April 7, 2020

Why Google Ads Hasn’t Worked For Your Business… And What To Do About It

Hey, have you ever ran Google ads campaigns
in the past and they just didn’t work out? Hey guys, Silvio Perez from AdConversion and
in today’s video we’re going to talk about the three common reasons that I have personally
experienced time and time again when working with new clients that have struggled in the
past with Google ads. These are the three most common things that
I just keep seeing again and again that have led them to saying that they did not have
success with Google advertising. It’s my goal with this video that if you’re
someone that’s currently struggling with your Google advertising campaign and you haven’t
found that success that you’re looking for that hopefully after watching this video you
can reassess your campaigns based on the three common reasons that I’m going to outline and
then hopefully find that clarity that you’ve been missing. And if you’re someone that hasn’t launched
your Google advertising campaigns yet that you can use this video precautionarily. That way you can avoid these three common
mistakes. So without further ado, let’s get into reason
number one. The first reason and most common mistake that
I have found people to say, Google ads just doesn’t work for me is poor expectations. They a lot of the times, not even a lot of
the times, all of the times really people will come to me, clients will come to me,
potential clients that they’ve struggled in the past with Google ads and they want to
be successful moving forward and they’ll come to me and they’ll say, Hey, I want to get
more leads. I want to get more customers, I want to get
more revenue, I want to get more. It’s just always more, which is great, but
it’s never a specific number in mind. Something very tangible that you can build
a plan around. It’s always just vague and in the air of just,
you know, more conversions at a less cost, for example, and I’ve noticed that that’s
not a good way to go because if you don’t have a solid plan in mind, you’re not going
to be able to set the proper expectations to achieve that outcome. A lot of the times we think our Google advertising
isn’t working, but when in fact, especially with these clients that I found is they think
it’s not working, but it really is given their existing targeting and their existing budget. It’s just they just don’t have the proper
expectations yet because they haven’t done the work to plan and to research and to ultimately
do the math required to understand if they want to achieve this specific outcome. What is the targeting that I need, right for
that plan that we’re going to put in place and then what is the amount of money that
I need to put into this campaign realistically to achieve that outcome. Successful advertising, not just Google advertising. Advertising in general across channels comes
down to math and if you want to be successful with advertising, you have to do the math
and ultimately that’s going to set the proper expectations for you so that when you approach
a new campaign or a new service that you want to promote or whatever it might be, you can
go about it in a much more calculated way where you can set the proper expectations
before you even launch or before you even decide to start your campaigns and you know from an economic standpoint that
this makes sense for you in order to really illustrate the point of successful advertising
coming down to crunching the numbers and doing the math. Let’s pretend you are a DJ service provider,
so you are in the business of helping people have an awesome time at their parties playing
music and the crowd pumped and just good vibes all around. Now let’s say you decided you wanted to advertise
on Google and you wanted to get 10 new parties per month. So in order to crunch the numbers and do the
math, we have to get some information. First we need to know our estimated average
cost per click. We need to know our target marketing conversion
rate, which just basically means of all the people that clicked on your Google ad and
came to your website or landing page, what percentage of them actually turned into a
lead? And then last but not least, you need to know
your sales closing rate. So of all the leads you got, what percentage
of them are you actually turning into a client or in this example a party? So let’s say you want to get those 10 new
parties, you want to grow the business and you found out according to the keyword planner
that your estimated average cost per click is going to be $6 and your target marketing
conversion rate is 10% and your sales closing rate is 10% so of all the clicks you get 10%
turned into a lead. And then of those 10% of the leads you get,
10% is going to turn into a party. So now that we know that, the next thing we
need to find out is what is our cost per lead? So for every 10 clicks we get at $6 per click. We’re going to convert one of them into a
lead because of our 10% marketing conversion rate, which means our cost per lead is going
to be $60 because 10 clicks at $6 a click is 60 divided by one, which is the amount
of leads we got is $60 so our $60 cost per lead. So we know it’s going to cost us $60 based
on these numbers to get the phone to ring of people reaching out to us, interested in
hiring us to do a party for them next. Now that we know that is what is our cost
per acquisition. So in this case, what is our cost per party? So for every 10 leads we get at $60 per lead. We’re going to convert one into a party because
of our 10% sales closing rate, which means our cost per acquisition is going to be $600
so that means it’s going to be $600 per party. So now we know it’s going to cost us based
on these numbers. $600 to get one party that’s not one lead. That’s one party meaning one party where they
have paid you. So now the next thing we have to ask ourself
is how much do we need to spend in order to reach our goal of 10 parties per month? So we just plug in the formula. Our monthly budget is going to be $600 which
is our cost per party times 10 because that’s our monthly party goal, which means our monthly
