April 3, 2020
With Journal Theme v3 and Opencart, create eCommerce site within 1h

With Journal Theme v3 and Opencart, create eCommerce site within 1h

hi everyone today we are going to show
how to create ecommerce site within one hour with journal theme version three
and OpenCart. Let’s get started for that lets go to our domain which I
just registered and buy a server for that so let’s go to the cPanel now let’s
go to the file manager so you can see in the public HTML you can see backup and
index dot HTML which we get from the server you may not get this one but this
is for my one so let’s go to the opencart.com. Let’s go to free download. Let’s
go to previous releases then you can download the latest version which is for us it’s a it’s downloaded and let’s upload here let’s go and create a database until
that is uploaded let’s create a database for that lets go to MySQL database
wizard which is, this one is provided by my server but if you don’t have
this one you can go to the MySQL database and create there. Let’s say created database and users and I give privilege a privilege to the database of the user so with this way we create the user for
that database and create a database Now let’s see whether our opencart is
already uploaded. It it’s already uploaded so let’s go to the public HTML
reload it you will see the opencart- is uploaded so let’s extract it, right click, extract. Extract in public_html extraction is done so select all, put
your backup and upload and delete all. Delete. Go to the upload folder
the select all and move these to the public_html. Up. Delete the upload
folder. Now go to the frontend Type the URL, it takes us to the installation
click continue you can see all our green except this two config. So let’s go here
rename the config-dist.php to just config.php same way go to the admin folder and rename config-dist.php to config.php. Go to front and refresh so everything is green if some of them are not green and red then you have to give access if these status are not green then you have to consult with your server, continue, so we
create our database, give user name database, you can put the port same you
can change the prefix as you want and you give admin username, password, email keep it simple for now then continue. Like this way our Opencart installation is done. Now go to online
shop so you can see so you can see categories so come here come here and
don’t forget to delete this installation folder sometimes I see that some programmers
just rename this folder so that is not the good practice so just always delete the
folder. Now our store is ready now let’s go to the admin for the first time you
will see this one so let’s make it till I think so you can keep the storage but
I have already make this storage folders so I have to rename it then click move. Once this is successful your store is ready. Now go to the system settings edit then change your server setting SEO URL to yes yes so my store my domain has
already SSL installed from my cPanel so in your case it may not have
been installed so you have to install consulting with your server, now once this is done our store is ready now let’s go and install Journal theme. For that you have to buy the theme so I already bought
the theme so downloads you can go and download Journal opencart theme and files and documentation now to upload that journal theme let’s
create a FTP so go to your FTP accounts create my FTP is also created
now let’s get up to FileZilla so I’ve already set up the FTP, now we
enter FTP username password and connect then go to public_html. You will see
.htaccess.txt so you have to rename that .htaccess Refresh here we will see the journal_download. Go to that folder open journal 3
then opencart 3 then upload all these folder. There were some videos and
some big images so it takes a little more time than expected
once all these files are uploaded let’s go to the store go to admin section
extensions extensions into the theme then install this journal theme. Once you installed you can see you have not refresh modifications so go to
the modification once you’ve refresh that and go to the
extension you can now you can see the Journal theme is installed. Journal theme
is created like a modular way so we can define every breakpoints we can define a
lot of colors you can you font family font size shadow and all these things
and we have like different styles that we can define in page layout typography
breadcrumb we can define by our own but it will takes a lot of times to create
all of those styles and on these things so let’s go and import the demo
data so for demo data you need to journal-theme.com/v3/admin and the
username is demo password is demo then you go to the journal theme system import/export you need to insert the username and
purchase code and you can download your purchase code from here once you insert
the themeforest – username and purchase code you can download the demo data
then go to your admin go to your system import export in the import section when you see the success message don’t
forget to clear the cache then you can see the variables now you can see the
breakpoints so only small phone phone tablet laptop
desktops so you can see all of these breakpoints I set up from the journal
the demo demo theme now let’s set up to show in the front-end
For that go to system settings edit your store, choose the journal theme
here then save it. Let’s go to the front end you can see the demo Journal
themes demo data is inserted so you can see the quick check out is by default in
the journal theme. You don’t need to do anything Our store is almost ready so let’s
customize some of them so first one keep on seeing means is pop-up so let’s
remove this pop-up to remove this pop-up as we import the demo data it’s hard to
say it from which it is soon so that’s what this it’s module pop-up 110 so
let’s hope we’ll find that one let’s go through the modules and hold its landing
then you just do this disable off and gig zip then once you go ahead and
regress it it will not solve so another thing is let’s change our logo so
whether that let’s go to screen default global in there so here you can install and click Save you can see everything
now let’s see notice 1 so this notice but I don’t will count one in our so say
so I don’t want this in our restore so let’s see if we can really move so that
one is you don’t notice so hope we find it modules you don’t notice oh you didn’t notice is good so another
one that we changes in his this woman’s okay okay this one such as okay this one
exactly we don’t want this blog that I think all settings to those two starters
to you started to say it let’s go here let’s see like this way disabled most of the block
part but it looks like we have to disable it so it’s already not found so
let’s go and edit the menu I mean when you block phone teach about this one so
