March 31, 2020
working and cleaning and planning ☆ weekend vlog

working and cleaning and planning ☆ weekend vlog

This video is brought to you by Squarespace. From websites and online stores, to marketing tools and analytics, Squarespace is the all-in-one platform to build a beautiful online presence. ♫ soft piano music ♫ Hello friends, good morning. It is still indeed morning. It is 11 a.m. on this cold Saturday. I have been busy busy busy for the past couple hours packing orders. I, erm— [chuckle] It’s always fun admitting your failures, publicly. I, um… I fucked up. I scheduled poorly. I planned poorly. I procrastinated, and so I wasn’t able to send out all the orders that I needed to before I left for Thanksgiving holiday. Now, I’m basically just playing catch-up. [to Sophie] Hi ‘goph!! Hi Soph!! Hi~ Hi!! Um, so, been packin’ the past few days We got back yesterday at like 5:00 and I stayed up to like 2:00 last night packing orders and then gonna be packing orders today, but then I also have this like zine thing that I need to work on because the final draft of that is due today, but what I will probably end up doing is emailing the like, curator of the zine and be like “Yo, is it chill if I email this to you tomorrow?” And I have a feeling that’ll be okay. But if not, I can probably get it done today. [in a gentle voice] Hi Sophie. Hi my little angel darling. Hi, baby. [normal voice] Yeah, so I’m basically just packing orders like a madwoman. I…got so many orders with the shop update and I’m so grateful and so thankful. And it’s made me realize that I’m probably going to [sing-song] need to hire someone in the springtime. Which is a scary thing to think about as a business owner because it means that like I have to think about, like, I probably need to like register an LLC, I have to think about benefits, if I can even provide those, and what, like, legal and, legally and financially what is this entail and all of these things and w9s and [sigh] Because suddenly I won’t just be self-employed. I will then become an employer which is weird to think about but that that’s for 2020! I don’t have to think about that right now. Today, basically, all I need to do is pack orders. So Basically pack orders and then I need to reorder some stickers that I’m running low on ,particularly like freebies and stuff. [to Soph] Hi !! I will probably need to make a trip to Staples to get printer ink because I realized that I ran out of printer ink yesterday and um.. I ordered some online, but the fastest it can get here is Monday and I need it today, so I can print prints and things. So. I will probably need to do that. You can probably hear Soph sniffing around, she’s a very sniffly baby. Hmm? [in the special voice I only use with Sophie] Hi. Hiiiii. [in Swedish] Hi, little darling. What’s up? Hi, hello. [in Swedish] What are you doing? [English] I’m gonna take this first batch of orders for the day to the post office, and then I should probably get food. I also need to get milk for tea. Connor and I had a lovely holiday. We were down in the bay, the East Bay, celebrating with his family for Thanksgiving and it was so much fun. His family is so cool!! And it was just such a delight!! to, like, experience, like, a fun Filipino Thanksgiving, which is very different from like a typical, like white person Thanksgiving, where it’s just a lot, where everyone you know kind of sits down and has like a meal. This one was really fun, because basically just everyone brought stuff, we set it out on the table, and then people were just milling around and chatting and it was so fun and so lovely and I made friends with a baby! And, um.. Like, his family is just really cool, and I’m just really happy that they like me! And uh, it was lovely to get to see the spot where like Connor, you know, grew up and learn about more about that part of his life. Um, It was, it was a good holiday and now we’re, we’re We’re back! to it! friends! So. All good. Where’s my darling? Oh, she’s back in her little, she’s back in her little cubbyhole. I think I might pack orders for a little bit more? I’m gonna pack orders for a little bit more, and then… Ugh, but I’m so hungry. I’m gonna pack orders for a little bit more, and then I’m gonna go drop this off, and then I’m gonna go get food. ♫ chill wintry jazz ♫ [sing-song] We’re making dinner! I’m in charge of dinner today. You’re gonna have to pardon my kettle, I’m heating up water for tea. But! I’m in charge dinner today. It’s going to be~ It is, this… phenomenal cauliflower orzo pasta salad. I will post the recipe link down below. It is phenomenal! It only has like 3 stars, as far as the reviews go, which personally I think is preposterous. Also it is, (what time is it?) It is 6 p.m. But it’s been dark for like an hour and a half because it’s The Pacific Northwest in the winter. But this is a really easy This is a very easy pasta salad. And it’s good hot or cold and it makes so much and I just eat it for days. It’s great. 😀 Also, I would recommend—she uses sherry vinegar in her recipe. I would recommend red wine vinegar instead. Also, this recipe is vegan. So yaaaay! um Let me see, so we need red wine vinegar. We need olive oil. We need cauliflower. We neeeeeed… pine nuts! We need orzo. We need… Where are my raisins? So you roast the cauliflower, orzo, pine nuts, raisins, parsley, and you just throw it all together, and it’s—you just roast up the cauliflower then make a dressing and then you just kind of let it marinate for a bit and it’s uh, it’s phenomenal. Also, I just feel I’m so used to filming when there’s daylight out and now since it’s just this time of year, uh Filming at night’s gonna be brutal. I hate filming at night just because of like exposure and white balance like this. For instance, my kitchen looks fine now, but the light in my living room is really pink, because we have different light bulbs in different rooms. So. [stammering] [sigh] It’s fine, it’s just, it’s just bothersome, but now I’m gonna make tea and chop up cauliflower, so. 😀 ♫ chill jazz music ♫ Okay—I’m sorry honey, I know, I know. You’re so cute [kiss] and I love you so much, but you gotta be careful, okay? Connor: Goddammit. [curious Sophie meow] Chey: Way to go! [Sophie meows]
