February 26, 2020
Why Ecommerce Is Changing: The Consolidation 2.0

Why Ecommerce Is Changing: The Consolidation 2.0

a couple of years ago Amazon was this wide open west period and during this time idiots got rich you could just throw up anything you wanted and and and take sales on Amazon and I called for what was going to happen was a consolidation of brands that that was going to window was going to close and then it would take a branded approach to be able to succeed selling physical products on Amazon that happened bar none without question and the people who survived that and grew through it sold companies for millions and millions of dollars myself included and a lot of our backroom members did that now there is a second consolidation happening and there’s a second consolidation happening where we have a bunch of these brands being bought up and being basically merged into one thing so the people who play this well will make even more money than the last consolidation but more people who don’t are gonna get squeezed out of marketplace so I just recorded a podcast that talks about the consolidation 2.0 and how to survive through that and even make more through that consolidation process it’s now live on iTunes [Music] [Music]

2 thoughts on “Why Ecommerce Is Changing: The Consolidation 2.0

  1. this is why I hate big conglomerate monopolies it starts out for the little guy and then like every monopoly consolidates thereby creating a barrier to entry, hardly free market, Amazon has yet to make a profit and is subsidized by the postal service

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