March 29, 2020
Yelp Advertising Partner Benefits – Expert on Yelp for Business Owners

Yelp Advertising Partner Benefits – Expert on Yelp for Business Owners

– Hey Earthlings, today’s episode, we are going to be talking about Yelp advertising partner benefits. In my other videos, I have
explained a little bit as to how we are able to
assist on a deeper level, than Yelp local sales. And we’ve touched on why
Yelp is so important. So in this video, what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna talk about actual
factual, hard hitting ways in which a Yelp advertising
partner can have a direct impact on the growth and success, revenue flow and profit margin of your organization. (upbeat music) Be sure and hit that
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some more knowledge because transfer of knowledge
is really what it’s all about. I got a lot in this big
George Lopez of mine, and I wanna get it to you guys, so then that way you can be
successful on the Yelp platform. All right, my name is Ralph Carrasco, I am the founder of Carrasco Consulting, a Yelp advertising partner since 2017. I’ve been studying the
platform since 2010, for the success of my first franchise, due to the fact that I just
I needed to be successful, I was fresh out of the Navy, I really didn’t have the
help that I should have. I was just going at it on my own. And the information
that I’m bringing to you is from all of those
years of trial and error, making it work. And now, as a Yelp advertising partner, it is two years of direct
insights from helping my clients as well as working directly with Yelp for the success of the platform for this Success of business
owners and organizations and for the success of consumers who are looking for individuals
to solve their problems. So, Yelp introduced the Yelp
advertising partner in 2017 after 13 years of keeping
their doors closed, not letting anyone have access really, and just holding their information tight. There’s a lot of negative press
out there surrounding Yelp, there’s a lot of negative press out there with regards to how
Yelp impacts businesses. And so now, individuals such as myself are true ambassadors of the platform, showing people how it is
effective as well as helping with their mindset on what
the platform can and can’t do, as well as what the platform
is and what it’s not. First and foremost, I’m gonna take it right
off the table early, we are not, and I say we, other Yelp advertising partners as well. We are not in a position to show you how to solicit reviews on Yelp, and or, have reviews taken off of Yelp. If that’s what you’re
needing to have done, there’s really no one that
can help you with that. The best thing that you can do
is respond to those reviews, as well as flag those reviews. I will say that the Yelp flagging
process is 10 times better than the Google My Business one because there’s actual
individuals that can help you. As well as the AI is
going to make a decision as to whether or not it
fits one of I believe it’s about 10 different scenarios
where a review should be, flagged or reviewed or considered. So if that’s what you’re looking for, unfortunately, we’re not able to help you. Yelp advertising partners are held to a very strict standard. There is a right around 300 agencies that have been invited into the program. And I say invited because
that’s a true statement. It is not something that
you can just sign up for, it is something that you
must be invited into. I was fortunate enough
to be found early on, also because I was working with some of my clients
on their Yelp page. And so that’s how they
kind of discovered me and that’s how I was
invited into the program. The benefit is, is that
over the last two years, I’ve had an opportunity
to really look and learn and see how Yelp assists businesses. And from that point, my rep and I have had an opportunity to really grow. So then that way we can understand each other’s thinking, because Yelp sales is
still gonna be Yelp sales. And my concern is my clients, we want to make sure that there’s a very much a
cohesion between the two, and so that’s where my insight and my experience really
plays a grand role in that. So by having a direct Yelp
representative that I work with, I’m not forced to go into, and all of the other advertising
partners aren’t forced to use the round robin, local sales that most businesses run into. Even marketing agencies generally
don’t have an individual that they just call into
and help them at Yelp. There’s a Yelp 1-800 number,
you call that number, you get the first person, and then if you have
had a rep in the past, you may get transferred to them. But with so many businesses out there in the United States and
Canada, which by the way, that’s where we can offer services is in the United States and Canada. There are so many that
need help and that’s why they’ve opened up to
agencies such as myself. And so what we do is we’re actually, when we start speaking with a client, we’re able to get a custom
slide deck showing the searches that are happening in
that individuals region, as well as what the available cost per click advertising budget is. These are two very important factors because a lot of times it helps
organizations and consumers from those organizations make
the best decision possible based on the amount of searches
that are happening, okay. And from the searches that are happening, that’s how Yelp is able to
