April 1, 2020
Why should I choose Shopit? – 30 day free trial available now

Why should I choose Shopit? – 30 day free trial available now

think about your day for a moment you
only pay for the important things you consume as and when you consume them.
Things like your food and drink, your electricity around the home and at work,
and you only fill the car up when you need to. So why should your business be
any different? You see – whether you’re a small growing or large online business –
you’re going to learn that Shopit is the right ecommerce software for you.
Why? Because other platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce limit you to the
features you can afford, whereas Shopit gives you everything you need to go
stratospheric. We give you absolutely everything you need to run your
e-commerce stores – product, order and customer management, as well as loads of
powerful marketing and reporting features. Shopit gives you the ability
to manage multiple branded websites across multiple marketplaces and in
multiple languages, and unlike linnworks, Shopify and virtually everyone else – we
don’t charge by the user. Just go ahead and grow! And what’s more Shopit is
built on the greatest network infrastructure in the world – Google Cloud
Platform – hosts to the biggest names on the web today. But the best thing?
Shopit is a Pay as you Grow platform meaning you only pay for it as you use
it. It”s kind of like a car – except there’s no rental agreements – you just
pay for the petrol. So if you want to eradicate your fixed upfront costs and
focus on the sales and marketing that will take your company skywards – there’s
really only one choice

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