April 1, 2020
Why RCS Is About Small Businesses & Conversational Commerce

Why RCS Is About Small Businesses & Conversational Commerce

Eddie: RCS is not about my 20,000 brands, my 250
of the largest businesses. It’s not. It’s about Doug Dry Cleaning. I’ll give you a great example. I was talking to a very good friend of mine
in a foreign country who runs the messaging business for that carrier. He only has a million subscribers, and it’s
a very, very wealthy country, and he’s like, “Ed, I’m not worried about my international
traffic moving to RCS. I want my 15,000 local businesses that are
sitting in this city to be able to communicate with their customers via RCS.” Think about that. I have 20,000 brands, he has 15,000 brands
in a tiny country in the Middle East, tiny, just right there in this capital city, that
can receive the benefits of messaging with their consumers. Derek: It’s gonna be a huge boon to economies. Eddie: Exactly. It’s gonna be a revenue channel unlike anybody’s
ever seen. Because, if I can send a message to my dry
cleaning and go, “Hey, is my dry…” and they can send me back an RCS message with my ticket
and I can pay for it and all that. It’s all about conversational commerce, which
is why I’m here at LivePerson. I have been involved with Tyntec, I was on
the A2P side, P2P side, I know the business, aggregation, and hubbing and all that. That’s great, but it’s literally, I’ve been
a big, huge supporter of RCS for the last three years when I was asked to take on a
leadership position within the GSMA Leadership council on RCS. And I literally told Jill Cooper she was crazy
and it was gonna go nowhere. And then… Derek: Jill is gonna love this video. Eddie: No, no. She knows. I tell the story all the time. That she was crazy when she called me up when
I was at Tyntec, and then within three months I was drinking the Koolaid and completely
bought in.

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  1. Do you agree with Eddie DeCurtis that RCS is for small businesses, or do you believe that big brands will benefit the most from this new messaging protocol? Share your opinion with us in the comments section below.

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