March 29, 2020
Woocommerce Admin Demo Tutorial

Woocommerce Admin Demo Tutorial

Hey it’s Nikki Purvy from Lidyr creative
and I am going to give you a tutorial for the admin section of woocommerce. For those
of you that don’t know, woocommerce is an ecommerce software that integrates with wordpress.
It is the best ecommerce software and uh we use it on all our clients websites. So we
recently got a request from a prospect who will be switching over from one ecommerce
solution to uh woocommerce and she wanted to know how the back end worked so after trying
to find some demos online demos uh I really couldn’t find anything for her. I just decided
to create a demo using this website which this website is uh one of our uh companies
that we run out of the Lidyr Creative offices ChicRenegade we sell accessories and we use
woocommerce. So um it’s a it’s a great platform and lets dive into the admin section.
So you know what before we go to the admin section I’m just gonna give you a little
bit of a walk around on how it looks on the front end. Obviously depending on the way
that the site is designed it all kinda looks different but it’s like any other ecommerce
store, you shop so let’s say oh we wanna get these um leopard sunglasses, unfortunately
their out of stock. Let’s see if we can find something that is in stock. I’m pretty
sure we have these guys right here. They’re in stock, it has a description, there’s
one you add to cart, boom it’s been added in your cart, you view your cart, you check
out just like any other website um ecommerce website. So let’s go ahead on the back-end
and log into the admin section of ChicRenegade. So what you would do um any for all you wordpress
newbies out there, anytime you want to get to the admin section you always go your site
whatever your site is .com/wp- and then I think what I did was wp-admin, and it’ll
just forward to here to your uh to your login page. Or you can go wp-login doesn’t matter
it’ll get you to that page. And let’s go ahead and log in. So here is the standard
wordpress admin section um which is pretty standard for all you wordpress newbies out
there but once you integrate woocommerce which is what we’ll already do for any of our
clients, it’ll already be integrated. You’ll have this tap down here that says woocommerce.
What we did was so woocommerce here are your orders so if someone places an order you get
an email alert you can see the order right there but hey you need to go ahead an actually
process that order, so what you would do is login to your wordpress site uh and you’ll
get a back-end just like this and then you’ll go down to woocommerce and then you’ll click
on orders. In order to protect our customers I created these dumb these top uh orders here,
these are dummy orders, none of them are real just to keep our customers identities safe
here on the interwebs. So I created these dummy orders. In order to actually click into
the order, you will click the order number and then here you can see all of the information.
Here are the billing details, the shipping details, the email the customer’s email,
the customer’s phone number and what they actually ordered, the totals, the shipping,
whatever breakdown of any other fees you have on it, so on and so forth. Super, super simple.
Um incase you can’t see the item sometimes you may name your item, your product something
really strange and you can’t really see this picture cause it’s super super tiny.
What you would you can click on it click here and it takes you directly to the order so
i.e. right here this is the admin section of the actually item and then you can go oh
these sunglasses that’s great. So I’m just gonna um go ahead and go back ex out
of this cause it opened up that new page, ex outta this and then go back to the order.
We added this um software on to the site print invoice and packing list. This allows us to
actually print up a packing sheet. We would integrate that into any of our client’s
site but it’s not right out of the box on woocommerce.
So if you are to become our client uh we you don’t have to worry about this, you’ll
automatically see this. So your invoices for orders where people don’t pay but most of
your orders people will already pay so you want to print out the packing list that kinda
helps keep track of what’s gonna help you keep track of when you place the order, once
someone place the order and it gives a customer the run-down of whatever they have once they
get their actual uh package in the mail. So here’s the packing list, your order number,
um we’ll format this so that your logo is right here, this is our old logo by the way.
Um just fyi we don’t really update this site this is kind of like a hobby for us this
ChicRenegade. So um here is the items quantity so on and so forth if you print this off,
go up here hit print, print it off and that goes into your orders. In order to print off
the shipping label, what we recommend, there are a couple of different ways that you can
do this but the easiest way to do it is to integrate your shipping solutions. So USPS,
UPS, or FedEX, integrate that into PayPal, your actual PayPal account so that when the
order does come in, all you have to do is go to PayPal login, go to that order and then
there’s a button that says print shipping label and you print it off and there you go
you come here and print this and then you go there and print that. If you like we can
also add it so that there’s another section right here beneath this print invoice packing
list where you can actually print off the shipping label um we would integrate that
into the site. Completely up to you, most of our clients do it the other way where they
print it from PayPal because it comes right out of your papal account but it really really
doesn’t matter um however you like to do it. So um let’s take a look at one of the
things that this particular prospect was concerned about was reports so she wanted to know she
wanted to be able to see all of her customer orders or whatever, cross reference them.
