March 29, 2020
Wix vs Squarespace vs Shopify | Which one is the best for YOU in 2019?

Wix vs Squarespace vs Shopify | Which one is the best for YOU in 2019?

chances are you probably spent about a
hundred hours on your phone already looking for the perfect website building app
today we’re going to compare three of the leading website platforms and
hopefully find the best one for you what’s going on guys my name is David
Tomic and welcome back to the channel today we’re gonna be talking about three
website building platforms Wix Squarespace and Shopify each one of
these platforms has its pros and cons at the end of the day it really depends
what you’re going to be using your website for chances are you’re an econ
intrapreneur because you’re on my channel and that’s what we talk about
every Monday but if you’ve stumbled upon my video for different purposes and
you’re a creative or a blogger or something along those lines we can help
you here too so I’m going to move to the side a little bit and use this free
space here to throw up a whole bunch of different graphics along the way so that
we can really make it easy for you to decide which website builder is best for
you the first thing most people think about whether launching your new website
is how much is this gonna cost me every month well all three of these charge
different rates and they have their own pros and cons starting in no particular
order which charges you about $26 a month and if you’re running an
e-commerce store has the benefit of no Commission per transaction
Squarespace comes in about $25 a month but it has a con over weeks on top of
the $25 a month it also charges you three percent commission on every
transaction made if you’re running a blog however disregard that because it
really doesn’t matter to you and finally Shopify comes in at the bottom place
because Shopify charges about $41 per month and on top of the $41 a month it
also charges you an additional 2.5 percent on average per transaction and
30 cents on top of that as well if your products coming in at sub $5 boo you
probably don’t need to watch the rest of this video and you need to jump straight
to it because it has no Commission on all of its transactions if you start
using Shopify which is built for e-commerce then you’re gonna be losing
quite a lot of money per se order might not warrant that additional service if
you still here with me now probably thinking well I don’t really
know how to design a website and that’s okay because each one of these makes it
easy for you to design website which is the easiest platform all three to design
anything it really lets you move all the little pictures around and the text to
perfectly position at how you want however that does mean you have to build
every single page individually because all it does is give you a blank page now
having said that obviously all three of these have template files that you can
use and quickly put together website in under half an hour but if you do that
you’re gonna have a website that looks the same as everybody else on the market
and people are going to click on and click off and you’re going to be wasting
your time and money in my personal opinion Squarespace is a little bit more
restricted and you need a little bit more knowledge of coding when it comes
down to problem solving on this platform if you’re a creative or a photographer
or a blogger Squarespace is the perfect website for you
it really makes their themes easy and inviting for people to come and view
your gallery or read your blog’s now if you sway to the side of Shopify and are
willing to pay 40 something dollars a month then you’re gonna find out that
you can only really edit the homepage unless you have a very strong
understanding of hard-coding even still the homepage is only editable to the
certain extent that Shopify lets you you can only drag and drop a few different
templates and a few different bits and pieces to make it your own now it’s
basically a given if you’re building a website you want people to come and
visit your website and check out what you have to offer the easiest way and
the most cost-effective way to get people to check out what you have is by
SEO s if you don’t know what an SEO is it stands for search engine optimization
and basically all it does is let Google know what your website’s about and when
somebody types in watches or marketing or photography your website pops up
first if you have no idea what an SEO is but really want to use Shopify
I do highly suggest you go out and do a little bit of research of how you can
boost your rankings in Google which I’ll play however if you are brand new to the
website boom in game and you are looking to start from scratch but don’t care
about your flight weeks and Squarespace have two amazing helper tools weeks for
example guides you through step by step to really help you now
every single image put alt text to every image and really boost your rankings as
high as possible now this is where Shopify stands out in the crowd when
you’re building your website it has a whole market platform of apps and
different tools that you can integrate into a website to help with the process
and the flow of running your business for example if you want to add a
Facebook message a little bubble in the bottom corner or a shipping service in
the background that helps you print out labels and make your process in the
warehouse a lot quicker this is all inbuilt into their marketplace and you
