April 1, 2020
Why Most Internet Marketing Gurus Suck – The Death of Information Products!

Why Most Internet Marketing Gurus Suck – The Death of Information Products!

– [Man Offscreen] Do you
see yourself going towards being a content creator,
how do you see yourself compared with people like
Brandon Burchard or– – Speak up a little. – [Man Offscreen] How do you see yourself compared with industry leaders such as Brandon Burchard and the like. – You mean like–
– Like, content creating. You create a content, you
package it, you deliver it, you gather your author, online
marketer, seminar leader. – I have a politically
correct answer to give you or I have the not so
politically answer to give you. (he laughs) – [Man Offscreen] That’s awesome. So mean. – So which one you wanna hear? – [Audience Member] Both. – Both? Both?
(someone talking in audience) Huh? – [Audience Member] Don’t sugarcoat it. – Don’t sugar, okay. I’ll give you the politically
correct answer first. – [Man Offscreen] Okay. – I think we’re all different. I know Brandon, I know a
lot of the other speakers. I think what they do
is great and they serve a certain section in the marketplace and I have the materials,
I buy everybody’s stuff. So I’ve learned from all of them. – [Man Offscreen] No, but my
question is do you see yourself wanting to go into that direction, though. Or are you more of a off the, behind the scene and just– – Running companies. – [Man Offscreen] Run a
company, do your stuff, just make money. – First of all, if you
have been to my website, if you actually go through my website. – [Man Offscreen] Yeah. – A lot of these guys, they learn from me. I’m behind the scenes, you can see all the top trainer speakers. World Champion Toastmasters learn from me. That’s number one. You’ll see all the
testimonials on my site. I was doing what they were
doing eight years ago. The products, the books,
the information products, packaging, I did all that shit years ago. And I got out of it three years ago. Now do you know why I got out of it? Take a guess! It’s just having a conversation. – [Audience Member] You
learned the whole thing? – No, no but why did I get out of it? And I’ve made millions, I mean millions at packaging information,
product launches, all this stuff. Why did I get out of it? – [Man Offscreen] Is it
because of real estate? – No. No. I got out of it because I
see the industry’s dying. – [Man Offscreen] From where? – The industry’s dying. – [Man Offscreen] Where
did you get that data? – From everybody that’s
in the same industry. Anyone that’s doing
event from 1000 people, 500, next year, 300. 100. Cost of acquiring customers
is getting higher. Internet basically killed that business. Because there’s so much
information for free. That’s called the information
marketing business, I know that, I get it. Yeah. So, that’s the problem with that. And I can see, and at one point
I was doing a lot of that. I was traveling the world
and was offering my training and all that, but two things bother me. Number one, people buy the information, what I notice, most people don’t use it. False or true? Yeah, they buy the information
and then they never use it. – [Man Offscreen] And refund it. – Maybe. But they never use it. That’s number one. Number two, number two and this
is not politically correct, I was sick and tired of
all those fucking gurus. ‘Cause most of them are fucking scams. Teaching you this, how to buy real estate. Real estate guy who’s teaching
how to buy real estate haven’t bought a fucking
real estate in his life. – [Man Offscreen] Yeah,
that’s very dangerous. – Okay.
– Now. – Guys who are teaching
how to invest in stocks, don’t buy stocks. They make money selling
you how to make money shit. – [Man Offscreen] Yeah. – So, I was sick and tired of that circle. So I’m like, fuck you guys, so I got out. That’s really the black not gray answer. I know a lot about the
industry, trust me on that. So, I got out. And I said, you know
what, I make my money, even when I was training,
90 percent of my income comes from doing what I teach. So then, I said, I’m better
off, I don’t wanna be associated with that circle. I just say, you know what, I’m
just gonna do my own thing, mind my own business
so now when I do teach, I do see myself as a thought
leader and a content creator. I don’t teach, I don’t charge my stuff. You guys know. All my stuff is free online. – [Man Offscreen] ‘Cause you don’t have a particular program, right? – I don’t. – [Man Offscreen] Maybe
in the future you will. – I will never have a program. – [Man Offscreen] No? – No, I’ll give all my stuff away. No. Why do this? No. I have one, actually I’m
gonna take one of mine, some of my programs from the past, I’m gonna upload to
YouTube, that I charged thousands of dollars for,
I’ll just upload to YouTube, it’s all free. That’s what I’m planning to
do, actually, next month. Because I don’t need to
make the fucking money from selling those type of shit. I make money growing my
companies and from my businesses. Does that make sense? – [Audience] Yeah. – That’s just my tool. That’s just my path. So they do what they do, which is great, I do what I do, which is also awesome. You don’t quite get it yet, I know. ‘Cause you don’t quite know the industry. – [Man Offscreen] Yeah, not that well. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – [Narrator] 10 times your finances. 10 times your business. 10 times your marketing. 10 times your life. Hit the subscribe button now!

