April 6, 2020
Wix Online Store Review – What’s the eCommerce plan good for?

Wix Online Store Review – What’s the eCommerce plan good for?

Welcome to this short video review of the Wix eCommerce store. As we pointed out in our general Wix website builder review, this website builder is fantastic for artists that need a visually impressive website. On top of that, there is also an online store feature that makes a good first impression – but is it really worth your time and money? Watch this video to learn about its pros and cons. Wix has a plan that gives your website a virtual storefront. It’s called “eCommerce” and, according to Wix, it’s made for small businesses. So let’s have a look! You can either create a new online store or upgrade your plan and use it in your existing website. However, each plan allows you to test it risk-free. That’s what we’re gonna do. In the dashboard, we click on “Online Store.” The window that pops up shows our products. Click on one to edit details like name, price and photos. Unfortunately, you cannot import or export your products. Furthermore, you cannot offer digital goods like songs, pictures or eBooks. Let’s now jump to “Payment & Currency.” Wix offers a couple of payment options like “PayPal” or “Authorize.net” for credit card payments. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to offer offline payments at the same time. Under “Shipping,” you pick a country and define the price or weight ranges. There’s no function to define special shipping prices within a country (like rates to Alaska and Hawaii). The “Tax” settings work similar. You pick a country and define the tax rate. There’s only one rate per country possible. Click on “Coupons” if you want to add one. The rest is self-explanatory. Have a look! Let’s jump to the last tab: “Orders.” Here you would see all your relevant order details. At the same time, you’d receive an order email that looks like this. What is lacking is an export function for your orders. When you’re done with everything, you can preview your online store. This is what it looks like on bigger screens and here we see it optimized for mobile phones. Setting up an online store with Wix is a walk in the park, and the templates are pretty appealing. However, there are too many functions that are simply missing or are too basic. No digital goods, import/export functions, statistics and much more. The list is long, and that’s why it feels in the end like an incomplete product. When you already have made your website with Wix and you need an online store, the built-in eCommerce solution could come in handy. However, we recommend to read all the details in our review and if you’re looking for a better alternative. Feel free to check out our “E-Commerce” ranking. And if you should have any questions, just leave a comment. Thanks for watching!

16 thoughts on “Wix Online Store Review – What’s the eCommerce plan good for?

  1. I've been subcribe unlimited plan but WHEN i am using wixstore i didn't fine order icon button..really blurrr IT is need To paid then The order button show up??

  2. what do you mean by you cannot import or export your products?? is dropshipping posible if i create a wix website for my online shop??

  3. The real problem with Shopify is that you can't just drag and drop modules to create your own theme within an hour. We must design our own theme (without coding). Is there any solution to that in shopify ?

  4. Heey! I am from Bulgaria and want to create site like this , but… i need Cash on Delivery. Can they just click buy and give a data and location and they will recieve it with Speedy or Econt.

  5. I'm making a website now and I want to use ecwid or another ecommerce site with it. Its a very small business with probably 5 items at most. What ecommerce store would be best for me? Keeping my total price around $20 per month or less. I would also love facebook integration. Your help would be greatly appreciated on this topic. I also have coupons that I would want to have codes for.

  6. Thanks for the video.

    I want to make a "Bargain Finder" site, but I really don't know where to start?

    Something similar to this: postabargain.co.uk

    I studied web design many years ago, where we used Dreamweaver. Therefore, I have a basic grasp of WYSIWYG editing.

    However, the type of website I wish to build incorporates so many elements, and this is beyond my knowledge base.

    Basically, I want to link to gaming deals (completely free for the visitor of the site) and receive a "forwarding commission". This will probably be in pennies, but the idea being that all of those pennies add up!

    If you could offer any guidance/help, I would be extremely grateful.

    Thanks again …

  7. Is this still running?
    If so, why is this better than making it with a web designer?
    I own a small business and I was thinking about it, however what makes this better than a completely customisable webpage made with say Html or Css from a web developer?

  8. so what i get from this is that shopify is easy to set up to sell but feels like you need a degree to make it look good

    meanwhile wix is easy as pie to set up a good looking shop but youll be dead before you import all your products

  9. I get an email from stripe that I have made an order but do not get anything to tell me where and who to ship it to. How do I fix this?

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