February 20, 2020
Why Your “Online Businesses” Keep Failing – AskDan

Why Your “Online Businesses” Keep Failing – AskDan

Hey Dan here in this video is for you if
you or someone you care about has been struggling to make it as an entrepreneur
perhaps way too many of the advertisements you see on Instagram or
somewhere are for passive income or great business opportunities in this
video I’m gonna answer a question from a viewer but I also want to explain the
difference between business opportunities which is not a good thing
even though the word sounds like a really positive opportunity and real
business training and explain what you can look out for if you are trying to
take some kind of online course or just generally create a business that allows
you to have a better lifestyle so the email came from Steve and he says I’ve
had five traditional businesses then years ago I fell into the multi-level
marketing trap which I have a video about finally got out of that after
losing my marriage home etc then I started day trading man I love to trade
but very hard to make consistent money in trading now I’m looking at affiliate
marketing but seems to me and looks like everyone and their dogs are doing it
I’ve also looked at writing etc like you but I’m not a writer probably not good
to become a writer if you’re not good at writing I also tried wealthy affiliate
but they are also just a cleverly disguised multi-level marketing and
recruiting deal I really want a real business but I want to have it online so
it can be done anywhere and give me a worldwide audience the closest to
businesses I found are trading and affiliate marketing because they require
no traditional business headaches like employees overhead inventory etc do you
ever go over great business ideas I really dream of a business that will
help me be free that is an awesome question I do not think you are alone
Steve there are some red flags in your email which is what inspired me to make
the video response because I see this a lot first I won’t say your email but
your email includes the word passive as if you have a separate email account
setup for trying to get passive income or something like this there’s also the
clear trend I mean lost seems like almost everything
getting into this multi-level marketing and going really deep in it and this I
told you in my email that I would respond and it might not be pleasant but
it would be the truth in my experience people who go really deep in multi-level
marketing their way of thinking has some serious flaws which can be fixed but it
takes a serious readjustment and some education I know this guy back in
Vancouver and he went deep into the multi-level marketing and then I cut off
the friendship because it was ridiculous and then every six months or a year he’d
come to me and tell me how we realized he made such a mistake and he wasn’t
into that anymore and then he pitched me on another multi-level marketing scam
that this time wasn’t one and I really think he believed it wasn’t and when I
see what you’ve then tried to do with businesses online trading and affiliate
marketing my hunch is you weren’t sitting around your house thinking how
can I add value to the world how can I make a business I’d be passionate about
you were googling I’m guessing how to make money online how to make passive
income how do I have a freedom business and this kind of BS and the truth is
when you go down that route you don’t find how you can create a unique
business you get sold on business opportunities and that’s really the
theme of this video the difference between business opportunities as it is
like a marketing niche and actually creating a business of value so within
the marketing and copyright world there’s different niches that people
specialize in marketing you have things like personal development health and
wellness and one is specifically called the business opportunity nice and people
who sell in this niche often sell a variety of business opportunities it’s
not like they’re an expert in one thing they become really good and that’s the
only thing they ever sell it’s a niche and truthfully if you heard the way
copywriters and marketers talked about the audience in this niche you would
probably be a little disgusted and offended this is a niche where you sell
an opportunity it’s not business training this is very
different I’m a big proponent of business training I have courses that
teach you how to deal with clients how to become a better writer how to do
sales meetings that’s education and training business opportunity telling
you in many cases it doesn’t matter what experience you have it doesn’t matter
what your education is this is an opportunity and generally they’re
selling based on terms like passive income work online they often throw
around a lot of income claims you know we can’t promise this will happen to
everyone but Chris over here just made $80,000 in his third month and if you
sign up today that could be you in many cases the people behind business
opportunities have had success in that area perhaps they did create a business
on Amazon or were affiliate marketers and had success and then they’re
teaching their system for that in many cases they haven’t I was in an online
mastermind group for entrepreneurs and one of the guys in it definitely fell
into the sleazy affiliate market or mindset which is one of the reasons that
I moved away from that group and he was talking about making a Forex for an
exchange trading business opportunity course teaching people how to do Forex
and selling that and he’d never done it himself and he’s like I’ll Google some
things I don’t make a course and charge people two thousand dollars this is very
common and so the people behind business opportunities in many cases don’t see
humans as humans I’m not gonna speculate what their personality types would be
but they’re usually not the most social caring loving people they’re very
numbers driven with very little sense of morals it did not appear weird to this
guy to sell a training on something he’d never had success in to make money once
we all pointed out to him how messed up that was he kind of backed down but my
hunch is he’s doing something like that right now he backed down because he
realized socially it wasn’t acceptable to do and he’s probably doing it in
secret somewhere so a few of the red flags that something is specifically a
business opportunity I mentioned big income claims if a lot of what they sell
it on is on the income or lifestyle you can have
the claim that you don’t need any skill or a specific background or something
like anyone can do it now the really smart marketers will actually put things
in like not everyone can do this you have to be able to turn on a laptop and
they’ll actually put in some serious things though to try to make it appear
like it’s not this because marketers get more and more advanced and they find
ways to not seem like the scam that they had a few years ago and that this is
something different or whatever and the last thing is that there’s always a
sense of urgency like you’re gonna miss out on this opportunity or they talk
about how big the market is so maybe someone promoting a course on how you
can make money on Amazon they’ll talk about how big Amazon is and Amazon’s a
trillion dollar company and every day a billion dollars the business is done and
if you just get a tiny slice of that so often talking about this opportunity how
big it is and how there isn’t a lot of time for it I can tell you since I used
to be a copywriter and I saw behind the scenes on a lot of this stuff and some
of the training and documents for the copywriting is that the people marketing
