cart sequence or
post-purchase, you know? So these three email
campaigns alone would literally generate
you thousands of dollars if you were to get
a good grip on them and have them in place
because the truth is, once you set these
emails right here and these audiences in place
and the retargeting in place, I mean, you don’t necessarily
need to keep doing them over and over again because
they are super automated, right? So the point that I’m
trying to get at here again, guys, before I let you
guys go, is especially for our P2P
Accelerator students, we tell them straight
up, you know, from ever since we recorded it, ever since
we put out and launched the P2P Accelerator, we let all of our
students know that, hey, look, this is what most
people are doing is they’re focusing
on cold traffic, and not taking advantage of
the look-alike audiences, the retargeting, and
the email marketing. So do not make that same
mistake and leave a lot of money on the table, or barely
scrap up any, especially if the ad costs go up. All right? So with that being said, guys,
make sure to check out the– or actually, make
sure that you’ve got your email marketing. But I was going to say that
the P2P Accelerator, check it out below. But it’s honestly
closed right now. We’re thinking about reopening
within the next few days. If you guys would
like us to reopen it, go ahead and let us know
in the comments below. The reason why we haven’t opened
it up in a week or two or maybe even three is because we’ve
been trying to focus in on our current students. And we’ve created a good amount
of success stories, at least to our best capability. You know, we’ve got
a couple students doing five figures, a
whole lot of students doing four-figure months. So we think it’s about
time that we open it up, but we want to hear from you. So let us know below
in the comments. But if not, you know,
I’m sure there’s gonna be great
information out there, right, on how to build
your email marketing and how to build your audiences
and retarget them and pick up that cash that you are
leaving on the table, or that the majority
of other drop shippers are leaving on the table. Because this right
here, this is kind of like get rich
quick type of deal, but this right
here is really all about building a legitimate
e-commerce business. You’ve got to have
the emails in place, you’ve got to have the
retargeting in place to make yourself omnipresent
in your target consumer’s mind. All right? Hope you guys like
this jacket right here, this [? Ovio ?] jacket
that I just copped. Literally just
dropped today, but I was able to sneak
it in last night because I have a friend
that works there. So [? Drizzy, ?] if you’re
watching this, what’s up, man? [? Ovio. ?] [? Ovio ?]
[INAUDIBLE].. Let me know if you guys are
Drake fans, as well, below. But I hope again, guys,
that this made sense, it wasn’t too overwhelming or a
little too unclear, all right? So let me know in the
comments, and make sure to enter in for your case
to win the 100 bucks, baby. Comment, like, subscribe,
turn on post notifications, and let me know below. Peace. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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