April 1, 2020
Why Yelp is Important for Your Business – Expert Yelp Advertising Partner Ralph Carrasco

Why Yelp is Important for Your Business – Expert Yelp Advertising Partner Ralph Carrasco

– All right, so in today’s episode, we are going to be talking
about why Yelp is so important for the growth and
development of your business, and how it can create a positive, yes that’s right, a positive impact on your revenue flow,
and your profit margin. (wind whooshing) (electronic beeping) (wind whooshing) All right everybody, make sure you hit that subscribe button down below, as well as tap the bell, that way you’re notified
every time I drop a new video. Well, my name’s Ralph Carrasco, and I am the founder
of Carrasco Consulting, a Yelp Certified advertising
partner, since 2017. And by the way, I’ve been
studying Yelp since 2010, when I exited the United States Navy, and purchased my first franchise. All right, let’s get into it. So, I know, why Yelp is so
important on a positive level, and how it can generate immense revenue and profits for your business. Let me tell you right now, this is the largest nugget
that I can give you, and hopefully this will
help with your mindset with regards to Yelp, all right. Yelp was established in 20, or 2004, okay. So in 2019, Yelp actually
celebrated their 15th anniversary. Making them OGs in the game, right up there with LinkedIn, Facebook, and numerous other platforms. So, the number one nugget
that I can give you though, to help you change your mindset is that Yelp is a research
tool for consumers. They don’t need a profile to look at it. They don’t need a profile
to find information about your business. They don’t need a profile
to look at your photos, read your reviews, look at comments that other people have posted about you, to look at the questions
that other people have posed about your question. They use it as a research tool. And even though people use
it to find local businesses, a majority of them are
not leaving reviews, unless of course it’s polarized, where they had either an
amazing experience with you, or they had a negative one with you. But what I will say is that Yelp is the number one influencer
in the online directory space, outbeating Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor, OpenTable, Angie’s List, Thumbtack, as well as for the
lawyers out there, Avvo, crushes Avvo, I don’t
even, I mean like, anyway. So the other major component is is that when people are
looking for goods and services, as well as service providers on Yelp, 90% of the people that
are searching on Yelp will choose a service provider
within one week, all right. 50% of the people out there
will choose a service provider within and or the same day. Same day. So that’s why I said that
it’s a research tool, and if your profile isn’t optimized, and it doesn’t look nice, you’re gonna get passed up. And if you’re paying for ads, well that’s a whole ‘nother story. But the other component is is that 93% of the people that are on Yelp are also comparing
against other businesses. Now, you’re gonna probably lose out if you’re a four or a
three and 1/2 star option, and there’s a five star
counterpart provider in your area. Bottom line, that’s just the way it is. Because the human mind is wired to where they are not going to choose a harsher circumstance,
when they feel as though they could have a better
outcome at another place. Right now, all right everybody, so we’re gonna get into it. My five core reasons, five core reasons why Yelp is so important
for your business, and how it can help
you grow your revenues, and your profits, all right. Reason number one, I
said it a little bit ago when I was giving out the
statistics about Yelp, it is the number one
online directory, okay. It is the number one online directory. And I say that because it does. So here’s something that I tell my clients when we’re getting ready to speak, and we’re doing our discovery call, is your Google page is important. Your Google My Business
page is super important, and I hope that you have that dialed in. Check out some other
videos that are out there. Crucial, and it’s huge for the success, because Google owns 80% of the internet, and 80% of that traffic
is from a mobile device. And from that point, Yelp has
systematically, since 2004, been ensuring through organic SEO reach, that their listings generally come up number one or number two,
when people are looking for a specific business. So that’s why you wanna make sure that your Yelp profile, as
well as your Google My Business is dialed in, and looking beautiful, ‘kay. But that’s the thing,
people don’t just look at the Google My Business,
’cause it’s so new. They also look maybe
at your Facebook page. And if you don’t have
hard hitting information filled out there, you’re gonna lose ’em. TripAdvisor, (laughing), OpenTable, eh. Thumbtack, Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor, like I said earlier,
Avvo, for the lawyers. Straight up, those
people on those platforms are looking for a specific contractor, or individual to help them, but they use those platforms when they have a specific mindset. Yelp is the number one online directory, because people use it for everything. They use it to find a pizza restaurant, which by the way is the most
searched category on Yelp. They look for a good restaurant, they look for a plumber, an HVAC person, a landscaper, a tree
trimmer, an autobody shop, an auto dealership, a
lawyer, criminal defense, a family law, I mean the
list goes on and on and on. An event caterer. There are so many different
categories on Yelp, people look for those
specifics all the time. So it’s just wired in their head, oh, lemme check Yelp
before I go even further. It’s ingrained into pop culture. It’s ingrained into fiction. It’s ingrained into
television shows, and movies. It’s crazy, Yelp is the
number one online directory. It is the new Yellow Pages,
which crap by the way. But anyways, they’re dialed it in, right? Okay, number two, Yelp
has, from 95 million to 100 million unique users
on the platform every month. Okay, the United States has 327 million people
