March 30, 2020
WP E-commerce Shipping USPS

WP E-commerce Shipping USPS

hi and welcome back to Webination station. This is Jason with your quick tip for today you’re quick tip for
today is coming from crisis care training international offering healing and hope for children in
crisis through training and resources chris’s care training travels around the
world of works with people who work with children in crisis training them how to
provide healing and hope through their modules in their resources when you get a chance stop on by Well crisis care training is running
WP E-commerce on their word press platform and so today’s question is how do i set up the wp e-commerce
plugins so it will automatically calculate shipping anywhere in the world using the united
states postal service api and so that’s what we’re looking at
right now of course we’ve got our wordpress
installed and we would normally go to our dashboard and look at our plugins in our plugins we confirm that wp e-commerce is installed and it is activated so let’s go on adjust the
settings store and in setting store now we head on over
to shipping so the bugs that we want to check here use
shipping yes make sure this button is turned on base city we have got it set
for our town and zipcode these two setting ship wire and
enable free shipping discount those are not going apply for this
particular video we come on down here we’ve got these six
shipping modules we’ve got three internal shipping calculators and we’ve got three external shipping
calculators the internal shipping calculators are
very well documented over here by our friends at who
provide us the wp e-commerce plugin for free although there is a paid version. I
haven’t tested the paid version because i love the free version it does
everything i want so these three here they are very well documented these
three down here now these are api’s so they’re
going to rely on the shipping calculators from an external source so the one that we want a look at right
now is we want a look at united states postal service so we want to check that
box and notice when i wave over it here’s this
edit button comes up so let’s look at edit and you notice we get this new box that
shows up over here and over on this side we’ve got this
box and so what we need to do is we need to
get our united states postal service id number so in order to get our number it
tells us if you don’t have a number well you need to go here and fill out
this form and when you hit submit they will send you to your email they’ll send you a letter that’s gonna
look something like this and in that letter you’re going to get a
username and a password and it’s gonna have a bunch of information telling you
about how you need to first you have to set it up through
a test site before they’ll put it turn you on
the production site they need to check and make sure that your connection is working through her
api and i want to use test server and i just want to simply go update now this is where things get really
confusing now it’s curious here is you need to they explain to you that you actually have to install your api technical guides you need
to go through this and if you click here on development
guide you end up with this page here this is your development guide
well there’s a lot of information in here that you really should read um… but when you get down to it yet
what we what we really want to know is how i install this thing so there’s a series of steps and
they explain to you step one in order to get your api working you need to first register that’s what
you did you registered it sent you an email it gave you your username and your password you took that username you installed it or you inserted it into your id area you clicked update so the next thing that it’s asking you
to do then is step two is merchant return we are not going to cover step two because for this particular application we don’t need merchant return and notice how it says which api there are multiple api’s by the
way when we come here and to api technical guides there are many different api’s and
you can look through that at but the one that we are looking at as we
want to just make sure our shipping calculator so it doesn’t say shipping calculator so
we’re gonna skip step two but notice everybody has to do
it notices says all applicable api’s need to do this and here’s where i got hung up and i
think that everybody gets hung up because when you came over here and you went to see if your shipping calculators were
working they’re not working and you’re like why are they not
working what is happening you keep
getting message that looks like this please choose a country calculates sorry
online ordering is unavailable in this destination or wait what’s happening here this is where everybody gets hung up what’s happening is if we come back to the united states
postal service developmental guide them what it tells us is we have to first
install it onto a test server and so right here you’ll see that it
says use a test server yes once you enter your number whatever your
number is and it’ll come in your into your email and it says use test server you enter in your number and you click update when you’re updating that that is
sending this api call that they need in step three that is
running the can test from your test server so it’s very important the next thing
that you have to do is you have to call this number 1-800-344-7779 talk to one of the representatives at
the united states postal service web development center they are
very friendly people and i had my problem resolved in about two minutes and it was really easy all i did is i called up and i told them
i said i’m having trouble hitting my test server to run and the
answer was it’s because wp e-commerce is a third party and the
third party automatically runs that test for you it’s built into the php so i said great than if i’d ran my
tests then what’s the next step and she said the next step is that an internet
customer care service or and i cc cc will validate you for production basically all she did was said one
