March 28, 2020
Wix Pricing – What plan is best for you?

Wix Pricing – What plan is best for you?

Hi there! So you’ve narrowed your options down to and would like to start creating a website. But there’s still the question of how much
this is going to cost and what pricing tier is best for you. Let me guide you through the available options! First things first: Wix can be used entirely
for free. Yes, you don’t need to spend a dime. The downside is that you won’t be able to
use a professional domain name but rather a combination of your
and your website name, which isn’t very pretty. It may be good enough for personal projects
though! Connect Domain let’s you connect your own
proper domain name, as you may have guessed. It’s good to note that the domain name is
not included and has to be purchased separately – which you can do through Wix, or any domain
registrar, really. The downside with this plan is that it features
Wix ads, and they aren’t exactly nice to look at as you can see on our demo site. That is why, instead, we’d recommend the
Combo tier. It shows no ads, includes a free domain name
for one year, and gives you a decent amount of storage and bandwidth. Oh, and in case you’re not sure if that’s
enough, don’t worry, I’ll try to explain: 3 gigabytes of storage is the equivalent of
roughly 1500 pretty large photos. It’ll probably take some time until you’ve
used it all up. In most cases this should be more than enough. In terms of bandwidth, let’s assume that
each visitor will roughly consume 1.5 megabytes with each visit. 2 gigabytes will then be enough for about 1333
visitors per month. If your website grows a little it’s possible
that you’ll eventually surpass this limit. But if you’re just starting out it’s rather
unlikely that you’ll hit the limit just yet. You can be sure, though, that Wix will inform
you in advance about hitting the limit. And that’s why we always recommend starting
out with the Combo plan, unless you need ecommerce. The Unlimited plan just adds additional storage
and bandwidth. Unless you already know that you’ll exceed
the limits, I wouldn’t recommend it if you are just starting out. If you’re going to start an online store,
and only then, you’ll need the Ecommerce plan. Remember, you can always upgrade later and
won’t get charged twice. The VIP plan includes everything the Ecommerce
plan has plus email campaigns through the Wix ShoutOut newsletter tool. What’s more, it also includes a one-off
“professional website review”. If you’ve already tried, and liked, the
ShoutOut service, you could sign up for this plan. But keep in mind that there are plenty of
external newsletter services that you can also use for free. If that’s something you’re interested
in, you can check out our sister site for more information. I hope you’ve now got a better idea of what
pricing tier is best for you! In case you still have questions make sure
you leave us a comment!

37 thoughts on “Wix Pricing – What plan is best for you?

  1. Hi Thanks for your video.
    I have a question..
    I am going to publish my website shortly. My site is about local job classified. one or two videos would be there; rest of the things are only some text and a few images. So what would be my best pricing to purchase a domain?
    Plz help me..

  2. I am a consultant for an au pair company. I was using GoDADDY as my website but I really did not get any business from it and felt spending $145 for the year was not a good way to spend my money. I went thru your template to see if I could find one that is either childcare or family ready but did not and I really did not want to go with a blank website builder. Also I paid GO Daddy for my domain name can I use it with Wix?

  3. Hi
    Thanks for the video
    Is there a Monthly plan option which includes free domain name,removes ads from wixsite…
    I have tried upto the payment option there is only yearly plan in that…
    We need a domain with hosting in a monthly plan.Is it available? reply us as soon as possible it is urgent..

  4. When I upload pictures into wix they change insofar as they do not show the entire picture and I cannot make to do so can you help?

  5. Do you recommend combo plan or unlimited plan for starting an online shop? What's best? Our budget is tight as we are starting…thnx

  6. just curious, do you know much about the 10gb storage unlimited plan? I just recently bought this plan for photography and music.. but im concerned this might not be enough storage. Wasn't a thought when purchasing the plan.

  7. Hi. Very informative video. I currently have an unlimited bandwidth package with wix. however, I plan to drive traffic to my website by showcasing my videography work, by linking videos on my new youtube channel (work in progress) to be showcased on this website.

    So If the number of my linked videos increase, and number of viewers increase to a lot, does the unlimited bandwidth mean I will have no trouble managing the increased traffic on the website? considering I am only uploading links from youtube?

    I'd love to hear your thoughts. thanks

  8. Hi there! Is the price for Google ads and Facebook ads as given above in the combo package paid per month, or is it a one time thing? Do they set the ads up for the fee?

  9. You misrepresented the concept of Bandwidth, Bandwidth capacity represents how much data you'll be able to transfer at a *single point of time*, so that means your site would be able to handle 1333 users at a single time.
    So that's perfectly okay for normal use but say if you're going to organize some competition or giveaway result then there can be a lot more users than 1333.
    By the way thanks for the video.

  10. I done a lot of Google searching and Wix comes up. I want to make a site for in depth gaming guides with many categories to cover everything in the game in question. All I really will be using is images, videos, and possibly gifs with detail explanations. Will this be sufficient and if so, the Combo deal would be best? Lastly are we covered in terms of Copyright like if I post my work on my page and someone tries to steal it and claim it as their own I'm covered? Thanks in advance!

  11. Hi! We just wanted to let you know that this video is outdated. You'll find the latest Wix pricing guide in this video: If you have any question, just leave us a comment! πŸ™‚

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