April 6, 2020
Wix Stores Review – We try out its latest features

Wix Stores Review – We try out its latest features

Hi, and welcome to our video review of Wix
Stores, Wix’s eCommerce solution. Chances are, you’ve heard about Wix and
how easy it is to build a great-looking website with their builder. But does it give you all the features you’ll
need to run a store successfully? Let’s find out. First, let’s review the pricing. What’s great is that you can enable the
Wix Stores app and set up your store, including adding products, for free. However you’ll need a paid plan to be able
to actually start selling. There are two options – eCommerce and VIP. VIP provides you with a professional site
review and lets you send out 10 email campaigns per month, but other than that there aren’t
any differences between the two plans. How easy it is to start up a Wix Store? In our opinion, super easy. If you’re starting from scratch, you just
choose your template from the Online Store category. Wix’s template range for stores is as you’d
expect from a company that prides itself on modern, beautiful website designs. They definitely don’t disappoint here. If you already have a Wix site, you can simply
add the Wix Stores app and start setting up your store. Now, let’s take a look at what you can and
can’t do with a Wix Store. Editing elements like text on the home page
is the same as with Wix’s regular website builder – you simply click and type. To manage your store, however, you just need
to click on this icon here. From here, you can do things like add and
edit products, which we’ll explore in a minute. You can also view orders, edit your
blog if you have one, manage contacts through Wix’s basic CRM, and run
promotions. Adding a product is easy, and it’s all done
through the store dashboard. You have options to sell a digital file or
physical product, add images, and edit your product information. Other useful features include inventory tracking, adding SKUs, and adding custom text fields to let customers personalize their
product. You can also add product options such as different
sizes or colours, so there’s quite a deep level of customisation available here. Categorisation is done through Collections,
and you can add products to multiple collections. These can then be featured as product galleries
on your homepage or other pages. Unfortunately there’s no way to create subcategories,
so if you have a lot of products you may find this a bit limiting. One thing you can do on the Product Gallery
pages is to allow customers to filter products by collection, price, size or color. And you can also add a ‘Sort by’ option,
allowing customers to sort products by date added, price, or alphabetically. So if you do have a wide product range, it’s
a great way to help customers find what they’re looking for. So here’s what the Product Page looks like. You have options to customise layout and other
display settings. You can also preview the product to see what
the experience will be like for the customer. One thing we’d like to see is a ‘Related
products’ section, to display suggested products based on a customer’s selection. But as it is, the end user experience in Wix
Stores is pretty nice. However, a key feature that is missing is
the ability to edit order confirmation emails, which are pre-set. If this is important to you, a more purpose-built
store builder like Shopify is probably a better option. Now for a very cool new feature that we know
a lot of users will be excited about. Wix finally lets you add a Members Area to
your store, which allows customers to log in, view orders, and edit account details. There’s a little bit of customisation available
here, although it’s mainly limited to design elements and some text on the Orders page. In the backend, it integrates with the Contacts
section, so you have all your customer data easily accessible from there. As a feature that was highly requested, the
Members Area is a huge tick in Wix’s favour. Now let’s check out some of the back office
features. Different payment methods are available depending
on the region you’re in, but generally speaking you’ll be able to accept credit and debit
cards, PayPal and offline payments. You can also set different shipping and tax
rates for different regions, including different states within the US. Although we’ve yet to try it, it looks like
real time shipping calculations are now available. It’s limited to just a few countries and
carriers for now. We’re hoping Wix makes this more widely
available soon. Orders can be accessed in the dashboard, and
come through as a nice visual summary. You can also export all your orders as a CSV
file in case you need to import them into your accounting software. Other things you can do through the backend
is create and send invoices, and send some basic automated emails to promote your store
to customers. After reviewing Wix’s most recent updates
to their eCommerce solution, we have to say we’re pretty impressed. Apart from their wide range of well-designed
templates and easy-to-use editor, Wix Stores also offers the kind of features that make
it easy to manage an online store – affordable pricing; product customization options; a
customer login area; and flexibility in handling payments, shipping and tax. However, it is missing some features that
could really help to improve the experience for the customer, including related product
suggestions, and the ability to customize order confirmation emails. We’d also like to see Wix expand their real-time
shipping calculator, although it looks like they’re working on that. All in all, Wix is definitely becoming a force
to be reckoned with in the eCommerce space. See how it compares to other store builders
by visiting our site and checking out our comparison tool. You can also ask your questions by leaving
us a comment. We hope you found our video useful. Feel free to give it a like if you did! Thanks for watching.

10 thoughts on “Wix Stores Review – We try out its latest features

  1. Hallo liebes WebsiteToolTester Team 🙂

    Bin durch Eure Website auf Euren Kanal gestoßen und
    wollte erstmal ein großes Lob für Eure ausführlichen Tests aussprechen 🙂

    Da ich gerade Informationen zum Online-Shop von Wix zusammentrage,
    ist mir eine und für mich die wichtigste Frage aufgekommen.
    Wix bietet einem ja "nur" 20gb Speicher für den Online-Shop.
    Für meine Zwecke wären das aber viiiieeel zu wenig. :/

    Ist es möglich über den Online-Shop auch Digitale Produkte zu verkaufen,
    die ich extern auf einem Cloud-Speicher liegen habe?

    Ich hoffe ihr könnt mir weiterhelfen, denn darüber finde ich leider nirgendwo eine Information
    und ich möchte nicht erst einen Vertrag mit Wix abschließen müssen um es herauszufinden.

    Vielen Dank schon mal im voraus. 🙂

    beste Grüße und weiter so 🙂

  2. Nice vid!!!
    I am planning to set up shop using Wix, selling accessories globally.
    I wonder if Wix Stores allow users to view the products in their own currencies? If it's not built-in, do they have an app for it?

  3. How do you feel about Wix e-commerce vs Shopify? The Wix price is definitely lower. Actually, never mind. I found your Shopify video and review page on your website. 🙂

  4. I think there are more free aps at wix than shopify and wix is more user-friendly.. but it seems only suitable for small online business.

  5. Hello, i want to set up my first online store using WIX. but i am a bit confused and i hope you can help me with this: now in order to get payment for my products i have to open a commercial bank account and link it to my website, and this bank account takes around 3.5% on each payment. does WIX also takes percentage on each payment i receive?

  6. Can I generate coupons to my customers through wix, like cash coupon or discount off coupon, thanks!
    Also, can I have "reward points" scheme with the membership on wix?
    Which website can do so?

  7. Hi how do I mark items as out of stock or set a stock limit so customers don't buy more than the company's own?

  8. Hi there. Does wix take any percentage or amount off sales? Are there any fees other than the monthly site payment?

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