April 10, 2020
Wix eCommerce Tutorial: 9 Strategies To Help You Sell Online

Wix eCommerce Tutorial: 9 Strategies To Help You Sell Online

– Whoa, you can sell t-shirts on Wix? Today, you’re gonna learn how to build amazing e-commerce websites using Wix. In fact, the Wix e-commerce
tips I’m about to share with you have helped me build
stunning e-commerce stores with all the features you imagine, and even with the nine strategies, I managed to build the
site in no time at all. Now, I should warn you,
I’m not gonna give you generic advice like use
a template to save time. You already know that stuff. Instead, you’re gonna see
little-known Wix-specific e-commerce tips that
are working right now. And why Wix for e-commerce? One, they have
professionlly-designed themes; two, an amazing visual
drag-and-drop editor; three, great support for members, and four, a great apps market. My name is Cedric Yarish
for websitebuilderexpert.com, and let’s dive right in. (upbeat rock music) See, when I launched my first
e-commerce store years ago, I felt great. And as I got ready, I
watched dozens of videos from so-called e-commerce experts. So, I was super excited when
my site finally went live. I thought to myself, it’s
only a matter of time before the cash starts pouring in. There was only one problem. It never happened. In fact, despite working
really hard on my website, my sales barely budged. One day, I decided to
stop following the advice from so-called e-commerce experts. So, I slapped on my lab coat and set out to figure out this whole e-commerce thing, and trust me, I tested everything. I tested different
combinations of keywords, copy, sales pages,
product, popups, and more. It took months of almost nonstop testing for me to figure things
out, but in the end, I developed a formula for creating e-commerce website that actually work. This formula quickly
grew my site’s profile and my conversion rate. Now it’s time for me to show you the nine most powerful
strategies that I used. So without further ado,
let’s kick things off with strategy number one,
using the Wix App Market. If you’re doing e-commerce with Wix, you need to use apps,
notably ECWID or ECWID, which gives you all the
features you’re missing out on with the conventional
Wix e-commerce features. So, after you’ve signed up to Wix and you’ve picked your theme, go ahead and go to the Apps
Market and install ECWID here. What many people love about
ECWID are the multiple apps it provides to increase
your conversion rate that Wix doesn’t have. For example, it lets you
add abandoned cart recovery, automated product reviews,
sales and discount codes, and bulk discounts. Everyone with two thumbs should know to use abandoned cart tools. According to Baymard Institute, over 69% of online carts
are left unfulfilled. But what you might not know is that Wix doesn’t come with this feature
straight out of the box. Disappointing, right? But ECWID, on the other hand,
does with its premium plan. This lets you increase the
number of sales you make. Huge life-saver. With that, it’s time
for our second strategy, a fast website. We conducted a study
comparing the speed of Wix, Shopify, and Weebly to
see how they ranked up against each other, because we wanna see which supplier provided the highest speed. So what did we find? Well, here were the results. We actually found out that
Wix has the highest speeds for its site, and you can
see it in the picture above. So why exactly is this
so important for you? Well, according to moz.com,
website loading speed is a priority for
overall user experiences. And you know that. It’s intuitive. If your website isn’t loading enough, you’ll lose potential customers. For our third strategy for
a great e-commerce tool, we recommend that you
use drop shipping tools available to you on Wix. Here’s the deal with drop shipping. Normally, most people
will opt to use Shopify and connect it with Oberlo. This way, you can connect
with Chinese suppliers to source your products. The only issue is that it
comes at a hefty premium. It seems that most people don’t realize that you can do this with Wix at a fraction of the
cost, so it’s worthwhile to spend some time showing
you how that’s done; namely, there are two
apps that let you do this. Number one is Printful. Printful is an ECWID
app that lets you ship customized t-shirts, mugs,
and hats, and you name it. You do the sales, and Printful worries
about the fulfillment. This is an easy way for
you to get your products in your store without worrying
about how to source them. The second option is using Zapier, which is an automation tool. You can make it so that
whenever an order is placed on your store, it sends off
an email for your supplier to fulfill that item. This can allow you to set up
your drop shipping business with Wix using Zapier. And all this is available
in the ECWID tool. Next up, our fourth
strategy is to make sure you have the best possible pricing. You probably already know
that your monthly pricing for your store, your hosting cost, will be important to the
success of your store. In other words, if you can get
an easy, affordable service, it won’t be that hard for
you to keep your store open during low seasons and
give it more longevity. So, how do prices compare
with Wix, Shopify, Squarespace, and even Weebly? Well, we got all the data
together for you to examine, and as you can see in our chart, Wix and ECWID combined
is actually the most affordable option compared
to major other supplies. ECWID offers you abandoned cart recovery, discount codes, drop shipping, all while using Wix’s
really easy visual editor, which is a huge bonus. So, when it comes for getting
the best bang of your buck, Wix and ECWID are a great solution. Now for our fifth tip,
include bulk pricing in your e-commerce store. The question is, how
can you get more sales from the same customers? Use bulk pricing discounts. So what is bulk pricing, you ask. Well, it’s a strategy where you provide your customer with a discount if they buy two or more
of the same product, and it’s designed to offer more options and increase your average
sales price order. Here’s the step by step process. First, go to your products page and add a variance by doing the following. I recommend giving five to 15% off, depending on the quantity
your customer chooses. For example, for these
mugs, I’m offering 15% off if they buy three instead of one. This helps you increase your average order and makes it more profitable for you to acquire new customers
with marketing channels like Facebook or Google AdWords. Huge, huge later on in your store. Our sixth e-commerce tip is
to put your products on sale. I know, obvious, right? But you’d be surprised how many people neglect this easy win. I mean, with every holiday
season comes a new sale. There’s a reason why big
box stores always have some sort of sale going on,
and it’s because it works. You wanna give your customer a deal so that they feel more
earnest about your product now instead of later. Sales and discounts work really well, and they increase excitement
for your customer. Make sense? Here’s how it works. In ECWID, simply go to your product. Here, you’ll do the following
steps as shown on screen. Now your product is on sale. You can emphasize this by placing a banner on your homepage
and with the visual editor. It’s quite easy to do, just like this. You can add in your menu a
small piece of text above it that says, you know, on sale or hot. This helps grab visitor attention and direct them towards your offers. Next up for our seventh tip
is to add trust elements. So, what do I mean by trust? Well, trust elements with, trust elements help your audience
feel comfortable with you. There are several ways you can do this. Here are three. One, offer a guarantee. You can add a guarantee
that ensures your customer’s satisfaction, and make
it prominent like this. This money back guarantee
will help relax people as they’re submitting
their credit card details for your products. Number two, offer free shipping. This lets your customer know that they don’t have to
worry about extra surcharges. It shows that you’re taking care of them. Option three, offer 24/7 support. This an be done by email, live chat, phone, and it shows you’re
available to make sure that your customer have the
best possible experience with your store, and it’ll
make them more likely to recommend you to
their friends and family. And here’s another tip. You can make these three
elements into three columns at the bottom of your
store, just like this, in which you can do this really easily by doing the following. Add a strip, add the columns. Nice and easy. And speaking of trust, our
eighth tip for Wix e-commerce is to add product reviews. These are crucial social group elements that show the validity of your product. But how do you get them? Well, you ask your customer. Do you ever get those emails by Amazon asking you to review your latest product? Well, I’m gonna show you how
to copy Amazon’s strategy. Actually, someone’s
already created an app, and it automatically does this. So using ECWID, you can install an app called stamp.io, and they
handle all your product reviews. Yes, they’ll even message your customers and automatically place
their reviews in your store. See, when I first started
out my store years ago, it seemed almost
impossible to get reviews, but that’s because I
wasn’t asking my customers. I wasn’t making it convenient for them. So the last part is important. Stamp lets your customer
review your product inside the email it sends them, instead of doing directly to your website. And that’s way more convenient for them. And good news, it’s free up
to the first 50 products, and then there’s a monthly price. And if the monthly price
is too much, there’s also Discus reviews, which is
only a few dollars a month. Either way, reviews are great
social proof, and they help your customer pull the
trigger on your product, because they know that other
people have done it as well. I can’t finish this video
without telling you about, you know, using analytics properly, so this is gonna be the
little end of video bonus. Here’s what I mean. If you don’t know what
products your customers are looking at, then you might
as well be throwing darts at a wall in terms of trying
to guess what to optimize. Well, Wix makes it really
easy to add Google Analytics. In fact, you can just place it
in your header code anywhere. There’s also specific
elements on Wix right here where you can add it in. Here’s what you wanna track
with Google Analytics. One, average dwell time. This tells you how long your
customer’s on your site. If it’s too low, then you may
need to rethink your offering and how your copy is positioned. Number two, average page per session. Are most people leaving
after one or two pages? That’s what this will tell you. Again, a great indicator if your site is doing poorly or well. And number three, most visited pages. So this will give you some
insight on which sites are the, which pages are most
popular for your visitors. It’ll help you explore potential avenues to increase sales and
to do future promotions. You can see that in GA here. And you can filter all this
by acquisition channels such as Facebook, Google Organic, to see how it all compares. So, did you learn something
new from today’s video? Then make sure to click subscribe to my YouTube channel right now. Just click on the subscribe
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tips from this video are you gonna use first? Are you gonna try adding trust elements, or maybe you’re ready to add
automated product reviews? Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

