March 30, 2020
Why It’s Hard to Find a Great E-commerce Marketing Executive

Why It’s Hard to Find a Great E-commerce Marketing Executive

So at MarketPro we’ve been gaging a lot
into discussions with clients and potential clients around e-commerce executives and it
seems to be finding a new e-commerce executive is particular important right now and the
reason for that is there are many changes going on in the world of e-commerce that didn’t
exist a little while ago and so some e-commerce executive s have stayed current and ahead
and other e-commerce executives are falling behind and the results are showing within
the organization that they work for. So in general we see two big challenges. The first
challenge is understanding what’s possible, how do I take my e-commerce platform from
where it is and move it to the next level and make sure I’m enabling it from a global
perspective, I’m enabling it from a mobile perspective, and I’m making all my interactions
and communications online as one to one as possible.
So then as you’re going out and looking for a new e-commerce executive, talent that
can fundamentally change your organization, the question really becomes who should I partner
with to find the right person and how quickly will I need to move through the process to
be successful. And it’s actually amazing how quickly you’re going to need to move
because everyone else is looking for this talent as well. So if you truly want a rock
star, you’re going to have to move quickly and I’ll give you an example, we just completed
a search with a client where we went out and direct sourced the talent, so the people that
we were talking to were not looking. The gentleman who got the job was asked to create a resume;
he didn’t even have one put together. Our client moved very quickly through the interview
process and thirty days later we had an offer. That was the fourth offer he had received
that week. So that is how quickly people are making decisions and how quickly top talent,
once they are engaged in the market place is able to find other opportunities with in
the world of e-commerce. So now who am I going to engage with from
a search perspective to determine that this is the right search partner that can get me
where we need to be and one, you have to look for people who understand what e-commerce
is and at it’s very core e-commerce is about understanding Marketing, understanding direct
Marketing, and understanding e-commerce and you’ve got to understand all those components.
We at MarketPro are all former marketers by trade and training and we get e-commerce because
we have people here with that kind of background. And then you’ve got to have people that
have done similar searches and we have a long history having done this since 1996 of placing
this type of talent on a regular basis.

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