offer advertising options, okay. The LA basin is the highest concentration of Yelp users in the world, that’s just bottom line, that’s facts. The heat map show it, that
whole region is a hotbed for Yelp users and then
it kind of spreads out. Even though Yelp is
founded in San Francisco, San Francisco is still very
much a viable in the Bay Area is still very much dialed into Yelp, the LA basin is, that’s just
where it’s at right there. So, in the LA basin or even
San Diego or the larger cities, there’s gonna be more advertising
budget that’s available, versus if you wanted to
buy Yelp ads for exposure, and let’s say Bakersfield or Temecula or a small outlying area and or region where a lot of searches aren’t happening. And this is the misconception
that consumers have is that, you can just buy whatever
you want on Yelp, but that’s not the case. If the searches aren’t happening, they cannot offer you CPC advertising. But again, that’s where other
enhancements come into play, such as the enhanced
profile, business highlights, portfolios, as well as verified licenses and we’ll talk about those
another day in another time, but that’s how we’re able to assist you. Additionally, we are afforded
what’s called boost promotions as advertising partners, meaning that if an organization
spends a certain amount on Yelp cost per click advertising, we’re able to offer up to
an additional $200 per month for six months for a total of $1200 in Yelp, CPC advertising, which is huge. Yelp knows that their platform works. Okay, individuals such as
myself, we know that Yelp works, but now what it is, is
it’s changing the mindset of the business owner
consumer that needs to see that it can really work because there is so much
negative press out there. There are so many, apples that have ruined the barrel or whatever else, and I get it, I’m not here to, completely stick up for
’em and all of that. And I understand that there’s situations that everyone is dealing with, but all in all, we’re
keeping this high level, we’re keeping it positive. And we’re explaining how we can assist. And so through those boost promotions, I mean, can you imagine you’re
spending amount on Yelp, and then Yelp’s gonna give you another $1200 in CPC advertising? But again, like I said, you
have to spend a certain amount and it’s only for six months at a time. And you cannot have used Yelp enhancements or purchased cost per click advertising within a six month period. So if you’re thinking about coming back into Yelp and utilizing their products, you wanna dip your toe into
the water a little bit, as they say, we can make that happen and we can consistently help you. All right, so these next few features are features that are
available to agency partners that are no longer available
to Yelp local sales. So again, that’s why I said, this is the Yelp advertising
partners benefit, because we can just help
you on such a deeper level. And like I said, there’s
about 300 of us out there. And so if it’s not me,
and if I’m just too busy, then please find somebody else
that may be able to help you. We’re all here to help each other grow, and we’re all here for the
success of the platform. So number one, we are now able to offer video hosting. Yelp local sales used to offer this as an enhancement in a feature, but that is no longer
available for individuals purchasing direct through Yelp or through the Yelp local sales. This is huge because we’re
actually able to upload a video I believe it’s up to two minutes, but they recommend anywhere
from 30 seconds to a minute. And what will happen is, is this video will be the very first photo that somebody will see
when they’re on your profile. So it’s structured kind
of a different way. But can you imagine, right
there being able to give your message to the world,
right on your Yelp platform. And it’s just, it’s a feature that, again, we’re able to offer that Yelp
local sales are not able to. Number two, we are able
to initiate call tracking, all right. You might be going,
“What’s call tracking?” So there’s services out there where you can have a
number for your business. And it’s may not through
maybe your direct phone line, but it’s through another organization where you’ll have like your
number masked and from there you can purchase a number
and in some instances, you can get a transcript for it, you can listen in directly
on who was on the phone with your potential client. And from there you can really track and see from your own end
and not just from Yelps end that calls are coming through. And additionally, we don’t
do this just on your profile, we now have the option to put call tracking on your Yelp ads. So now we can see where your
Yelp calls are coming from, whether they are from your ads, or they’re coming from your organic site or just people looking on your site. Huge in the decision making process. So again, another great tool for tracking. Number three, UTM codes. Most people don’t really
understand what these are, but the best way to describe them is like little grains
of cookies, or cookies, internet cookies that
follow consumers around during their decision making process. Let’s say, they come to your Yelp page, and from that point,
they click your website. And or maybe your call to action button, which if you’re paying
for enhanced profile, and you don’t have your
call to action set up. Please set that up like
you are wasting $30 a month by not having that activated. Granted, it’s about $90 a month to have the full enhanced profile. But super pro tip, please activate your