moment please click click click click click on the keys and bang she said okay you have production mode go ahead and re fresh your settings so i
went in and very simply jumped over here hit refresh and i was back into my settings and sure
enough it worked and let me just show you how that works let me tell it that i hope i no longer
want to use the test server i do want to use all of these options for any of our anybody who’s ordering the books and be
sure that you check you know package envelope whatever whatever it is you want to be set up there andmine is going to be package and it’s a parcel so i need to update it one more time and sure enough there we are package
parcel update and so now if i come back in and i look at
my resource page look at my shopping cart and answer usa illinois chicago
calculate it now gives me options for all the different ways that i can send out my package in those numbers are based on the fact that that when i inserted my products and so like for example module
two street children i sent a price on this but when you enter
your product you have to go into your edit product settings just like you would edit a post or a page its going to look very much like the same interface but down here near the bottom you’re gonna see ask shipping and it
wants to know what’s the weight height length width and if you’re using flat rate well we are not
using flat rate for this tutorial that’s another video altogether and then here is a disregard
shipping for this product of course make sure that box is not checked once you’ve put these in for all of
your products that automatically united states postal service api
will automatically take those things into account it’ll add up all of your
weight if there’s multiple books or being ordered and it will say okay that’s how much is going
to cost to ship those so you have to make sure to
add your weight height all of your
dimensions into there so now i can coming in here and
i can now say okay let me check out and now it’s given me these numbers based on my area code because we know where it’s originating from because you remember over here on
shippings tab we said hey this is where we’re shipping
from so he calculate you shipping from and
where are you shipping to you know we can ship parcel first-class
priority mail or express mail and when i look at that boy those are
some pretty expensive numbers because i know that we can use media mail because it’s educational
material books and and so media mail is considerably less-expensive so what you need to do
for media mail is you need to go into usps_20php
file it’s found in your that’s going to be found in your plugins folder
but you want to look for united states postal service20 and you want to search for the word
media and find next and sure enough down here you find media mail and it will out of the box it is commented out so you just simply need to remove those
comments save that file and then upload it back to your server and refresh your settings now the other
thing that i always like to make sure to do is always back up these files so i always save this usps_20 because i made this change i make sure to save that in my themes
folder or somewhere wherever you want so that when you do update wp
e-commerce you will lose those adjustments so every time you update your gonna have
to re upload this file so that now media mail will show up and
let’s go look at that it doesn’t show media mail well the reason
is because i need to go check that box over in our settings over here in store settings so lets just
refresh this page and sure enough now there’s media mail
let’s check that box save it go back to our checkout hit refresh for more time and hey there’s media mail and it’s only
three dollars and seventy three cents for shipping so now i can check that i can fill out the rest of my
information i can purchase with pay pal it’ll take
me immediately onto the paper api and sure enough here it is and notice shipping and
handling has been included tells me when i’m ordering shipping and
handling and then now i can sign in and pay for my books one more recap on this make sure your
installed make sure your plugin is installed make
sheer plugin is turned on make sure you using shipping go to your shipping
calculator click here sign up get sure go to you you register once you register you’ll get a letter using this letter use this username install that username onto your store settings then using test server hit update once it updates then you need to go and come back to the united states postal
service open up the development guide either the pdf or the html version in there you will find their telephone
number which is one eight hundred call them you have done the test tell them you’re working with wp e-commerce plugin for
word press and you would like to be validated for production access they will say okay they’ll push the buttons the operator at united states postal service will say
okay your validated now you can simply go
back store settings uncheck est server click updates go in now we want to add media mail we had to
go in and change our usps_20php media mail un-comment that save it upload it to your ftp backup to your server refresh and then now you can come back to your
storefront and sure enough everything will be in your checkout it calculates choose media mail choose purchase with pay pal this has been
jason with your quick tip for today we answer the question how do i set up
the wp e-commerce plugin so it will automatically calculate shipping
anywhere the world using united states postal service api hey how would you think give some comments drop some comments throw some likes
some likes help me out and ask a question of
accounts below what do you want us to try to answer for you have you come up
against the wall can’t find a good solution of websites word press social
media just give us a comment in the comments section below This has been Jason with Webination Station we will see you
next time. Bye now

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  9. Yes but the solution is more complicated than I can explain here. Send me a PM or email I can try to help you with this.

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