April 1, 2020
Why Should You Choose Magento as Your eCommerce Platform?

Why Should You Choose Magento as Your eCommerce Platform?

Although we work across a wide variety of eCommerce platforms, Magento is a platform which businesses are responding very well to. These are the following reasons which we think Magento really works well for businesses, big or small. First – since it’s backed by eBay, they are supporting the world of eCommerce aggressively. The migration capabilities of Magento is making it easier for businesses to migrate than ever before. Integrations – “How does Magento integrate with my third party applications?” Because Magento is so popular, most of the third party applications have modules which support the shopping cart. Next, they have a large developer community. Which means if you’re stuck, if you have issues, if you’re trying to do some customizations – there’s a whole lot of people whom you can ask for support. It’s highly scalable and flexible. They come out with updates on a regular basis. There are a lot of plug and play modules, which you can use. Multi-store – It has built-in multi-store capabilities, so as your business expands or your goals change, you can easily diversify your single site or run multiple stores out of a single domain. B2B – Magento, by default, has a lot of B2B features which are built in to the system, so that you can easily change your business or diversify into a different market, from B2C to B2B, without making significant changes to the code. Marketing – Marketing is the fuel of an eCommerce site, and Magento is doing an excellent job or what businesses need to compete in the online search arena. Our experience as developers – we see that customers are really satisfied with this platform, which is really helping businesses achieve their goals.

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