23 thoughts on “Why Most Internet Marketing Gurus Suck – The Death of Information Products!

  1. Dan you're style is incredible. I love it !! You're exactly the type of guy I'd want to hang with. #Unplugged from the matrix

  2. Dan, most of your videos are general business advices. I don't know where to start.
    Do you have a step-by-step course on making money online?

  3. Dan truly has soooo much integrity!!!

    Yea, my pet peeve is also all those people advertising on YT selling their bullshit teaching other people how to bullshit … including that bunch of Australians, Steward something started that scheming network.

    There are more and more of this kind of scams now-a-days!

  4. Youtube is filled with people that get some type of success and then sell programs. This right here is 100% truth speaking.

  5. Dan…you are the realist entrepreneur I have ever seen man….I was hoping that one day a real business man sticks it to these scamin pieve of shits. But I have a question for you…so if I am selling info on how to do things and I am still actually doing the stuff I teach…is that okay from your view? or this whole info industry is dying out…

  6. If this guy isn't the realist of all the ppl in the game, then he must be the last of a dying breed. Stay true my friend and thank u for the tools to succed.

  7. Hello Mr. Lok,

    thank you so much for this video which I watched about 10 times by now.


    You made me think – really think deeply.

    Do I really do what suits me or am I following what everybody else is doing?

    First, I thought it were a profitable business to attract clients by providing a litte bit of free Content, get them on my list, try to sell some Kind of Information product for about 300$ and then upsell them later von 1000$+ product…


    I guess, it is neither real, nor profitable.

    You are right, Dan Lok!

    Offering amazing free Content, which others try to sell for Big money, is Kind of giving back and at the same time you sort out 99% of the people, who will never take Action.

    Even you pay them to do so, I guess.

    As I See it, it's about putting a Dent into the Universe by providing Value upfront (for free) and then offer personal help, like a pre-defined program with personal assistance, to make sure, to guide them when they struggle. Or in General: Coaching and Consulting.

    Like you said in one of your videos, climbing the Mount Everest and coming back alive with guidance, right?

    PS: Call me crazy, but I feel it's more worthwhile to put out stuff for free and only work with those high-committed clients on a high-ticket-sales-level.

    Best regards

  8. Where is all that videos that he sold for thousands that he was going to upload to youtube? Anyone got a link? 😜

  9. Just wonderful, I been tryin to find out about "instant paying affiliate programs" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried – Neyameron Xiydeline Method – (search on google ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my cousin got excellent success with it.

  10. Dan, I'm a big fan, but quite honestly confused. You said that you got out of the information marketing business but when I went to your site you have a bunch of Amazon books for sale. One of them is on how to create information products. If you aren't in the information marketing business, what business are you in? Is it just consulting? I do agree 100% that the information market is saturated and there's already tons of stuff already out there that are free. But anyway, love your videos and look forward to learning much from you. God Bless! By the way, I wrote about you in one of my blog posts. Here's the post if you want to see it: https://elmocopy.com/5-ways-to-outsmart-writers-block/

  11. Tenho raiva desses gurus da Internet que ficam só querendo te vender um curso pra vc ficar rico, e os besta ainda cai nessa,só ele que fica rico seus babacas.Ele só esta te iludindo kkkkkk.No existe formula magica ou vc nasce rico ou pobre e ponto final.O mundo é de quem é mais experto pra passa a perna nos bestas.

  12. "The particular great video works by helping this realtime through an IM World that could hold an individual engaged for as much as to the end regardless of whether a newbie are not able to learn in online and could develop a huge number of IM'ers."

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