April 1, 2020
Xero, QBO, or Both? | Business Process Improvement for Your Ecommerce Accounting Company

Xero, QBO, or Both? | Business Process Improvement for Your Ecommerce Accounting Company

hey it’s patti scharf CPA and co-founder
of catching clouds the leader in e-commerce accounting today I want to
just tell you about a conversation I was having with a couple of other
accountants they both specialize in e-commerce and one of them was saying
hey I’ve got this opportunity to work with a client but they want to use
QuickBooks Online so you know what what would you guys say or do in this
situation and one of the other people in a group
was like well you know you could consider working with QuickBooks on I
know you’re a hundred percent zero only but you you could consider working with
QuickBooks Online and you know maybe opening up additional markets and more
services and I was just like oh oh no and it’s not because I don’t like
QuickBooks Online it’s I’ve got a couple of thoughts on this and one is the the
ik at the the clients that we’re serving they aren’t accountants that’s why
they’re coming to us and they are trusting us to know the right tools to
use for them so I would hope that they would place enough trust in us
to pick that tool if they’re really adamant and they maybe they are super
tech savvy maybe they’re our CPA and just want somebody else to do the
day-to-day bookkeeping great fine and and they love QuickBooks Online great I
would just be like let me introduce you just somebody else who uses QuickBooks
Online but I wouldn’t change my own practice and work with other tools and
let me give you a little bit more context on this so I actually used
QuickBooks QuickBooks desktop and QuickBooks Online QuickBooks it like all
the QuickBooks is from like 2005 to 2016 as late as 2016 we had one last client
that we didn’t have the heart to fire until we were like we just can’t do it
anymore unless I want to just do the bookkeeping
forever more so so we I’ve used QuickBooks a lot I’ve got no problems
with QuickBooks but here’s what happened back in 2013 I think maybe even earlier
maybe two thousand twelve but definitely 2013 I
was like okay I need somebody else in here to help with the bookkeeping and
I’m not gonna do it all myself I’m building a business and not a job so I
need to standardize my processes and things like that so I was like okay well
with this situation with QuickBooks Online and integrated with Bill comm for
example you do it this way and with Xero and Bill comm it goes the other way and
it was just I found that I was having to duplicate all of the processes it was
super confusing for my team when when people weren’t as tech savvy as me it
was really hard to train them because they just be they get mixed up about you
know not understanding the workflow and things like that so so I made the
conscious decision and it was a strategic decision in 2013 to only pick
one tool and run with it and that ended up being zero partially because I just
loved it the more you 0 the more I liked it the more I used QuickBooks Online the
more hated it but that’s a personal preference thing
but the other reason was around that time we started specializing in
e-commerce businesses and at that time it blew away the competition as far as
being able to integrate with other systems and things like that so it was
really a no-brainer for me to become 0 only and I would never pick up well
never say never but I have no intention of picking up another tool just because
it’s not necessary you can do everything with Xero that you could with QuickBooks
Online and I would say vice-versa too so it really comes down to personal
preference you hear me say this all the time over and over I guess that’s my
soapbox I hope you liked this video if you did
please like share comment and actually if you’re using QuickBooks Online or
you’re using Xero and you have a preference and you you can articulate
why leave me a comment down below because I’m just curious to see and I’m
always kind of keeping my eye on the industry and seeing where things are
going so I hope you liked this video and I’ll catch you later

1 thought on “Xero, QBO, or Both? | Business Process Improvement for Your Ecommerce Accounting Company

  1. Been using wave for about a year and at a point of looking to migrate either to xero or qbo. Such a hard decision b/c they seem to be on the same level playing field now. I like QBO's UI and its a household name but xero is seems to be better suited for non-accountants like myself.

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