March 30, 2020
WINNING PRODUCTS FAST: The BEST Method To Find Winning Products for Shopify Dropshipping in 2020

WINNING PRODUCTS FAST: The BEST Method To Find Winning Products for Shopify Dropshipping in 2020

(Winning Products Shopify)In this video I’m gonna show you the fastest way to find winning Shopify products in 2020 and beyond I hope you had an amazing holidays an amazing Merry Christmas We’re gonna absolutely crush it So you can find the top products very quickly Faster than anybody else and the way that I find my top winning products that you enjoy here on my channel Let’s find out. Hey, it’s Raphael Cintron here before we find out the fastest way to find winning products I want to remind you that in 2020. I’m doing a special sport giveaway a full Fully built out store that’s ready to start getting sales start getting traffic making you money if you want to be part of that giveaway And eventually win that giveaway make sure to comment down below Automate automate. We teach people how to automate their businesses Go ahead and comment automate down below subscribe hit that notification bell and that like button and I’ll choose a winner in the next two weeks and Lasting we’ve opened up more spots for my mentoring group If you want to get mentored directly by me and my team and know all the in-depth strategies Make sure to apply by going to that second link Second link down in the description and schedule a strategy session with Urmi or somebody in my team will guide you through the entire strategy That you need to start getting sales and also tell you a little bit more about the program So go ahead and schedule strategy session. Alright here We have an awesome list of winning products right here a product research list with a product name advertising an example So a competitor or a potential Facebook ad that we can look at and say, okay Maybe we right the angle this way maybe the video has to look this way because this is the person that’s Actively selling the product that we’re finding and also supplier link from Aliexpress obviously you would need this in order to fulfill your product to get the product from the Manufacturer what I recommend is you use a drop shipping fulfillment service at all times in 2020 You should be using other services. You shouldn’t be dropping straight from Aliexpress or just using uber though. You should be using some Alternatives or getting your own private agent that can shoot in less than ten or twelve days So here we have one list We got it through this method and then we have another list which was the top 20 Products that I gave out on the past Monday a couple of days ago and these products are the exact same thing We got the product name face cat examples here. I’ve haven’t put all the supplier links We found all of this with the method that I’m going to walk you through right now So what you’re going to do essentially go to upwork right here and you can see this my dashboard here It’s my client logging or one of the logins that I have for this particular case study or for teaching students You have decade hub EECOM and in my postings here You can see product researcher for Shopify drop shipping store Three people hired out of ten people that have applied for their job so I’ve essentially Got gone and created a job post on up work and all you have to do is pretty easy All I have to do is go to And there you can go and sign up for an account. It’s complete for free Everything is free and then you go on there and you post a job So what you go ahead is you top up or cake? This is the type of person that I’m looking for Maybe they’re in a specific location. Maybe you have specific English level or they charge a specific amount So you go and put short-term part-time work and then you put the name of the job post in this case. We’re gonna put product Researcher for Shopify store or Shopify dropshipping store, whatever you feel better If you don’t want to mention drop shipping if you do want to mention drop shipping Whatever you feel is best Then you click Next and then you’re gonna put all of the details of the job in this case and the one that we wrote Right here. We’re gonna go back and click on product researcher for Shopify drop shipping store if we click on View job post You’re gonna see exactly what we did. So for example right here We’re looking for a product research specialist who can help us find products for a Shopify drop shipping store pretty straightforward What they have to do if they want this job then this is our store So we show them what this store actually looks like the job includes looking for products and Aliexpress and searching for trending items Learning from our own product research strategies this one you can either give them Product research strategies for them to learn a little bit or find somebody that’s already trained So if you want somebody that already knows about product research that does that on a daily basis already has all the strategies everything that they need you can also highlight that on the job post and I’ll show you how to find Those subs people that are super skilled at it and then it says, you know We can basically teach you everything to become efficient and then finding competitors over products to get ideas from marketing let us know if you’re interested and give us your skype name and then Something else that I like to add to my job post. Let me know you read everything by writing winner on our application Talk soon. Then I talk about the job details how long it is I’m looking for freelancers with the lowest rates in this case You want somebody that will finish you a product list? For example for a product list like the top 20 products if we find something like this Although not all these products were found by a freelancer themselves. I found from our internal team So the people that I’ve actually trained found these products not somebody out there that we found usually a list of around 10 products will cost you forty to sixty dollars or so you can get it for less if the person is not super experienced or you can pay up to a hundred dollars is the Person, it is super experienced super good, but it’s worth it. It’s better than wasting a ton of hours Just spending looking for prior research tools and doing everything yourself. So the lowest you’ll pay is around thirty to forty dollars So you’ll expect to pay thirty bucks For a full product research list with everything supply relating Spacek at examples and everything You need to get actually started with your job Then you can