April 7, 2020
Why Immersive Commerce is Changing Retail Brands

Why Immersive Commerce is Changing Retail Brands

Hi, I’m Brad Higdon, Chief Marketing Officer at Zimmerman Advertising. I’m joined today with Fred Shank, our Chief
Experience Officer. Thanks, Brad. So when we think about the history of
retail you know we think about Single Channel, Multi-Channel, Omnichannel
Unified Commerce; all of the names and labels that we’ve put on it where brands
and businesses strive to keep those consumers contained into the ecosystems
that they’ve created, but also you know making it easier for consumers to get
the goods or the products that they’re trying to get. Things like buy online,
pick up in-store; we’re seeing growth in that category, for sure. But Immersive
Commerce is still something different than all of those things and can you
shed a little light on that, Fred? Sure. I’m sure we would all like to go back to
the simple times of Single Channel Commerce when you really could just say
hey come to the store and buy my stuff and people would come into the store and
buy it, but the world is much more complicated than that these days and
that’s why everybody has gone into these these different ways of looking at the
buying experience. You know with Unified Commerce being that focused point
that everybody’s talking about today; the buy online, the pickup in-store, the
trying to create those frictionless experiences between consumers going from
your website to your app to your store, but that’s still all about focusing the consumer in your shopping ecosystem. And the reality is consumers aren’t
buying that way, right? They’re going to Walmart, going to Amazon, going
to the social platforms, they’re on Google shopping. Those are the places
that consumers are buying. They’re not going to want to come purely
to your website to your store to your app to make that purchase. So we have to
think about it through the lens of getting out of our own ecosystems and bringing
ourselves to the consumer. What’s the risk for any brand or business that
doesn’t adapt to an Immersive Commerce philosophy? So like I said, that the risks
really sit in the world of physical traffic is falling and it’s
really hard to get people to your e-commerce website, especially when
they’re already on a different platform. So if 66% of new product searches start
on Amazon, right that’s 66% of the people that you would have to really force out
of that mindset to get them to come to your website to shop. And even more
interesting now right we’re seeing the evolution with Google shopping knowing
that they’re about to deploy the one-click purchases off of YouTube
videos and in the search results. Right? So largest search engines in the world
between Amazon and Google, they’re going to gobble up all of that intent from
consumers and in that moment in time shorten the distance between the purchase
search and purchase and we have to have we have to have our clients in that mix
otherwise, they’re gonna lose those sales. One of the interesting things about that
though right if you look at a brand like Target, they’re still playing in that
space of loyalty right when you search for a product on Google right and
it’s a Target sold product and you go to checkout with Google Shopping, it
introduces this idea of connecting your Target loyalty program with the Google
Shopping experience. So it’s this really interesting thing. It’s are you loyal to
Target? You’re buying the Target product you’re gonna get credit on the loyalty
program, but you never intended to go to Target’s website to make that purchase.
You’re gonna make it right into Google Shopping experience. So you’re suggesting we
leverage the retail brand, put it into a marketplace platform of any kind, whether
it’s the brand’s or a third party, like an Amazon or Google Shopping or a Walmart.com or even a Target.com, to that extent. And so our suggestion
to our clients and our prospective clients would be to sell. Sell there,
sell everywhere, sell anywhere you can. And that’s immersive commerce.

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