April 9, 2020
WordPress – Add a returns policy page to your WordPress Store

WordPress – Add a returns policy page to your WordPress Store

in the last video we created a Contact
Us page for our site in this video let’s create a return and refund policy page
for our online store here so let’s go to our dashboard and create a new page I’m
going to call it returns policy and you can go online you can find all kinds of
free stuff on this obviously you can write your own if you’ve got something
in mind but I found a pretty good one here turns feed and down at the bottom
here we got return and refund template I’m just going to use that I’m going to
download it as a PDF and just copy the text from and go back to our page I’m going to
paste that in there make these titles stand out a little bit just selecting
them are like if I’m heading to tags you can give them what you want here all the internal type titles here and a
little bit of space between them and contact us let me get a link through
a contact us page and all you do drag your linkage select the text let’s go up
to a little link icon up here we hit the little cock it should give us
some internal links very oh there’s our contact us page add link there we are
that’s now a link to our page now we want to change this to our storming just have a look through make sure it
fits with what you want to do and again I think I’m going to have no sidebar on
this page we’ll make it full width and when you’re happy let’s publish the page and preview our changes there we are
we’ve just made ourselves a little policies page here make sure this the
link works yep took us to our contact page fantastic so there you have it but we’ve created a
nice little returns policy page for our site you

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