can literally click get app and it will download straight to your website
without you having to do anything including any hard-coded now most of
these apps are free however there are a lot of paid versions of the apps which
do perform a lot better if you don’t want to spend more than 41 dollars a
month by all means use the free apps because they will work fantastically
well however if your story is growing and becoming a platform where thousands
and thousands of users are using it every day then chances are you’re gonna
need to invest that a little bit more in order to keep your store running
optimally Wix and square space both offer
apps in their stores as well however in my personal opinion Shopify really gives
you the diversity to run any e-commerce store in 2019 so for all intensive
purposes based on apps alone Shopify is the clear winner in this situation what
about if you get stuck and need some help and support along the way Wix has a
great help and support and premium email service and they generally get back to
you in about 24 hours in the beginning of my econ career I use weeks to build
my first web site and I contacted these guys very frequently because I had no
idea what I was doing generally they got back to me pretty quickly
sometimes in 10-15 minutes which was fantastic however this only comes with a
premium plan from weeks and they don’t really make the premium email address
very accessible and user-friendly to find they want you to go through their
guides and look at other frequently asked questions before you contact them
Squarespace is a very similar system but I know they’re trying to steer clear of
the emails and use a frequently asked page a lot more often having said that I
never really encountered any problems when building a Squarespace website
everything seemed to be pretty well coded behind the scenes and it was very
user friendly to really get things to work
perfectly how you want to out of these 3 website building platforms shock fire is
honestly the worst in getting back to you but having said that shop fire has
millions of different questions asked by millions of different users and chances
are you’re going to be able to find what you’re looking for pretty quickly I know
every question I’ve had so far I just typed into their health bar and somebody
had already asked it and somebody had gotten back to them with the answer so
even though that isn’t really a direct line that you can contact shop fire and
ask your questions and your concerns you really can find pretty much all the
information out there already so what’s the verdict should you a go in Wix B go
to Squarespace or C go with Shopify before I give you my opinion I want you
to comment down below and let me know what your plans are for the future ok so
my personal opinion if you’re building a blog or piggybacking your Instagram
account to become an influencer in 2019 chances are Squarespace is the perfect
website for you if you’re a photographer or videographer a dancer a choreographer
or anything along those lines just the general creative Squarespace is still
the best platform out there now if you’re an e-commerce entrepreneur and
subscribe to my channel chances are you’re looking to build an
econ website well there’s only two real options out there for you at the moment
that are cost-effective and easy to use without any background knowledge of
coding and website building and in the 3 websites we’ve talked about today Wix
and Shopify are the two best bets for you right now
Wix is going to make it really easy for you to design a website and get it up
and running quickly however the almost double that you’re
gonna have to spend for Shopify in my personal opinion is 100% worth it
shop fires back up house and app marketplace really help you integrate
all these little features into your store to increase your conversion rates
and really get people to trust your website and to trust your brand and
there you have it guys in my personal opinion if you’re running an e-commerce
store 100% check out shop fire today if you’re running a blog or any other
photography creative marketplace then you should definitely check out
Squarespace if you’re running any other website in the world and are looking
just to build your first website weeks perfect platform it makes everything so
user friendly and it really gets you motivated to sit there and really play
around with the different backgrounds the tools and the themes and do the
perfect website for you if you enjoyed that video make sure you smash that
subscribe button 20-19 style and I’ll see you next Monday

5 thoughts on “Wix vs Squarespace vs Shopify | Which one is the best for YOU in 2019?

  1. is shopify percentage the credit card processing fee? 2.5% or do you need to pay additional credit card fee's??

  2. i am so scared to commit to wix i heard once you are in you cannot get out… so if i wanted to transfer my wix domain to another host i cannot? is this true? i am curently "connected to wix" i am building a ecommerce website with them im thinking about transferring over to them completely but I dont want to be stuck i want my domain to be able to go to any host

  3. David, I am using Shopify from past 1 year, but there are no great results. I use Facebook marketing and get traffic but still no conversion. Can you please suggest me what's the best way to optimize a Shopify website.

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