budget is going to be $6,000 and if you want to get the daily budget, you’re just going
to take that $6,000 monthly budget divided by 30.4 and then you have your daily budget
of $197 and 37 cents and by the way, if you want to learn more about how to calculate
your daily ad budget and you want to learn more about this process, I created a full
video on this called how to calculate your daily ad budget that I’ll link in the description
box down below that you can go check out and I show you different ways you can calculate
your daily Google ads budget. But I just wanted to illustrate this point
in this video of the importance of doing the math and knowing your numbers. Because at this point if you know it’s 600
costs, $600 for your cost per party based on these numbers and obviously you can improve
these numbers. If it’s $600 your cost per party. Then at that point it’s just, it’s just the
formula. You know if you put in $600 you’re going to
get one party. So then depending on the amount of parties
you want, you multiply by that number and it’s as simple as that. So you really want to make sure that you approach
your advertising in a scientific manner and you really have enough budget in place that
can actually realistically help you reach your goal and ultimately what this is going
to do is going to set proper expectations for you. The second most common reason and mistake
that I’ve found is not having the proper conversion tracking in place to be able to tie your Google
ads performance to the bottom line. To be honest with you, it’s almost insane
to me how often this happens and and how like commonplace this is. It’s crazy how many accounts I take over and
them not having. Conversion tracking is the norm. I know it can be technical and it’s overwhelming,
but it has to get done. If you don’t have conversion tracking in place
and you have no way of being able to tie your marketing performance to the bottom line of
the business growth, honestly, you might as well not even do anything and that’s my honest
opinion because you’re essentially flying blind and just throwing thing at throwing
things at the wall and not really understanding how you’re going to scale that effort or really
have any control over it. You can have the best media buyer in the world. I’m talking the Yoda of Google ads managing
your account, but if you do not have conversion tracking in place, they’re not going to be
able to do much for you from a conversion standpoint. They can optimize to make your ads better
from a click through rate standpoint, but really you’re going to believing like all
your potential opportunity on the table without having conversion tracking. Again, I get it. It can be technical. It can be overwhelming, especially when you
know you didn’t go to school for this. This isn’t something that they teach you out
of university or high school, how to set up conversion tracking, but there are a lot of
resources out there that you can utilize to learn how to do conversion tracking. If this is something that you want to do yourself,
maybe you don’t have the bandwidth to hire someone to do it for you. You can go on YouTube and you can look at
a lot of great tutorials made by a lot of awesome other YouTubers that teach you how
to set up Google ads conversion tracking so you can get that information that you need
to be able to tie your performance to your business objectives. And then the second thing as well is if you
do have the bandwidth and you do have the cashflow, you could always go to something
like upwork.com and hire a freelancer to do it for you for a very affordable price to
just set up all your conversion tracking as well. You just tell them what you need and then
they’ll be able to work with you to make sure that everything’s working properly. Finally, the third reason and most common
mistake that I’ve noticed that leads people to say, Google ads just doesn’t work for me,
is lack of management otherwise known as the set and forget. It’s an active process. If you’ve never heard this before, it doesn’t
work straight out of the gate. Nine times out of 10 you’ve got to make things
better with your Google ads campaigns. It’s a continuous process. Just because you went through the work of
creating your campaigns and setting your keywords and creating your ads or whatever it might
be, that’s great and that’s awesome, but you want to make sure that you’re constantly reviewing
your performance so that you can improve it over time. There is a lot of work to be done in these
accounts to make sure that they are producing the outcome that you want. For example, you want to make sure you’re
reviewing search terms. You want to make sure you’re writing new ad
copy. You want to make sure and see how are you
performing on a device level, on a demographic level, on a geographic level. There’s a lot of information as your account
continues to run and you accumulate that data because you set up that proper conversion
tracking, you can actually see what segments of targeting are performing best for you. So now moving forward, you understand how
your ads are performing on a conversion basis and all the other different targeting options
you have in your account so that you can improve it moving forward. The reality is most people, they’ll create
the campaign, they’ll throw it out there, they don’t have the proper expectations, they
don’t have the conversion tracking. And then they turn around and they say, Oh,
this thing doesn’t work. And the reality is you need to have the proper
expectations. Do the math, find out what is the outcome
you want from this and the budget required to reach that. The second thing is you want to have that
proper conversion tracking in place so you can tie the loop. And finally the last point is you want to
make sure you’re continually improving. And optimizing your account so that it is
moving forward in the direction to reach the outcome that you set when you decided to run
this campaign in the first place. That is it for this video. I hope you got tremendous value from this
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