April 8, 2020
Wunderdata – Business Intelligence for eCommerce

Wunderdata – Business Intelligence for eCommerce

This is Mike Mike runs an online shop. He
would love to use all the data the shop generates on customers, sales, traffic… Problem is: it’s scattered
around different platforms if he wants to do any analysis, Mike has to
manually pull data from Google Analytics and other data sources get the IT to run SQL queries on the
shop’s database and then merge everything into Excel and
start calculating When he’s done, he has to put charts and
tables in PowerPoint and then send them to the rest of the
team. This costs Mike valuable time. This is Mary, from the marketing
department she can’t use Mikes report because she
needed everything segmented by acquisition source Now she has to go back to excel and
recalculate everything again fortunately they learned about Wunderdata Wunderdata automatically connects all your data
sources like Google Analytics databases, spreadsheets, and gathers them
in one single place one central information hub where
everything is up to date and displayed to be immediately insightful
and actionable for an online shop everyone in the office can login from
any browser and see their key performance metrics which are based on e-commerce best
practices. Mike and Mary can now get advanced analysis like marketing ROI contribution margin, customer lifetime
value, and cohort analysis at their fingertips if they’re inspired to explore deeper
they can drill down by selecting some filters filters were globally they can choose as many as the like and
see charts respond in real time with everyone on the same page in with
more time on their hands Mike and Mary can now focus on what’s really
important. Applying new insights to their strategy to grow a better business. Would you like
to be like Mike and Mary and start making better decisions for your
e-commerce based on data? Try Wunderdata for two weeks, with your own data it takes literally five minutes to set
up and no IT skills

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