call to action button. I know they go away, but
gotta set them up, all right. So with that being said, UTM codes are a way to actually track your progress on the internet. And you can actually plug that
into your Google Analytics to really say, hey, this
traffic came directly from Yelp. And so it’s not just clumped up and bumped into the old standard, social media or some of that other
stuff that’s on there. So UTM codes are huge. Number four, negative keyword targeting. What? Yes, negative keyword targeting. So within Yelp, and when
we create your Yelp ads, we are actually as advertising partners, we have a feature now, where
let’s say you’re a plumber. And the way that Yelp creates
their category listings is they’ll have a main category, and then they’ll have a bunch of subcategories
underneath them, all right. Now when you pay for your Yelp ads, it goes out to all of them because that has the
greatest reach possible. So somebody’s looking for let’s say, a handyman and you’re a plumber, you’ll come up as a viable
choice, where as vice versa, if you’re a plumber, you might be grouped into
like the handyman searches, and that may or may not really fit you. So we’re actually able to go in and select which search terms you
don’t wanna be included in, which is huge, which saves
you advertising dollars and which helps manage the profiles. So you were getting direct, targeted results coming to you, so when somebody is searching. Again, kind of a game
changer for a lot of people, it’s a new feature that
just came out here in 2019, and it’s really helping a lot of people with their raw numbers. The fifth one, which
is the most crucial is profile structure, all right. You’re kind of lost for
half a second there, don’t worry about that. Profile structure, all right. So, as a Yelp advertising partner,
we’re able to directly help create your profile to
be stunning and appealing, and to help consumers in
the decision making process, Yelp local sales, the only thing they
provide is suggestions. Yelp provides a little manual. The thing is, is that you
have maybe some employees who are better at profile
structure than another, but then that kind of
gets into favoritism, and they just don’t even wanna touch it. So Yelp has given out
best operating practices and standards for that information. Now, a Yelp advertising
partner, what happens is, is when you become a client,
you come into our umbrella, okay, under our umbrella agency, and so from that point, we have
full access to your profile. So we can go in there and
say, hey, you should try this, you should try that,
we should look at this, we should look at that. We should structure
your specialties history and meet the owner section
in a certain manner. You forgot to set up your
checking offer, you forgot to, even just your business
information section, there is so many key components in there, if not filled out correctly,
you might be losing that sale. So that’s why profile
structure is so crucial. And when you work with a
Yelp advertising partner they can help you directly because many times,
it’s a marketing agency. And they have just a
little bit more insight and they understand the buying process or the consumer experience. So that’s why it’s really beneficial. And so for me, the sixth one is my experience. So at Carrasco Consulting, I
mentioned it a little bit ago, I’ve been studying the
platform since 2010. And from that I’ve learned what
works and what doesn’t work. And so if you wanna take your
profile to the next level, if you wanna take your
sales and your revenue, and your profit margins
a little bit higher, a lot a bit higher and a lot of situations and at least even structure everything so you have a uniform look on the platform and on the internet, please set up a discovery call down below, there’s the link in the notes section or the description section down there. We can definitely get you dialed in. And from that, we’re
gonna look and go over what’s available in your region,
what you’re dealing with, and if Yelp advertising and
enhancements make sense for you. We’re not gonna try and
just sell you something just to try and sell you something. My number one goal is
to be a resource for you and every other business
owner on the planet. So then that way, they fully understand how to make the best decision possible. And first and foremost, it’s all about becoming
the obvious choice, because when you’re the
obvious choice to the consumer, from that point, they’re gonna pick you, time and time and time again. And that’s how you win the organic game is by being that individual
who’s hard hitting, who’s taking care of his
profile, who’s answering reviews, and making it known that
you do care about the growth and development as well
as online reputation for your organization. So, like I said, I appreciate
the time that you’ve given me, I hope that it’s been hard hitting, and that you’ve been able to
really gain some more insight. My number one goal is to help with your mindset with regards to Yelp, and really show you how
to maximize the platform. So take that next step. Down there, book your discovery call. Let’s get on the phone and let’s see how we
can get you dialed in. And if it’s not with me, please find another
Yelp advertising partner who can help you in a major way. Have a great day Earthlings,
talk to you soon. Ralph Carrasco, founder
of Carrasco Consulting, a Yelp advertising partner, all right. (upbeat music)

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