we it will remove the block so like this way you can customize all of you you can
customize all of your menu from here so if you don’t want that if you don’t want
is called if you don’t want this call then you can disable it from here or
delete it so similarly you have top menu main menu and all these menus are like
flyouts main menu indexed of and main menu in what well so if you see these
collars with block you can you have to disable in the mobile also so like this
way you can change the menus let’s go to the home plate and let’s remove some of
the modules from here so first now I don’t want these once product modules in
here so for that go to the playoffs and go to the home then you can see here
Infoblox home featured homepage so I think this is the one yes so he
does like the latest so let TJ believe that would be the move like you used to
keep on saying this this one so you you have to disable this product title as
well I’m not deleting right now I’m just digitally because we mainly in future so
we it will be easy with just visible for now and reactivated whenever we need it
so like this way that product section is gone so similarly you can work with this
category module if you don’t need you can just disable from here so these
images are taken directly from the category image so they don’t have the
component tablets and soccer doesn’t have the images so it is showing the
place placeholder about this video path background so you can still go and you
can change the video source from here and it doesn’t support YouTube and our
videos need to only support in people that’s where that net for them html5
video only use dot T dot mp4 format so you can change that videos from there so
it’s it’s is the background of the row is the background of the law the whole
video is background after all so you can change the text and all this all of your
from the promo you can change he’ll appear omo BG and
you can change the text from here block one so you can see the new code change
with your background and background and that’s not not what I mean yeah this way
you can which is I think good sound like this way you can change your video and
text come here special deals we don’t need it
so I let’s remove it special deals title we don’t need it no special deal
accordions we don’t need it this whole row so if we don’t need the hold of it
until it the whole room featured categories titles with it and fashions
all those accordions will donate it blocked items we don’t need it home post
with a label brand bling outs we need it testimonials we don’t need it in Troop
Canada titles were donated so like this way you can make changes save and
refresh it is still just looking good so like
this one you can keep on changing and adding adding your sections or modules
we had ever needed now it’s good to see some other product of the category but
this is the category page you can change the without the images from the
background and takes and these are like the subcategories of that category so
these are the products let’s go and this is like quick view you
can go to the product detail page so you can see this is the product detail page well that’s a color to mean extensions extensions let’s install let’s install
payment people they have like many options are tubes in the people but
mostly I use this standard tip on the standard did then you just need to give
your email and sandbox to know the pop more to enable then save it now let’s go
to sleep in you can see there are lot of other settings but
just install the free shipping and the flat tracked cities $5 all I’m sipping
shipping cost $25 world so we see pink lips you never need more than one I
don’t know all these evil eye wants to cut now check out now you will see how
we shipping is activated light rattle activated papal is activated can access
and delivery is activated so you can’t register but you can do the guest
checkout if you are already registered you can do the logging so this quick
checkout so let’s register in inside you building your trains come around so I
choose like cash on delivery and I free shipping so let’s go and confirm them confirm the order looks like my password okay you don’t it’s done now you can see
when I count which is a delay count change password you can lock up things
here you can see three so which is this one you can you can see the pending and
this is from the customer perspective now the admin section ably shield will
be sewn here so we report Nepali bought those products and you can see here and
you can see the details here and you can change the status from processing and if
we want to notify much tomorrow so like this wave chain and once the product is
dealing old you can just you can change it to the c10 now you can change the
company so what able to you or the status so I’ll Drive we think is
complete we are the community so like this way all of our our open card German
military theme is ready to receive the order so you can see what the total
orders you can see the total customers and the one thing that I forget to
mention is like you have to change is to tie down your meta description
meta keyword so you change those as per you restore your Explorer named your
Eastern address so those eStore address will be shown in your contact us page so
let’s go to the contact us page so here here you will see coop these needed your
student address your phone number call hours to do that here so you had as they
need it so one another thing that journal journal can provide is this
google map so for to change this google map go to the layout go to the contact
us and here is the custom web you did it and in the map section you will see the
iframe that that has been that has been installed so if you want to add your own
life frame then you had to you have to go to google.com nicely on the previous
maps and you have to sort so you’re opening your location you are then go to
share then embed map so this iframe you installing you paste it here
so like this way you can serve your own map in the journal thing another thing
is you can add remove and whatever beauty one so that can be done
like from in Journal themes they have this form so contact us form so contact
us form an idiot and we can add whatever fields we want in here what is the real
name Live Well what kind of input is needed
whether it is name email or text text input text idea or select select box
radio checkbox that time whatever you name it we can add into our form another
thing let’s say this background white and this field field Wyatt is like
little distracting so let’s change that one as well
they probably they help Jonathan has net capability to change those made up CSS
as well so which is directly from here I think from this tie
here is the bottoms so here is the face buttons so in that page bit cotton so
