March 29, 2020
Yelp Local Sales vs Yelp Advertising Partner – Yelp for Business Owners

Yelp Local Sales vs Yelp Advertising Partner – Yelp for Business Owners

– Hey, earthlings. Today we’re talking about the difference and the advantages of
working with Yelp local sales versus a Yelp Advertising Partner. (whizzing) (whirling) (thudding) Be sure to hit that subscribe button down below as well as tap the bell. That way you’re notified every time new nuggets of knowledge are dropped on this platform. Gotta love it. All right, so, Yelp. There’s so much emotion wrapped up around the platform. Consumers love it, business owners don’t really care for it. So many people are frustrated by local sales calling constantly. It’s time for me to step
forward and really show how to maximize the platform
through these videos as well as if you wanted
to create a direct client partner relationship with me, so then that way we can help you, or one of the other 300
advertising partners that are part of the program. With that being said, Yelp is the number one online
directory, bottom line. We have 100 million people a month using the platform. There’s about 327 million people in the United States, so that accounts for about roughly a third
of the United States population uses Yelp every month, and those are unique users. The other component of that is that 90% of people that are doing a search on Yelp will historically make a decision within a week with 50% of those people that are doing searches will make a decision within a 24-hour period, crazy numbers. If not an immediate one,
again, crazy numbers. So today, we’re going to be talking about how a Yelp Advertising Partner can really assist you in growing on the Yelp platform to
generate additional revenue, as well as profits. So in 2017, Yelp decided to actually open its doors and give the keys to the castle, essentially two agencies who worked directly with clients. Google and Facebook and Instagram as well as Pinterest has been doing this for quite a long time. There’s a lot of other platforms that are now opening up and
letting agencies come in, see how they operate
stuff and then being able to provide products and services. At Carrasco Consulting,
we are one of the early, one of the early
participants in the program. It is an invitation-only program. Yelp, actually has a team, and these aren’t just regular people that have been going through
the quick sales process. My actual Yelp liaison has been with the platform for over five years now, and she directly helps me on a daily, weekly and monthly basis with our clients. So having that individual really helps because it avoids me having to do the round-robin. We are able to really
create a relationship that fosters creativity,
as well as action steps for my clients, using her
insights and her knowledge, as well as the insights
of Yelp as a whole. We’re able to have
custom proposals created, so then that way we can give our clients hard-hitting relevant factual information. We have what’s called a direct ad planner, which allows us to see
how much is actually available in Yelp CPC Advertising, how many searches are happening, as well as it allows us
to give a share of voice to really help people understand, based on the searches
that are being performed how many times they’re being displayed as a search option. Historically as well, with the reporting that we get we are able to see over 45 different metric points that are part of the overall campaign or the CPC or the cost per click
campaign that is running for our clients. So that’s based off of collaboration through performance
calls, the ad-driven data versus just the regular dashboard that if you were to sign up
and do a self-serve function, you only see users, user views and user leads from a 30-day, 12-month and 24-month period. So, by them opening up their doors, because historically
they’ve been known not to, and they were really in business for about 13 years
before they started this, and so now what they’re doing is they’re showing agencies how to really use their platform, and how
to really maximize it. Because they have the knowledge, they have the insight,
they’ve got the numbers, they’ve got the statistics, now it’s showing people
how to disseminate it and use it properly
without mismanaging it. If you’ve caught my other videos, you know that Yelp is
integrated into Apple, Amazon, Yahoo and Bing and
so many infotainment systems in vehicles that Yelp
holds agency partners such as myself and Yelp
Advertising Partners such as myself to their strict standards. We’re required to stay within
the boundaries of Yelp, we’re required to know the rules and regulations of Yelp. And additionally, it must be stated that we are not able to
help with any reviews being removed in any way, shape or form. Now, a quality Yelp Advertising Partner will know the process
of how to flag a review for the AI to actually
consider it for removal. It crushes Google My Business
with regards to reporting, because their system
is not up to speed yet, where Yelp has had such strict standards for the last 15 years. That’s why they’re the
number one research tool for consumers, especially when they wanna make that hard-hitting decision. Another great advantage of working with a Yelp Advertising Partner is that Yelp in 2018 came out
with verified licenses. Now, agency partners or
advertising partners, as it’s now called, is
actually, we were actually part of that pilot program
and we were actually able to utilize that service
before the general public or before it was rolled out to everyone as a whole. Now, it’s available,
it should be available in your dashboard. But that’s one of the key advantages, is that you are able to see how we’re able to really maximize your profile ahead of everybody else. So with that being said, another component that we’re able to offer
