January 18, 2020
Why Sell on Etsy?

Why Sell on Etsy?

I was first attracted to Etsy
because of the community. I had artist friends
who were on the platform and loved it. I knew that I wanted to use Etsy
because it was a place that I was already shopping
and familiar with. I felt like it was a great channel
for artists who create a custom product to be able to reach
a wide range of customers who are looking for something specific
and handmade. And it was just easier to use. Instantly when you place your order,
you and I are in contact. We’re going to talk about your pet, I’m going to tell you how adorable he is, and we’re going to get to have
a personal relationship. And immediately
when I went in and started, like, “What should my shop name be,”
I went to the forums. Engage with your fellow artists
and shop owners. Other sellers will help you,
and we all help each other figure out your correct pricing,
your descriptions, your photos–you name it. For me, it started out
being the community such an awesome thing. And now, as a full-time seller,
the things that I appreciate are the analytics and the stats
and the shipping. I know that I can go put
all of my information in, a label prints, I stick it on,
and I can ship it out and forget about it. But I know that Etsy is going to send
that confirmation email, the buyer is going to get
the tracking info. The tools involved are invaluable. I use the stats probably weekly because it’s a great way to see
where your traffic is coming from. One great story that I have is
when I was browsing my stats, I saw a link that I was not familiar with. And when I went to investigate I saw that my candle was featured
on a major publication. So without Etsy stats I would have
never known this was happening, so it’s a great feature
that I keep coming back to. I love the review system within Etsy. I love that customers
are able to provide their feedback to make other customers
feel more comfortable with the buying experience, where you can feel like
you are confident in what you are buying because you are speaking directly
with the creator. If I had to give advice to someone
who was just starting on Etsy, I would say… …stay true to yourself. Everyone can put out
what’s weird or different about them and it’s celebrated. Because you’re the only person
that can make your product. Don’t be afraid
to put yourself out there, that is the hardest part. But once you’re there… …all of that comes together
when you just start doing it. When I finally made my first sale on Etsy, hearing that cha-ching sound
really excited me. And even after four years on the platform,
I still get excited. And I still do a happy dance,
a literal stand up and dance, every time I hear that little cha-ching! And it motivates me
to keep creating and just keep growing with Etsy. There’s nothing better
to make an income off of something that you’ve put your hard work into. ♪ (music) ♪

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