April 9, 2020
Wix Website Builder Review & Tutorial

Wix Website Builder Review & Tutorial

Finding the ideal website builder for your
needs can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be!
In this review, we’ll take an indepth look at Wix, one of the leading website builders
on the market. Let’s get started! The great thing about Wix is that you can
create a professional looking website for free. The only catch is that you can’t customize
the domain name and a small ad appears below the website footer. Wix also offers a selection of premium plans
with additional features including more space, bandwidth, Adwords gift vouchers as well as
the option to remove ads and customize your domain. Where Wix really stands out is when it comes
to ease of use. Creating a website is as simple as this. Wix offers templates for every kind of website
and blog you may want to create. And all of them are SEO optimized, work well on mobile
and are 100% free to use! We thought we’d start off by creating a
website to promote a spa. First let’s choose a template. Now for the fun part. Let’s
edit it. As you can see, Wix offers an easy to use
drag and drop editor which makes it easy to change and move parts of the website as you
see fit. See what we did there? Now it’s time to have some fun with the text. It’s
really easy to edit and move the text. Some users have complained that the text editor
can be tricky to use. We haven’t found that. This menu makes it really easy to create a
website. Here you can add, delete or change the order of pages. There’s also the option
to play with the design by changing colors and adding elements like text boxes and images.
Bottom line: you’re not restricted by the template you choose. This is the Wix App Market – another powerful
feature. This includes a variety of free and paid apps which you can add to your website
or blog to enhance its functionality. We highly recommend the Wix market. Another great thing about Wix is that it makes
it easy to configure your site so it will be indexed properly by search engines. You can add a site description, keywords and
even meta tags. For those new to SEO, Wix also offers a useful guide to help you get
started. Wix also does everything it can to ensure all templates are search engine friendly.
So really, there’s no need for you worry. Another common pain point is setting up an
online store. With Wix, it’s really simple! It all comes down to the theme you choose.
Let’s choose this template. As you can here, this one is perfect for an online jewelry
store. And in case you were worried, Wix automatically
adds a shopping cart to your site. You then have the option to add other store elements.
Couldn’t be simpler. Responsiveness is also important to consider.
The great thing about Wix is that it lets you create a separate mobile website. This
means you have a editor for the desktop version and one for the mobile version. This ensures
that your site always looks good on mobile regardless of any changes you make. While some users find toggling between two
editors inconvenient, we like it. There’s something reassuring about the control these
editors give you. We can’t fault Wix when it comes to technical
support. Whenever you click on a never used before feature there’s a quick on-screen
tutorial. Many users really appreciate that. There are also helpful tooltips to guide you
around the website builder. For anyone who still gets stuck, there’s
the Wix Support Center which includes step-by-step tutorials on all aspects on the site. In addition,
there’s a forum and the option to submit a ticket. We found Wix intuitive and even fun to use!
We loved the impressive selection of professional templates and how easy they are to customize. Here are the main pros:
• Free plan: Unlimited creation • Wide range of tools & features
• Professional looking themes But there are also a few cons including:
• Free plan includes ads • Only paid plans allow you to connect your
domain Still need some help making up your mind about
Wix? Well – take a look at this. THIS is what we were able to create in 5 minutes flat using
the platform. Now what do you think? For more on Wix, be sure to check out our
full review at TheTop10Sites.com.

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