Connor: I fought a particularly scary-looking… [LOUD Sophie meow] Chey: What?!
Connor: Whoa! Chey: What do you need?
Connor: ..Yiga dude. Chey: Oh, the big buff one?
Connor: Mmhm.
Chey: Yeah, those guys are frightening. What is up little one? [small laugh] Chey: How’s it going? Connor: I got a little bit owned just then. Chey: That’s okay! Are you trying to climb the tower now? The scary one? Connor: Yeah, look at that one. Chey: I know, it’s-I mean, I can’t really see it, this- Can I? Yeah. He’s trying to climb the tower in, um… Oh gosh, I forget what this region’s called. Connor: Death Mountain!
Chey: Akkala! [to Connor] No.
Connor: What? Connor: It is time to—
Chey: Hey, there’s a stable! Chey: Nice. Yeah, that’s-this is-yeah. He’s in Akkala. So. Are you having fun, darling? Connor: I am! I’m gonna play video games for- [Sophie trills] I say 10 more minutes but we know that’s not the truth. Chey: No, we all know that’s not the truth. What do you need, Goph? What’s going on, darling? Chey: We’re gonna play soon okay? Mama has to tidy. Chey: [high-pitched] MERP! [Sophie trills]
Chey: Yeah, I know. Chey: Hello. You’re so pretty. I see your tail! You want to play. We will play soon. Soph: [inquistive trilling sound]
Chey:You’re mama’s favorite girl! Chey: I love you. Soph: [tiny meow]
Chey: [small chuckle] ♫ soft jazz music ♫ Okay, so, um, Every Sunday, or like, there’s lots of farmer’s markets all over Seattle, but there’s this one bakery called Seawolf and they do these lye rolls which are basically like pretzel rolls, but they’re They’re like, oh my god. They’re just so good. And since I don’t go to the farmers market so often anymore, I never get them. But then sometimes Connor wanders in to the farmer’s market on the weekends and he’s able to pick them up for me!! Connor: About like once a week, I’ll go on a walk and usually I walk by a Seawolf opportunity.
Chey: Yes.
Connor: And so, I make it a point. These are my favorite things in the world. I get half a dozen and I eat them all in about like, I don’t know, 30 minutes?
Connor: You love ’em! Chey: I do love them. [Connor coughing] You good, baby?
Connor: Yeah, just hydrating. Chey: [with joy] MMMMM! mmmMMMM!
Connor: [laughs] Chey: [triumphantly] BREAD!! Happy Monday! I have just been tuttling away at my computer for the past, like, two hours, organizing my emails. Um, I went to therapy this morning, I went to Miro for lunch and tea, my typical Monday routine. And I wrote in my planner, and so now that I’ve got all my emails sorted, I’m going to organize my commissions and then I’m going to pack orders. I’m running out of little freebie stickers, but I’m gonna cut out a couple so I should be able to get through like another probably 30 or so.. ..tonight. Actually, before I do that though, I’m going to–oh, my battery’s about to die. Please hold. Okay, we’re good. Um, fresh battery. But yeah, so I’m gonna organize my–I have a couple like family/friend commissions, so I’m going to organize those and then I think that the orders are more pressing, so I’m going to cut out my stickers, pack those orders And then after I’m done with that, I’m going to sit on my couch and work on this zine piece that I have. And that… I think, I think that’s all I have for you for this video. Um, as I said at the beginning, this video, this little weekend vlog, was very very kindly sponsored by Squarespace! So for those of you that don’t know, I actually use Squarespace for my online shop. I have been using them for over a year now, and I love them to bits. Squarespace is amazing, whether you want to sell art or use it as a portfolio website, they’ve loads of different templates to choose from that are super easy to customize, you don’t need to know anything about code. Heaven knows I don’t, and my website looks great. I was actually just scrolling through it the other day and I was like “Wow! This looks so good and professional!” You can sync up Squarespace with your different social media platforms, that way everything posts at the same time You can also schedule when like–I use it for shop updates. So like, I schedule when certain products go live and things like that. They also have 24/7 email support. Their customer service is *chef’s kiss* top-notch. So if you’re interested in a website, portfolio, shop of your own, head to for a free trial, and when you’re ready to launch, go to for ten percent off your first purchase. I hope that it helps you make cool things. I will see you very soon. I love you very very much and, um.. Yeah, I think you’re the best. I hope this, I hope.. You’re gonna be seeing this on Friday. So I hope you have a good weekend. And I hope you’ve had a good week. I– Time is a flat circle. It’s all fine. I love you. Bye! Stay brilliant! I always forget that.

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    I'm currently a freshman in college and I'm a huge fan of yours. I've been living far from home for about 6 months now, and I'm not gonna lie, living alone is tough. It gets lonely sometimes, having no one to talk to or hang out with.

    At night I find myself reaching for my phone from the nightstand, opening this app and scrolling through your channel. Your videos give me a certain type of warmth I can't find in the corners of my dorm room. When I watch your videos, it feels like I'm meeting an old friend, it radiates a familiar vibe I only get to feel when I'm home.

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