April 9, 2020
Why SaleCycle? | Ask Our Clients

Why SaleCycle? | Ask Our Clients

The SaleCycle service, in my
opinion, has been excellent. So with the launch,
even though this is quite a technical
solution, I’m not a technical person at all. And getting it
implemented on the site was so easy because
SaleCycle have the ability to take something that
was really technical and put it in really basic
language for me to understand. So the ease of
implementation was fantastic. It’s literally just tell
them what you want to do. They come back to you
within a couple of weeks and you got your
emails retargeting. So it’s very easy
and great results. They just completely
solved the problem for us, and it took about
three or four weeks to get from the
start of conversation to getting up and running. So it was perfect. Considering we’d been trying
to do it ourselves for a year and failing, it was great. It’s not constantly
me phoning up saying, I want you to improve this. I want you to improve that. It’s our account management team
at SaleCycle coming back to us and saying, hey. We’ve looked at your results. We think we can do this. And that two-way
conversation combined with that speed flexibility
is really key for us. It takes a huge amount
of work off my case. So before, this
was a manual tool that we had to go in
and update, and it would take me ages to
actually get anything updated. Whereas with SaleCycle, it just
happily runs in the background. I don’t need to worry. I just have to sit back and
watch the sales come in, which makes me look great, for a tool
that works so well for very little work on my behalf. I think it’s really easy
to use, the platform. I love the platform. A lot of companies
you work with, agencies, you can kind of
get reports and things, but you don’t see it
on a day-to-day basis, but just having that
access to the platform, being able to see oh, that’s
how many people have abandoned. That’s how many
emails have been sent, and how many sales
have been recaptured. It’s just amazing to
have that right that right there. It’s what I love about it. The commercials
speak for themselves from our point of view. The account team
that you receive will be there to hold your
hand every step of the way. I just think it’s a great
solution to something that most businesses,
most retailers want to do. So I definitely recommend them. That wasn’t as
painful as I thought.

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