in this usually know that people buying business opportunity programs have
bought many in the past and have failed it’s not a surprise to me that you
bought an affiliate marketing course trading courses and probably some other
courses as well in many many cases the marketers are aware that they’re
reselling to people who buy maybe one or two of these programs often they’re
people with jobs who in theory want to quit and have some extra income so
they’re buying a course on how to make money this way or that way and it’s a
way to feel like they’re taking action but they’re really not doing anything in
some of these cases the training can be really good I know they were training
programs out there where the training is actually really good and the people
behind it have had success in that niche so it’s not to say that across-the-board
this is all BS but if you’re looking at any kind of business opportunity thing
you have to ask yourself a few important questions to see if it’s more of a scam
or pipe dream for you or if it’s something really legitimate first off is
what is the real value proposition here like am I at what am i doing to generate
value to give to someone else how am I making
if you can’t figure out why you’re getting paid then there’s probably
something weird going on the next thing is what strength or skill do I bring to
this that would make me special I think about it if there’s a course that
everyone can buy for five hundred dollars and it teaches you how to make a
six figure income passively whatever well then everyone would do it and
that’s probably not the case right and if a lot of people do it like let’s say
for instance having an Amazon business selling products on Amazon right I’m
using that as an example in truthfully as business opportunities go that’s
probably the most legitimate one in like the business opportunity where lots of
people do make a good money and build a successful Amazon business but the thing
is is you have to ask yourself okay if tens of thousands of people are getting
into this opportunity what can I do that makes me better than that
like if you’re all following the same tutorials and the same done-for-you
systems and step-by-step program how are you going to make more than these people
and what tends to happen is you have a race to the bottom so maybe there was a
great opportunity someone got in early when something was really like easy
cheap whatever it was they made a bunch of money and then the market gets more
and more difficult as it matures this is what happens in economies everywhere and
if there’s a good opportunity and it’s easy to make money more people get
involved it then becomes more difficult to make money and only the strong
survive so if you want to get into something in a mature market and hints
buy time someone is teaching you a course on how to make money in something
it’s probably already peaked in terms of the easy stage right there’s probably
not like just starting to blow up now when they’re making the course so if
you’re competing in a mature market you have to ask yourself how can I compete
in this market like do what am I really good with analytics and math and my a
great marketer and my great product designer what do I bring here if you’re
not bringing anything unique to the table guess what you’re one of the 99
out of 100 suckers who’s just paying for the course and going to race to the
bottom you’re gonna blow money on the course you’re gonna blow money on trying
to make the business work and nothing will really happen because you don’t
have anything unique to build a real business and this brings me full circle
to ultimately how do you determine if
something is a legitimate business if it’s something you should be doing which
is is there a real opportunity here that you could explain to a five-year-old one
what is it – why would people give you money and three why you are better than
95% of people and can succeed in that area if you can’t answer those questions
you should not be getting involved now I’m being very general here but I would
say that generally if you don’t bring something unique to the table in terms
of the offer then it’s probably a race to the bottom type business or just
something that fully won’t work now speaking really generally here the
easier it is to get into something like affiliate marketing or drop shipping
usually the harder it is to actually make a sustainable income and even if
you do peak for a little bit and make a few thousand bucks or even ten thousand
dollars in one month you’ll probably crash out sooner than later
because you don’t have anything unique you’re offering a drop shipping business
is where you find a supplier who sells their stuff to anyone and basically you
market their products and they ship it for you well if you start making money
there’s gonna be people who see that who copy you who do the same thing and
you’re not going to be able to have some kind of unique spot in the market same
with affiliate marketing you’re just promoting someone else’s product so the
way I always try to think of businesses is what can I do where I have a
sustainable business that could go years from now where can I work where I have a
unique offer and in my case like stay with what I’m doing now it’s my
personality maybe my knowledge if I have some of that it’s like no one can come
on YouTube and be like hi I’m Dan right and I think I’m really giving value here
whereas if you’re a drop shipping a product if you’re affiliate marketing if
you’re doing all these things you’re not really offering any unique value to
anyone you can be duplicated super-easy and you’re ultimately not building
anything sustainable and there’s a reason why in different entrepreneurial
circles I’ve been in and meetup groups and things like that often the people
who are in the dropshipping affiliate marketing forex trading either they’re
really sleazy kind of high IQ people who actually do make good money at it but
they’re the ones who are like 26 years old
don’t care about anyone but themselves and are cut out for it like that’s their
thing sadly to say or which is the majority of people they’re not making
any money and they’re bouncing around from all these things like oh I did
affiliate marketing for four months and Forex for six months and drop shipping
and they’re not really making any money because buying the course from the
sociopathic 26 year old on how to do it who really doesn’t care if they succeed
and in fact doesn’t really want them to succeed because that would be more
competition thank you for putting up with this video I have to admit when I
started filming I thought it would be a little more structured I think there is
some nuggets of wisdom there I hope I hope that you found this at least a
little I openin in terms of looking at entrepreneurship opportunities again if
it you can’t explain it to a six-year-old why it makes sense why
you’ll be good at it and why it could be a business for five to ten years then
probably not something you should do thank you for watching my name is Dan
missus dreams around the world and my mission is to help you become the best
version of yourself all while creating the most awesome life possible for you
and those you love hit subscribe hit the bell and I will catch you in the next
video soon. Thanks for watching!

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  1. Wow this could've just saved my life 😅. Thank you so much for your golden nuggets, Dan – you're honestly brilliant

  2. This is off topic but I was wondering if you could offer some advice or maybe do a video on tips for how to help an ENFP significant other out of a rut caused by setbacks?

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