November 19, 2019
Wix Presents: Manage Your Business with Wix

Wix Presents: Manage Your Business with Wix

[Background Music] Wix’s powerful and easy-to-use tools
take care of all your day to day business needs so you can focus on doing what you love. Take Tom, an indie folk musician, for example. He quickly uploads and starts selling his
music with the Wix Music player. Now everyone can listen to his songs, and he can keep track of how he’s doing. Tom’s life is all about writing songs
and performing, but he also needs to make money.
Wix Stores, our eCommerce solution, makes it easy or him to sell merchandise, manage his inventory and get paid.
Every time Tom makes a sale, he gets an update on his news feed.
With Smart Actions, communicating with fans is a breeze. He sets it up so his
customers automatically get a thank you message as soon as they make a purchase.
He can also send subscribers an automatic welcome message – or even a special offer. There are so many ways for Tom to
promote his concerts. Sending a ShoutOut newsletter to
everyone he knows is the easiest way to reach lots of people –
instantly. All of his contacts are organized in one
place, so he can easily get in touch when he
needs to. Then right before the concert, he uses
the Wix App to create & send a promotion from his iPhone. lets people grow the
business they’ve always wanted.

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