13 thoughts on “Wix eCommerce Tutorial: 9 Strategies To Help You Sell Online

  1. Fantastic piece of eye opening advice and info! Currently in the process of building my own eCommerce website business, really appreciate all the tips – thanks for sharing your knowledge!

  2. I AM A PAYING WIX CUSTOMER and I can say without a doubt WIX CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS !!!!

    And the reason I say this is because YES WIX has spent a great deal of time and money developing a PUBLICLY FREE SITE DIY platform
    YES WIX has recently spent a great deal of time and money UPDATING their DIY PLATFORM to serve their customers

    BUT when it comes to providing assistance to ensure their PAYING CUSTOMERS SUCCEED in their SITE DEVELOPMENT ( which in turn would aid to their business success which in turn would lend towards a better success for WIX ) WIX DROPS THE BALL BIG TIME.

    For over 3 years I have been working on the SAME WIX SITE trying to get it to launch stage BUT I have had 3 questions for 3 years.

    WIX FORUM is full of WIX TROLLS
    WIX ARENA wants you to send your business out of the country to UNTRUSTWORTHY / UNKNOWN developers who have a HISTORY of stealing peoples ideas and or doing crappy work. SOME PEOPLE SUCH AS MYSELF Can not allow their SITE to be put in the hands of competitors only to see your competitors STEAL YOUR IDEA and making money off of your idea before they get it int turnaround to you.

  3. I just watched another YouTube video on building a website with Wix. The differences between that one and yours couldn't be more dramatic. That one had poor camera work, poor audio, and seemed to be just thrown together. Your presentation is great, audio fantastic, very "sharp"/clear images. Thanks for providing this resource and for the amount of work you put into making it pop!

  4. Made me glad I was already set up and have the kinks worked out at ecwid. My brain can only handle so much new info to learn at one time!

  5. I have learned a lot but I do have some questions
    Is there any upfront cost to start and how long does it take to get your shop off the ground

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