April 8, 2020
Wix.com | Learn How to Make Your Website Accessible

Wix.com | Learn How to Make Your Website Accessible

How to make your website accessible An accessible website lets visitors with disabilities find their way around using
assistive technologies or just a keyboard With Wix you can make your site
accessible in just a few steps We’ll show you what you need to do to help assistive technologies
understand your text and visuals Let’s start with your text On your site you have headings, subheadings, and paragraphs. Behind the scenes your text is
automatically labeled with heading tags like H1 for page title, H2 for section title, and P for paragraph. You want to make sure these labels are correct, so that assistive technologies
know how your content is organized. Here’s how First, go to the editor click on your page title then click “Edit text” under “Text settings” select heading tag; it’s all the way at the bottom. Here you can check the heading tag of your text. Since this is your page title,
it should be labeled H1 only your page title should have this label, this is really important for your SEO. Section titles can be labeled H2, and paragraphs P. You can now check the heading tags
for all the text on your site. Now, let’s take a look at your images You can add a short
description, known as “Alt text” to all the images on your site. This helps search engines
and assistive technologies read them. Click on any image on your site, then click on the Settings icon scroll down until you reach the question:
“What’s in the image?” Here you can add a short description to tell assistive technologies what it shows. Now let’s make all your content stand
out with the right color contrast ratio. The recommended ratio between the foreground
and the background of your site is 4.5 to 1 In the editor each color has a code to help you find out if you’re using the right ratio. In this example we’ll show you
how to find the color code of your text. Simply click on the text box, go to “Edit Text”, and then select the color icon. As you hover over each color, a unique code appears in the
bottom right, like this. Repeat these steps to find the color
code of your background. Once you have both color codes,
check the color contrast ratio, by visiting one of our recommended sites
in the Wix accessibility guidelines. A link to the guidelines will be provided
at the end of this video. Once you’ve completed these steps,
go to “Settings”, in the top left of the editor. Select “Accessibility” and make sure both the blue toggles are
turned on, like this. Now visitors using assistive
technologies, or just a keyboard, will easily be able to navigate your site, and track where they are. That’s it! To learn more about making
your site accessible, check out our “Accessibility Guidelines”.

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