April 2, 2020
Why Magento Moodle Integration?| LMS eCommerce Integration |3E Software Solutions

Why Magento Moodle Integration?| LMS eCommerce Integration |3E Software Solutions

Hello content developers, you might have
thought before that wouldn’t it be a good idea to sell your elearning content
to people who want to buy it in a way that is simple and painless.
yes! but how? by selling it as DVDs, CDs, were any downloadable resources. or Are
you looking for an alternative. Yes! Looks like your problem is solved. You can sell
out your e-learning courses through Magento Moodle integration. Do you want
to know more go through our video. Before getting into the details you
should know why should you choose Magento and Moodle integration for
selling courses than any other platforms? Magento is an open-source e-commerce
platform with over 150,000 online stores running on it. One of the most well known
and recognized e-commerce platform. On other hand, Moodle is the leading open
source software LMS platform used for blended learning, distance education,
flipped classroom, and other e-learning projects in schools, universities,
workplaces etc. Magento Moodle integration offers best
of the both worlds for someone who requires an e-commerce or an e-learning
system with an addition requirement from the other platform. It offers huge
advantages to the user as well as the seller community, to demonstrate – while
single sign-on, account synchronization option, and option to choose between
different classes for the same course on Magento helps the user, simple setup of
Moodle courses in Magento, single Magento account to enroll multiple students,
marketplace management options like adaptive PayPal payments, vendor reviews
etc, offers immense advantages to the course developer. Now, who will benefit
from Magento Moodle integration? For content developers who are using
DVDs, CDs, etc. to sell their content now can make use of lms ecommerce
integration for seamless transaction of courses through single store. These days
training industry are selling job skill training courses through online learning
platform. Though they have classroom courses, yet to bring the training
institutions with global presence and best ROI, LMS eCommerce integration will
play a key role in bringing it to their desk. Academic Organizations can host
elearning courses globally, where overseas students can access and learn
new things without traveling to different geographical location.
In Business Model where your employee training demands some or all courses
offered online, selling these training courses online can bring a better return
of investment for the business. This implementation would save a great deal
of time for the customer but also make your system appear more professional and
improve the overall experience of the customers. Why not call us or write to us to
schedule a free demo on Magento Moodle integration. If you liked this video,
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