April 10, 2020
WordPress – Add a social media share side bar to your WordPress website

WordPress – Add a social media share side bar to your WordPress website

hi guys this jamie from system22.net and
great-webdesign.com welcome to this video in this video I’m going to show
you how to add some social share buttons to the side of your website
now the benefits of this are obvious probably if you add social share buttons
to the side of your site it means when people visit they can share it on their
Facebook pages or Twitter pages or whatever social media they had to use
and this is going to come back and give you more customers and more conversions
and give you more hits to your web page so there’s some great plugins out there
this is the WordPress platform this is just a wordpress store that we’ve built
for our word Builder ecommerce store course so let’s go ahead and find a plug-in if
we go down to our dashboard to our plugins page in plugins we want to hit
the add new button and in the search plugins pane here we want to type custom
share buttons that brings up these results here these are the ones we’re
actually going to use I’ve used them before they do a pretty good job here so
I’ll hit the install button and then the activate button and there we are
you can either hit the settings or once it’s installed under the settings here
you should have another subheading custom share buttons this takes you to
the setup page here so on the general tab
I’m not going to enable that just yet but here you select the actual buttons
that you’d like to have Facebook Twitter Google LinkedIn Pinterest I’m not going
to do ready not gonna do stumble or mailbox button what this does is if you
check that and put in your email address what happened it’ll I’ll leave you check
and show your hands but it brings up a mail to which basically brings up your
email client or the customers email client when they click on this button
rally that check so I can just show you at YouTube why not and you can add a
custom message here if you want to or do I just show you what’s going on there if
we go to the next tab this is the actual settings for the sidebar it’s going to
float that they have it on the left or on the right right the bottom and it’s
got a remove show/hide button I’ll show you that in a minute and you can put a
delay timing so let’s just go back to our general settings and what I’ll do is
I’ll enable it so back to the general tab and I’ll enable it
save the settings back to our site if when i refresh it
should appear here on the left hand side there it is as you can see it’s appeared
here on the left hand side and the idea is when people visit your site they can
click on it and if they’ve got one of these accounts they can go ahead and
tweet or share or Facebook light or whatever it is for their account and
it’s a great way of getting more eyes onto your website now the email what I
was trying to explain just now we put in that email address we will do is it’ll
open up my mail client and then give you an option to send to the email address
we pretty nice click on it there it is my e mail or email com obviously that’s
not right but there you go so that’s where that mail button does of course
you know most lights we’ve got a Contact Us page you probably rather have it from
there there’s an option for you so if we go back to our customizer that’s the basic setup there I’m going
to uncheck that one and showing sidebar let’s just go over a few more of these
settings here like I say you can put it on the right I’ll put it on the right so
you can see now that remove show/hide button if we go back to our site see
just underneath there it’s going to hide and show but if you want to get it out
of the way so if you don’t want that back you can just check that and there
we know button there you’ve also got the option to disable for mobile auto hide
sidebar on page load and hide sidebar on home page if you don’t want it there
which is great you can also delay the time that it takes to come in
that’s 18 milliseconds so you know thousand milliseconds to a second so if
I dig 5,000 that will delay it for five seconds there and if you want upload
custom images rather than the images that they’ve got for the social media
you can do it here too okay so I’ll just save those settings now if we go back to
the site what I’m going to do now is refresh and this will now appear on the
right-hand side and after the load it should take five seconds to appear so there’s our refresh 2,000 3,000 4,000
5,000 and there it is and we’ve got rid of that mail mail icon there so back to
our settings is one more handy little setting now on floating sidebar
stay on the bond up here you can give it a margin from the top so say we want to
halfway down the page give it 50% or you can give it a pixel ratio if you want to
but of course if people are using it on smaller devices and smartphones it’s
best to give it a percentage who will save those settings and refresh and that
should make it jump down 1 2 3 4 5 shouldn’t take that delay oh yeah that’s
better it’s more in the center of our slider here now so that’s how we do that now that’s the floating sidebar taking
care the social share buttons in a similar icons to the floating sidebar
but they’re static they stay at either a top view content or you can move them to
the bottom of the content so to enable them just check the Enable bar and you
can decide if they’re on the right side or the left side I’ll just hold that
they share and it’s not put it on the homepage we can put it on pages posts
archives on posts is a great thing if you’re blogging because at the bottom of
all your blog posts it’s going to give people the opportunity to share your
content which is always a good thing and again if you don’t like the images
they’re using you can just upload your own image there so save our settings and
go back to our site and refreshed 1 2 3 4 5
here’s our floating sidebar just appear now if we go to one of our pages it’s
going to be about us we scroll down we should have those
icons at the bottom of our page now see here now we’ve got those icons there and
like I was saying before if you’re blogging this is really useful although
that’s great you might want to disable it on some pages but for blogs this is
great because it stays there all the time at the bottom of your content
you’ve got the option if it is a top two if you want to now if you don’t want
that share button there you can just go in there delete it leave that blank
leave that empty as it says leave it blank save the settings now when we do a
refresh that little button should disappear there we have it and two three
four five compares our social icons appearing there
obviously you might not want to have both of them and that’s easy just go to
whichever one you want and you can enable a disable the sidebar under
general and enable and disable the social share buttons and then the social
share buttons funny enough so that’s a free plugin and it’s well worth while to
get your profile up and running to get you some shares on social media you can
go into your own so I can share it on your own social media pages if you’ve
got info that you want to share so once again this has been jamie from system 22
and great web design comm this ecommerce sites one we’ve built for our course if
you’d like to take this take our course I’ll leave a coupon below for a massive
90 percent discount you can take a course for about $10 and we walk you
through how to build this ecommerce site here from wordpress install to
installing the themes and plugins and adding product and by the end of it
you’ll have a fully functioning ecommerce store and sell your products
so once again thanks for watching if you’d like what you see please subscribe
to our YouTube channel have a great day

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