April 10, 2020
Wordstream is simplifying the art of paid search for small businesses

Wordstream is simplifying the art of paid search for small businesses

[MUSIC] WordStream’s a software company
that helps small businesses be successful on page search. We have about 170 people,
and we’re located in Boston, Massachusetts. About 70% of our business
is in North America. And 30% is outside the US and
countries like the UK, and Australia, South Africa. We’re a team focuses on small
medium business and agencies that serve that market, so
most of our customers are small. They spend few a thousand
dollars a month on paid search. Our small business clients can
easily get confused with paid search. It’s technical a lot of math. So what we find they
need is very simple, prescriptive advice on how
to improve their campaigns. We almost have to tell
them exactly what to do. If you ask any small business
their two biggest challenges, they’ll say they don’t
have enough time and they’ll say they
need more customers. So, what we use Bing Ads for is to help them drive more
customers to their business. There’s plenty of search volume. They can setup campaigns easily. They can drive clicks to their
business, and sometimes they can do it more cost effectively
than on other ad platforms. Bing’s a great partner. They care a lot
about our business. We do a lot of things together. It might be sales promotions
with our sales team. It might be training for our
consultants to teach them about the latest,
greatest Bing innovations, but we work hand in hand on
a lot of different things. The most common features our
customers use is the bread and butter of Bing Ads which
is paid search ads, paid search text ads. So a lot of our customers
are local businesses, and they can create campaigns that
target customers looking for their product or
service in their local area. Small businesses struggle
to track conversions. So one thing we want to
work with Bing on is, how can we make it very just
plain, dumb, simple for small businesses to set
up conversion tracking? So we teach our customers
that they login for 20 minutes a week. We’re gonna give
them some alerts. We’re gonna tell them how to
be success on Bing, and click, click, click,
they can say make it so. And we make it very easy for
them to be successful. We have communication
with the Bing team. We need certain features and capabilities in the API to pull
off what we wanna pull off. So we’re working hand on hand
in what we need to make that happen. Bing’s very responsive. We have a great partner
manager that’s in New York, in our own time
zone up in Boston. He can take the train up and
visit us and he does, so the relationship’s going great. [MUSIC]

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