The this right out of the box it gives you a snapshot of some of the orders I mean some
of the reports I mean some of the orders that you have within a given time frame last year,
last month, this month, 7 days or custom, sales by product. You can see this here um
sales by category pretty self-explanatory. Customers, I’m not gonna click on that or
yeah I can click on that what I can’t click on is customer list because it actually pulls
up some of our customers I don’t wanna expose the names but um it’ll have your customer
sales vs. your guest sales within a given time period. Like I said we don’t get to
many order on this website but what you will probably need most is the customer list and
I can tell you exactly what it looks like it literally has the customer name, how many
orders they had, what the amount of orders what the dollar amount that they ordered.
Um if you want more reports uh let’s take a look at stocks sorry about that. This shows
you what you have in stock. Uh you know every single solitary thing, what you have outta
stock, what’s most stocked, so on and so forth, your taxes. I don’t really mess around
with this too much because we don’t, we just pay the taxes. But um you know it’s
pretty self-explanatory here. If you want other types of information there’s millions
of ways that you can cross reference the data, orders, your stock, your products, your products
prices. They’re literally millions of ways that you can cross reference it. If you want
something that’s not listed here just let me know exactly the report that you wanna
run, there is some other software that we can put of the site, or we’ve been known
to build things out from scratch, so you just have to let us know exactly what it is. But
it’s pretty self-explanatory, the other thing I do wanna show you is your products,
how it kinda lays out and then how you can update your inventor. So here’s a list of
all the products that we have on in the admin section. So let’s take a look at these clear
frame cat eye sunglasses with Round Lense. It should be spelled lense with an e, I don’t
know anyways; anyways um your it’s a simple product which means there isn’t a variation,
it doesn’t come in another color or anything like that. General um your price there’s
your price your inventory here’s where you update your inventory. You wanna say hey I
wanna manage stock I wanna actually update my inventory and keep my inventory up to date.
You can put your number here, you can type it in, 45 whatever, I’m gonna take it back
down to 1 because that’s what we have. Do not allow back orders, stock status stock
status in stock, so on and so forth. Um like I said if you were to come on as a client
we’ll give you a full on tutorial on how to manage all these things or if you have
a variable product which is uh the other option of rather than a simple product, variable
product is something that comes in small, medium, large, you have a black version white
version, whatever um with a particular attribute that attribute means size of color, that’s
a variable product and we’ll show you how to do that as well but it’s you know it’s
simple it’s not the most intuitive thing because it’s just by nature the concepts
aren’t as intuitive. But once you get it down you know we’ll create a video for you
once you get it down then it is very easy its not this huge learning curve, its nothing
super complex. I think that should be able to answer all the questions that you have
here but again you have thus woocommerce tab, you can see your orders, your coupons, your
um your pip settings this is uh the packing slip settings, so this is where you would
change your um your logo, all that good stuff, your quick view, um that’s just a feature
we have on the site, the next one is your reports where I just showed you that had all
those numbers, settings you won’t really need to go in here as one of our clients because
we will take care of all the settings, system status you definitely won’t need to go on
here, and add-ons you won’t need to go on here either um that’s more of a developer
thing. I wouldn’t you know try and give you anything that you would need to go on
any of these other sections for. Um products super simple these are the list of all your
products. I just clicked it, if you wanna add a new product; here are your product categories
if you have tags that work just like tags if you have normal blog the same thing. Your
shipping classes depending on the type of items that are being shipped and if we were
to come on we would give you a full on explanation about that but you most likely have one shipping
class for the items that, and I’m speaking specifically to this prospect that were making
this video for. You’ll most likely have only one shipping class so you won’t have
to worry about that. Your attributes, shouldn’t have to worry about that but you might and
we can show you how to do it but your attributes are size, color, so on and so forth and then
the variations are the individual sizes and color, so a red, blue, that’s a different
those are two different variations but the attributes is the actual color. So um I say
all this to say this is a very loose overview of the admin section of woocommerce. If you
have any questions about the way this works you can always give me a call, specifically
to this particular client. If you have any questions anyone watching this tutorial, if
you’re looking to get your site woocommerce site done by us, we have tons and tons of
examples of woocommerce sites that we’ve done. Um you can always email us at
[email protected] , visit us at and
have a great day, thanks.

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  1. how about customer review section? can u also make a video of basic essential of woocommerce administrator role. Thanks so much your video much helps 🙂

  2. Hi, just a quick question, you have a 'export csv' function option available in your demo. Was that an additional plugin? Many thanks.

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