April 10, 2020
WordPress LMS Plugin: Sell Online Courses With LearnPress (FREE)

WordPress LMS Plugin: Sell Online Courses With LearnPress (FREE)

Hi, guys! Robert here from ThemeIsle.com and in this
video I am gonna show you how to start selling your Online Courses using the free LearnPress
plugin for WordPress. You can implement this feature it in any WordPress
website even using the simple Twenty Seventeen theme that comes preinstalled when you launch
your new WordPress website. For this tutorial, I will use the free Zerif
Lite theme which you can install directly from the WordPress repository. Are you ready? Let’s start with the plugin installation! Head to plugins in your dashboard then click
on Add new. Search for LearnPress and Install then activate
the first plugin returned. There are more plugins that can extend your
online school functionalities like Course Wishlist and Course Review. I encourage you to install and activate both
because they will give a huge boost for your online business. Feel free to install any other related plugin
to enable more functionalities for LearnPress. The plugin is installed now and ready to use
so what’s next? Head to LearnPress/Settings. First, you need to do the currency settings
and tick if you wish to allow instructors registration. This option will allow you to build a team
of instructors creating online courses for you. The next tab in settings is where you choose
wich page will be the Course Page, the course category base, and course tag base. If your courses need review before publishing
tick this and if you want to enable the editing of published courses, be sure to tick this. Further down, set the displayed courses limiting
number in the archive, turn on and off the course thumbnail and set image dimensions
in Single Course and Courses Pages. For example, if your dimensions here are set
to 600 px tall and wide, like a square image for the courses page thumbnail here is how
it looks after setup. Continue with the single course permalink
structure setting and then, for the final thing, set the slug for course items like
lessons and quizzes. Save the settings and move to the next tab. You have three option here. Profile, Quiz and Become a teacher. I suggest you leave them as default but feel
free to make your own custom settings. Here is how the “Profile Page”… and “Become
a Teacher” page looks like as default. The only way you can receive payments with
this free version of the plugin is through PayPal. Head to Add-ons and choose to pay for any
extension that will integrate more payment options as needed. For now, I stick with the simple PayPal payment
because it’s easy to setup and requires no advanced knowledge about payment integrations. Just enter your primary PayPal email address
and you are good to go. To enable testing Sandbox Mode tick this box
and enter your PayPal Sandbox Email Address then save all settings. You can use Sandbox Mode to perform the payment
process tests without sending any money. The place where you can set how your checkout
process will work is here. For less manual work, choose to auto enroll
a user after they buy a course. Create a Checkout Page or simply set and edit
the default one. You can view the page by clicking this link
and if you wish to get rid of the default WordPress sidebar, click to edit the page
and select the full-width page template, if it’s available, from the drop-down list and
hit update. View the page again and you’ll see it in full
width without sidebar. Sure, you can leave the default sidebar on
every page and use those fields to create a custom navigation menu or to promote other
courses as well. The last tab is for communication settings
through email and you can personalize messages using variables below every field and by entering
your own kind words. I leave content as default here for now. Now that settings are done, let’s move to
Courses. You can set course categories and tags here
and use the Add New button to create a new course, of course. You need to set a title and a detailed description
in the text editor below. This will be the title and description of
your course that will be displayed on the single course page. After you finish entering all details the
next step is to enter as many sections as needed. Just set a name and hit the enter button on
your keyboard then enter a name for the second section and so on until the last section of
your course. Adding lessons and quizzes to the course sections
is easy. Keep in mind that you are able to switch every
item to be a Quizz or a Lesson as well. Type in a title for that item then hit the
enter button on your keyboard again, and do the same until the last one. Before I show you more about settings below,
please keep in mind that you are able to drag and drop lessons and sections around and you
can edit any lesson by clicking the pencil icon right here. Further down, in the General Settings tab
choose the duration of the course, maximum students allowed and how many students have
taken this course. Set how many times the enrolled user can re-take
this course and tick if you wish this course to be featured. The external link, for example, can be used
to set an affiliate link for courses on udemy. When pressing the button to “buy this course”
your client will be redirected to udemy through an affiliate link and you will earn commissions
for every sale. You must sign up for the Udemy affiliate program
before using this feature. Furthermore, set the course results and passing
condition value in the assessment tab and you can choose some advanced options too. Set a price for your course here in the Payment
Settings tab and type in a lower sale price if you wish. Schedule the sale price start date and end
date here or leave the sale price blank to remove discount. If you give this course away for free, uncheck
the Course Payment box and hit the save button. The last tab is where you can set the author,
admin in this case and this will be the default author for every new course. If you have multiple authors you can select
them from the drop-down list. After you finish setting all course details,
add the category and related tags then set a featured image and hit the Save Course blue
button above. Next, head to Lessons in your LearnPress menu. Finally, we are ready to add content in those
lessons and quizzes. Choose to enable or disable the preview here,
to let your future students have an idea about what’s inside. Now, click to edit your first lesson. You are free to enter any kind of content
you may imagine for that specific lesson like youtube videos, images, text, audio and more
using plugins that will allow you to create custom content in the text editor. Before publishing a lesson, remember to set
the duration then tick if you wish to allow the preview. Again, you can enable or disable that later
on using the switch in the lessons list. Now, let’s see how you can add quizzes to
the end of each section or to the end of the course. This is a good way to let students know if
they have reached a new level of knowledge after finishing a section. Head to Quizzes in LearnPress then add a new
quiz or edit the existing ones. Enter a description in text editor below the
title then move further down and start adding questions. After you type in the question, press enter
and select answers from the drop-down. You can choose True or False, Single Choice
or Multi Choice. Let’s choose the Single Choice for this one
then edit the answer with multiple colors like yellow, green and blue. Tick wich answer is correct then hit update. The final quiz is ready and you will see it
in action later on as a student. The course is done, lessons are filled with
content and quizzes are set so, let’s take a preview of this demo course. Looks great, isn’t it? If you wish to make it look different, I suggest
you check out our free and premium themes in the description box below nd choose your
preferred one. Now you can start selling your first online
course. Before moving on, I suggest you be sure that
“anyone can register” as participant function is enabled in your general settings of your
dashboard. Let’s see it in action and how it works as
a student. Head to the course page and hit the enroll
button below the description. Create a new account and check your email
for your username and use the link in that email to set a password. Now, you are able to log in and enroll in
that course for free. Start with the first lesson and click complete
whenever you feel you are ready then move to the next lesson. You will see the progress of your learning
level in the left upper corner of the screen represented in percent of the complete course. The last lesson in this section is actually
a quiz, so let’s see how it works. Click Start Quiz and once the loading of questions
is finished tick the answer you may consider correct then click next or Finish Quiz. Click ok in the popup message then you will
be able to see detailed information about your results. Once the course is completed, I encourage
you to let students know that they can write a review and look for other courses to be
saved to their wish list for further learning. I hope that this tutorial was helpful enough
and I covered every detail about the LearPress WordPress plugin. If not, please let me know your questions
in comments below this video. I would be happy to answer them all.

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