March 28, 2020
Woocommerce Product Image Flipper – WooCommerce Tutorial

Woocommerce Product Image Flipper – WooCommerce Tutorial

Welcome. Welcome back to our
exciting WordPress tutorial. My name is Darrel and today I’m gonna introduce you
guys to a really cool, free plugin and it allows your images, your products to flip when
you hover over them. Now, this applies to your entire
WooCommerce shop so right here I’m gonna go
to my other shop right here, not just on my front page. And this is the standard WooCommerce
shop so it applies to all of your products, looks really cool, really unique. Now, this purple glow that I have
over the products as well is not part of the plugin, however
I will be having a tutorial on that so make sure to subscribe. I never tell anybody to subscribe
to my videos, but these next 30 days I’m going to introduce
a lot of ground breaking stuff, like automated taxes, where you’ll never
have to deal with taxes ever again and that’s pretty impressive… so anyways,
let’s go to your Plugins, right here; now if you want
the same plugin that I have, you’re gonna go to “Add New” and I’m gonna give you the name of the plugin
and show you how it works. It’s really simple to use and everything’s like automated,
it’s really easy. So this is the plugin that you need right here:
the WooCommerce Product Image Flipper, and all it does is, the secondary image
that you put for the product, like the gallery picture,
that is the picture that will flip. So let’s go to my products right here and there is no setting for it guys,
so there is no like… the settings over here on the side
so you won’t have to go mess with settings, it’s just built into WooCommerce. So right here on the “In-style Shirt”, let’s go and click on that,
now scrolling down over here. Now, you see the product gallery, so this is the image that’s going
to flip when I hover over it. So you see this girl
I have right here, so I’m going to remove that one and I’m just gonna add
in a secondary one. I’ll just add in something like… we’ll add in somebody different
just for test purposes, so I’ll add in this girl right here. Alright, so the girl with the bubble and the girl with the…
this looks like a Raider’s jersey, you know… they’re going to Vegas though,
so rest in peace. Bet your angry Raiders fans, so let’s go ahead and find this girl and then this girl right here,
should appear when I hover right over it. Alright, so I’m gonna go to “Visit Store” and the girl with the bubblegum… the girl with the bubblegum, there it is. Now, the girl with the Raider’s jersey
should appear when I hover over it. Boop, there it goes. See that? So, that is the example
of the hover over, flipper thingy,
whatever you want to call it. Now also guys, I will be having
a ecommerce tutorial very soon, it’s going to be very very amazing,
I gotta be honest, it’s gonna sort of change the way
people look at WooCommerce because I’m gonna talk more
about animated graphics, I’m gonna talk more about CSS and I will be talking
about automated taxes. So you’ll never have to do
your taxes ever again, so make sure to subscribe
and like this video, tell your friends, tell your mom. I’ll see you guys later.

23 thoughts on “Woocommerce Product Image Flipper – WooCommerce Tutorial

  1. If you want the direct link to the free plugin, you can visit it right here:

  2. Darrel when you add shop module in Divi, buy button is not seen… below the images… is there any plugin that creates the button automatically

  3. hi darrel you are doing a great job 🙂 i don't know about woo-commerce can you suggest me where should i start ??

  4. hello darrel.. also guide us on Shipping for different weights like for 1kg rate will be different and for 2 kg rate will be diiferent.. or if uve already made such tutorial can u tell me?

  5. waiting for the next one,…. also does this flipping slow down the site? and let me know how to decrease loading time of site which are full of images….tx

  6. thank u once again.. darrel wilson can you provide a video showing ho to make a multiple service providing company website.

    In brief :
    till now you showed how to make a product selling website. but can you show us how to make a service providing website. for example plumber service, painting service etc.

    if you can help me with this there are many more people like me who will really happy with your video.

    thank u darrel.. and a special thanks for what you teached me till now.. i am really thank full to you .

  7. Once again you inform like no other! This is so cool that I installed it looks great in on my woocommerce shop pages but it messes up the images on the divi shop pages. Do you know if there is anything like this for a divi shop page? Thanks again!!!
    XOXO Kirstin

  8. Do you know how to add 360 functionality to wocommerce product photos?
    Also a solution of how to have both full resolution image and a scaled down image for every product I have, and enable it by either clicking on the down scaled image or clicking on it to activate the full resolution image.

  9. Hi Darrel, I installed your plugin but unfortunately I didn't work 🙁 Can you help me with this please?

  10. I like the plugin but after I installed it, and I hover over an image, the main image only slightly fades and the other picture that shows is slightly faded as well so it looks like two blurry images overlapping. Is there some way to change the transparency of the images or something?

  11. Hey i have a problem, my photo from products are small, so i made bigger,,, but now the secod image its small .. its any trick for that?

  12. Hello Darrel, I am looking for the one which allows you to view in a larger picture on the single product page next to the product. Any idea please help.

  13. Does this plugin still work? I see lots of people saying no on the support forum and no responses from the developer for a year. has it been abandoned?

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