April 8, 2020
Why Interior Define Chose ShipBob as a Fulfillment Provider

Why Interior Define Chose ShipBob as a Fulfillment Provider

My name is Jordan Diab. I’m the CFO and COO
of Interior Define. Interior Define was originally founded on the premise of delivering the best
sofa shopping experience in the market. ShipBob was an early partner of ours three years ago
that helped us to find the process of shipping that 4×6 piece of fabric and scale it from
originally sending two to three swatches out per day to now many hundreds per day.That’s
what ShipBob’s helped us to do in a very efficient way. In the very beginning, we would cut the
fabric ourselves for our swatches. We would put them in the boxes, we would print the
labels, and we would walk down the street to the UPS Store or the FedEx store. Terribly
cumbersome, not scalable in any real way, and you know it led us to just identify any
number of efficiencies in that process. ShipBob helped us streamline that process, allow us
to focus our attention on bigger and better strategic things. Anyone currently considering
ShipBob as a partner should understand the power behind their geographic footprint as
well as their technology platform. I would say you’d find few if any companies that have
invested as much as ShipBob has in providing a really robust B2B technology stack.

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