also put the preferred Qualifications here what English level you want how much they’ve earned on the platform and so on? Once you post your job you can also invite Freelancers usually upward doesn’t give you that grade of suggestions here. Just that’s like eBay Market research doesn’t make much sense high-end product descriptions store manager, okay what I would do is actually go and type into up work product research and also a really good one to do is Amazon product research so if you go ahead and type in our Network, let’s look at product research and then we can type in location highly recommend you go with the Philippines every single Person that we’ve hired for product research has been through the Philippines and they’re amazing at it They spend so so much work on it, and they’re used to working for Shopify stories again And again and again so really good at it web research Amazon expert web research web research Let’s see if we find product research right here. So it says inventory management data entry product researcher lister Yeah, this is actually a great one product. We sir. We’re out of research Four thousand dollars earned in the past six months twelve hours twelve dollars per hour Yeah, this one actually looks really good. And then what you can do when you find a good fit for example, like her well If we type in Amazon product research Like I have it here already the people that are doing Amazon product research They actively spend like four five in ten hours per day looking for products again and again and again That’s a little bit more about how the Amazon business works You need to be consistently uploading products and listing products and finding new products instead of testing them one by one so there used to handling a huge amount of products again and again So hiring somebody for that we can look at Philippines right here and we can try to find somebody that’s an expert at it Let’s see, I’m some product research Philippines. We’re not finding that many right now They’re just saying like lead generation, which we don’t want property management Not the kind of person we want here the same person. So this one actually matzah Ressa See this one seems really good. She’s done pot of research What I couldn’t do is go and invite her to my job and then put product researcher. Hey MA Teressa We’d like to invite you to your job and then just put Raphael here Please submit a proposal if you’re available send invitation and we can invite her toward job Once we have the people that have applied toward job here We can click on my jobs and then go back to our job post. You will see them under the review proposal section So here we’ll see all the people that want to actually research products for you. Yeah one here from Panama Second one from India and these ones that they’re all pretty good like this one is a rising talent So it means they’re coming up on the platform. Then you have 90 percent. Ninety two percent 100 percent eighty two percent I wouldn’t really take them. I would go 85 and above And in this case, we have Shopify expert product research 90 percent 3k earned from the Philippines This one looks like a good one So the one that we actually hired applied for the job then we went and hired her So here you can see all the hires and it was this one Sharon right here So you can go to the particular profile and see how much she’s earned So for example in the past six months She’s earned a thousand two hundred which is pretty good and here you can see your your team hired Sharon for the job on December 9th 2019 and if we go into her contract right here with Sharon You can basically control what she’s doing view contract and then see everything that she’s working on the platform. She’s an amazing fit She’s 100% job success on the platform So finding somebody like this is a huge asset to your team And she basically gets us a product list from 30 to 35 dollars a full list of 10 products with advertising Examples and everything that we need to actually start getting sales if you find somebody like that make sure to train them Long term they can be your product research asset forever. I had one student for example every single week He gets a new product list from his product researcher from twenty-five dollars every single week He gets a whole new list of products and that keeps you fresh It keeps you learning and it also gives you better Ideas for new products to test new products to add to your store and new products to upsell to your current customers So if you want to find the best types of products in 2020 highly recommend you go and hire somebody not, you know Get like ten different pot of research tools or just spend hundreds of hours looking at YouTube videos or looking at this strategy or this strategy just hire somebody that does that on a daily basis and there’s an Absolute expert at it and now to end this video on a nice note if you want this list of products down here I’m not really gonna leave it down in the description below So if you want all the products that we have here that we got for Our virtual assistant you can get them for yourself and start advertising them and check and see If they’re good for your store, you can go ahead and check the link in the description. I’m gonna be dropping it right there So you can crush 2020 and beyond and like I said if you want the opportunity to work directly with Me and my team to take your store to the absolute next level in 2020 make sure to click that second link in the description and schedule a free strategy session with either me or Somebody my team will take you to the exact things that you need to take your store to the next level and automate your business Show you how to hire people and do it properly so you don’t have to work on your business too much and actually automate it systemize it and grow it to the next level and if you want to learn the top 20 winning products that you need to sell in 2020 if you want to make sure that you get the best results possible Make sure to check the video right there the first link in the description it’s a full free Shopify course I prepared for you check that video right here the first thing in the description happy new year and Amazing Holidays to you and your family. Thank you so much for 20,000 subscribers. It’s amazing Make sure to comment automate down below for a special store giveaway that I did for 20,000 and like the video down below and schedule a strategy session. I will see you in the next one

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