is boost promotions, and we’ll go into this a little bit more, but Yelp actually incentivizes consumers that work with agencies by giving them up to $1,200 in free Yelp Advertising over a course of six months. The thing is, is that you cannot be a, you cannot have been subscribed to or utilized Yelp products, enhancements or cost per click advertising within a six month period. So, if you’ve thought about doing Yelp in the past, and you’re now watching this to see whether or not
you wanna jump back in, it’d be a great time
to see about maximizing that boost promotion. And the final and the
most important component of working with an agency partner, or a Yelp Advertising
Partner, such as myself, is that we understand
profile structure, okay? With Yelp, local sales. What they can offer you is suggestions. And there’s a manual
that Yelp has produced on how they think you
should build your profile. I’ve been studying Yelp for the last nearly 10 years now for the success of my first business
to thrive and succeed, and ultimately overtake market share by becoming the obvious choice. We actually had three times the amount of reviews as our counterpart providers, because I realized how
consumers shop and buy. It’s all about your profile. It’s all about how your
profile is structured. People say, I see the memes all over, I see the crap talking where people say they’re, “Oh, I purchased Yelp Ads “and I didn’t get anything,” or actually, “I lost money because
I didn’t get anything.” Well, I will tell you,
99% of the Yelp profiles that are out there are
not structured correctly. And I say that because
there are so many components that go into the decision-making
process of a consumer, that they don’t even understand that that’s a trigger for
them, but they just know when something doesn’t look right. And so, again, when you work with a Yelp Advertising Partner,
they’re able to help you navigate on how to build it correctly. From even the first stage of ensuring that you’re part of
the correct categories. See, that’s something that
our Yelp direct liaisons assist us with, they actually recommend category structure for
how businesses are found. You may have only one category listed for your business, but you may do a bunch of other services or offshoots or complimentary services, but if you’re not listed,
or if you don’t have all three categories filled out, which is what you’re allowed to have, you’re going to only be found for that one specific component. And additionally, there’s so many people that have just been
like set it and let it, and just whatever with their Yelp page. They’re not constantly doing audits on it to ensure that they are delivering the most up to date and
accurate information possible. So, love them or hate them,
Yelp is a driving force in the success of your business. Yelp generally, when somebody is looking for a specific business will be at the top of the list in Google. So you’ll see generally
like maybe the website, and then right underneath
that you might see the Yelp listing, and
then maybe the Facebook, and some of the other ones, but Yelp is always going to be either one or number two or number three, and in some instances, if
you don’t have a strong online reputation structure,
or if your profiles aren’t structured well, you might even see your Yelp listing as
your very first listing describing your business. Additionally, Yelp has also done from the early stages the
top 10 for an industry. So let’s say you’re looking
for an HVAC provider or a plumber in your area. Yelp is going to deliver, when you type that in Google and it says, plumber, San Francisco, California, right? Or plumber, Los Angeles, California, or Orange County or
Irvine, which by the way is the highest
concentration of Yelp users. The LA basin is the highest concentration of Yelp users on the planet. You need to pay attention. Anyways, so you want to make sure that your information is there so when somebody is typing in
plumber, Irvine, California, Yelp is going to list the top 10 highest recommended plumbers in that area. So, again, your Yelp
profile is so much more than you might have possibly
considered in the past, and that’s why I’m here. Again, like I said, I’ve been part of the program since 2017. I’ve, I dissected the platform. I’ve implemented a lot
of great procedures. We’ve tested and we’ve
tested and we’ve tested, and in 2018, Yelp actually
wrote five case studies about us and our efforts. We want you to succeed. We want other agency partners to succeed. I can’t do (chuckles) it
all by myself, so that’s why we need more Yelp Advertising Partners to assist consumers, and I say consumers as in business owners and
organizational leaders, in fully understanding
the platform for success. So, if you’d like some
direct help with your Yelp for Business Owners page
or your organization page, however, there will be a link down below. Go ahead and set up a free discovery call. It’s about 30 minutes. We’ll go over the ad planner, we’ll see if there is
a CPC budget available for your industry in your category or how much it is. And I’ll be straight up with you. If Yelp Advertising and enhancements don’t make sense for
you and your business, I’m gonna let you know that, but for the majority of people, I’m always going to recommend
the enhanced profile, and we’ll get into that another day. But you need to make
sure that your profile is standing out. That is the key to Yelp, because people use it for research. So if people are using it for research, you wanna make sure that you’re developing the best products possible
and displaying them the best way possible. So I hope this information has been helpful for you, and now you understand a little bit more how working with a Yelp Advertising
Partner can help you and your business grow
to generate more revenue and more profits, because it’s all about becoming the obvious choice. Talk to you soon. Bye now.

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