in our borders, right? That’s the census, citizen numbers, and with Yelp having 95
million to 100 million people a month on the platform, that’s huge. That’s like a third of
the U.S. adult population, ready to go, on there, ready to consume, ready to shop, and ready to buy. The other component, we have
a generation of individuals that have only grown up
with this in their face. This accounts for 80% of search on Google, this accounts for 80% of
search statistically on Yelp, and they have grown up
with this in their face. All of the kids that were born in 2000, remember Y2K, huh, ooh,
world’s gonna end, Y2K. All of those kids born that year are now 20. They’re 20 this next year. And they own, and they are part of the economic buying force. And so Yelp started in 2004, they’ve probably grown up with
people talking about Yelp, they’ve grown up finding things on Yelp, they’ve grown up just using
the platform as a whole, and in the next 10 to 20 years, Yelp is going to continue to be utilized by those individuals, as well as, here we go, 60% of Yelp
users are over the age of 35, with a disposable income of over $100,000 a year, just sayin’. People wanna make sure that they’re having a positive experience, and
that’s why they go to Yelp. It’s a research tool. All right, reason number three, Yelp is integrated into Apple, Amazon, AOL, Yahoo, Bing, MapQuest,
and so many other platforms. So all of you Apple users, every time you’re like, “Hey
Siri, find me a chiropractor.” “Hey Siri, find me,” It’s all Yelp data, and
if you wanna try this after the video, speak into
your phone, “Hey Siri,” and you’ll see a list, and down at the bottom right hand corner, it’ll say, “On Yelp.” So, as well as Apple Maps. All of that information
is pulled from Yelp. Amazon Alexa, all of the voice features that she’s giving back to you, as far as like search queries, it’s all Yelp data. Again, same with Yahoo, same with Bing, AOL, MapQuest, these
organizations have had a hard time with their local data, so they look, they turned to the juggernaut. The turned to the giant,
who’s 15, OGs in the game. They turned to them, because
they have the strongest, and most stringent standards possible. So again, that’s another reason why every time, so you have to consider, like you think oh Yelp’s not important, my Yelp profile’s not important, well, look at how many people
are using just Apple products. And know that every time
they’re searching for something, if your profile isn’t looking nice, you’re gonna get passed up. All right, reason number four, Yelp has 90% market
share with Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. What that really means, and I might’ve miss said that for you, but the component is
is they are integrated into each and every
one of those platforms. Again, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, really the only phones that
they’re not preloaded into are the Google phones,
for obvious reasons. And again (laughing) you
can do your research, but they don’t really like each other. You have to really understand though, that with the combination of having the cell phone providers, as well as having the platform users, Yelp is a huge influencer in people in their decision making process, and helping people find service providers. Again, I said it before,
I gonna say it again, Yelp is a research tool. Stop getting wrapped around the axle about your crappy reviews,
and how you think Yelp is trying to screw you over, they’re not. They don’t care about singling you out. That’s not what they’re doing. They wanna help the consumer have the best experience possible, and they do that by bringing the most relevant information possible, with their stringent AI platform, as well as through the
products and services that they offer. And reason number five, booyah, Yelp is integrated into your new vehicle infotainment system. ‘Kay, like the Mercedes, the BMW, the Toyotas, the Hondas,
the Shag-uars, Jaguars, the Volvo, all of those vehicles, you know how you have
like the touch screen where you can enter where you wanna go? All of that data that is
being delivered to you, is all Yelp data. So when you’re in your vehicle, and you’re searching for,
you do a voice search, again, it’s all Yelp data,
especially if you’re in what? Apple Car Play, and your
asking Siri for some data, as to where you wanna go
when you’re driving around, again, all Yelp data. So, again, Yelp is important. It’s more than just reviews. Yelp is doing its best to bring the most relevant
information possible to the consumer, and they wanna make sure
that their standards are upheld to the highest degree, so then that way they’re
continued to be trusted. Again, if they’re bringing
the most relevant, and most concrete information
possible, to the consumer, the consumer continues
to love the platform, uses the platform, and
keeps the platform going. So, if you have questions
about your Yelp profile, you’d like to take it to the next level, there’s a link below, you can go ahead and set up a discovery call with us, and let’s see how we
can get you dialed in, so then that way you can move forward. I hope this information
has been helpful for you, as well as impactful, as well as possibly changing your
mindset about the platform. There’s a lot that goes into the decision making process of a human. Over the last 10 years, I’ve
really been studying that. I actually got my degree in
human resource development, so I’ve really been studying
humans for a really long time, from an organic level, to a paid level, to a service provider level, to just being a better human. There’s certain key
triggers that are important, and influential to people. So I wanted to bring
this information to you, I look forward to sharing more with you, and again, if you’d like to have some help with your Yelp for
Business Owners profile, click the link below, in
the information section, and we can get you dialed
in with that discovery call. Looking forward to talking to you soon, I appreciate the time
that you’ve given me, and I know, and I hope that
it’s been helpful for you. Talk to you soon, bye now.

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