here is the default one so dad default one contains the container styles which
as the background white so let’s make it not same let’s go and see that back so
you will see that background is removed but this Boulder is still there so you
can remove that border on here wasn’t like this when you can customize
your opencart contact us is in Jonathan it’s
good enough again in the settings so all of these are needed now local
localization if you are in United States to the United a stained your jeans and I
mean Arizona in Arizona but is a default language administration the language
what is your or in C is in centimeter or what it was what what you use similarly
in ofsome this different item for these mean is like in the administration
section how many you want to say you you are in like products who knocks it in it’s only 20 products
here so you can control out all those product numbers from from here so you can disable the reviews
you can disable the case reviews or when the login after logging logging only you
can submit the reviews taxi zipping address or all of these are like
predefined here you can go to here and you can see what words it’s about so
like this way we can like this way we can set up all of these options and all
of these Lobos sister are the hundred beta John ultimate sense so we don’t
need to install we don’t need talk flowed here similarly in the main
section you once you choose the mail SMTP then then you can add the email
here you will here for mail you add the email here for SMTP HTTP SMTP details
here and you can take like if you want to get only unregister epilator orders
or reviews and you can add multiple anything else here so like this way you
can use in several modes so all of these are like for the server servers so you
can display sir – no but you need to lock the door so if something bad
happens you can go there and check what happens so like this way you can
complete your settings now go to the journal name and see the journal themes
settings you restore so do Ponte skinny stories default
SEO we just we don’t need so if you need you can have facebook open graph so open
app ID you can just get the app ID from the Facebook open graphs and add here if
you want Twitter card we can these are already enabled helper for means we need
queries it casts the query string we need minifiers
so yes DML minify CSS combine and minify CSS inline CSS combine and menu files is
g-d forbit little of it so for database you can just directly
check the index and it checks all the index end so once you find long index
tables and once we click that it will index all of those so for e mates we can the lazy loading on a synchronous pond
is needed static you’ve already waited but now so
like this way you can work in the casts of the system so Jonathan has all of
these but one card hasn’t provided all of them but I theme only provide all of
these so if you want custom CSS custom J’s custom code in here that our custom
: footer you can add here as well like this way we can work in the journal
themes it’s they have make us easier like this way our story is almost ready
our story is ready to accept orders let’s go and modify this menu menu item
for the Dalit let’s go to the header classic as we are using the classic he
did then these are the top menus and the main menus the main menu is using main
menu does text up so for that mean menu district next up so let’s go and eat it
so it has like a whole department if I say disable it then that will you digit so similarly if
you want a multi-level like a label custom without makeup well then you can
just enable or disable it so for ending ending ending theme the name one menu
item link so you keep a menu link here which is like say Dexter Dexter save it
please I guess let’s go to the front-end mystic like this way you can add the PC let’s
see renamed menu title like this way you can add your
categories or custom links are mega make a cool with our custom with whatever you
wants in minutes so like this way you can customize the menus let’s go to the information page now the information
feeds you can add let the content here as far as need so information pages ok
let’s remove this custom link which is in the footers
well that hotel indeed so these are products muscle icons whatever social
icons filters in need so lot of them so let’s delete so you can disable from
here so we don’t need we need Instagram when they don’t need to YouTube we tell
me Skype so just like an adult so that you can change the color of these social
icons now let’s remove this link nothing else needed since the links as we did let’s remove this unlimited link from
here as well so customer service let’s go to the folder you need customer
service it is down gift card not immediate affiliated not needed so
that’s my account gift card magnetic if you like this video contains the footer
you can change the copyright yes so copyright every 2019 mr. names so this
section footer section is done so you can send a small unit but but now I’m
thinking all these things now drum segmentation can take us is already
eatos you can see you can sense the fields are forms as far as knitting here
as well site labs these are good so we have to remove all of these discs dot us
from their account all of them my account details at the turn order
history this is this is okay so our site is straight off so you will just need to
change your whole number and all of these things the whole site is ready with this way we can create our
e-commerce website within less than one hour with the use of open got anda
example themes please comments if you need any help sort at home you can
figure out figure out within our team and let you guys know let’s happy
learning and let us know if there is any kind of software that we need
thank you for watching these videos hope you will be able to let’s tell your open
cut and instead your German theme version tree mmm and make the e-commerce
in a easy way you can keep on contacting us as a wave of creation compat
gmail.com and then you can follow my Twitter account report NPR as well as
you can follow our YouTube channel and subscribe leave at all mine again they
fall and keep on visiting out of websites why we keep on posting you free
themes free modules epilogue thank you

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  2. Thank you for your reply, I can still load all the information but just not the images. I did check and I have more than enough space. Thank you

  3. Thank you. Greeting from Malaysia. Will, you kind enough to teach me to (1) Change the default theme to other Journal theme (2) Disable the notification pop up. Thank you.

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  6. thanks. I have tested the IP address and some came back as (
    ISP: DataWeb Global Group B.V.
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