January 18, 2020
Why Your Business Needs an Immersive Commerce Strategy

Why Your Business Needs an Immersive Commerce Strategy

So as a retailer today, one of the most
important thoughts in the conversation that we shared with you is you don’t
necessarily have to be on every single marketplace platform that’s out there,
but you do need a strategy. You need a Marketplace Strategy that’s going to
inform the decisions that you make on where you’re going to sell your goods
and your products within multiple environments, where the consumers are
shopping today because if you don’t those dot-coms or those retailers back in
the dot-com era that didn’t build-out their e-comm capability were all left
behind. This is a trend that we can’t argue with. We see the data every single
day. We all have access to the same information. We see what’s happening in
traditional mall traffic and brick-and-mortar traffic. We see that
e-comm has sort of hit its plateau, although it continues to grow a little
bit. The growth and the replacement of those display sales are going to occur in environments that reside outside of your brand name.

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