April 1, 2020
Why Ecommerce Is An Excellent Niche for Copywriters

Why Ecommerce Is An Excellent Niche for Copywriters

Why ecommerce is an excellent niche for copywriters and how to earn clients. Hey guys! I’m Sarah Turner. I’m a freelance medical copywriter and today I want to talk to you about why ecommerce is an excellent niche for copywriters and how to earn ecommerce clients. So for some people, picking a niche is a no-brainer right. They have a passion or background knowledge and so when it comes time to pick a niche, they know exactly what they’re going for. But for other people it can be a real hurdle to getting their copywriting business off the ground. And while I think a lot of times sometimes people get hung up on picking a niche because we love to procrastinate when something is new and scary. There are some people who just one don’t really feel a strong desire towards a particular niche or they have so many interests they don’t know where to begin. So that’s why I want to tell you about a niche that is perfect for just about everyone but what that means is by the end of this video there’s no more excuses. You can’t tell me you don’t know what niche to pick and I am all about that tough love so let’s get going. This is the perfect solution for all you reluctant nichers out there: Ecommerce. Before we dig in I want to quickly remind you why it’s important to pick a niche. Not picking a niche is one of the biggest mistakes newbie copywriters make. This is because they think if they pick a niche they’re gonna miss out on opportunities. They think going broad is better because you’re talking to everyone. But the fact of the matter is if you don’t have a niche you’re not talking to everyone, you’re talking to no one. Much like your copy itself, you wouldn’t ever write copy without knowing your audience. That is a big copy no no. Without a niche your business generally lacks focus and authority. It is the same reason you wouldn’t go to a neurosurgeon if you had a rash on your bum… gross and now. I like to remind writers that it’s picking your niche that makes it profitable more so than the niche itself. I also have a YouTube video on exactly this called why there’s no such thing as a profitable niche. It looks like this. Feel free to check it out. So, let’s get back to this amazing niche that’s gonna make it impossible for you to say you don’t know what to pick: ecommerce. What is ecommerce? Ecommerce is basically an umbrella term for online stores and any business that is selling a product online could be considered e-commerce. Shopify is the biggest online store platform in e-commerce it’s like a host for online stores think of WordPress but for selling things. According to shopify, ecommerce is often used to refer to the sale of physical products online, but it can also describe any commercial transaction that is facilitated through the internet. So while we use the term ecommerce to refer to online stores selling new things, it’s technically any transaction through the Internet. A bit more from Shopify. The history of e-commerce began with the first online sale ever in August 11th, 1994 where a man sold his CD, a CD by Sting, to his friend through a website called Net Market, an American retail platform. Since then ecommerce has evolved to make products easier to discover and purchase through online retailers and marketplaces like Amazon. The bottom line is this: ecommerce is ultra accessible today. Now pay close attention to this next part. Independent freelancers, small businesses, and large corporations have all benefited from e-commerce. Which enables them to sell their goods and services at a scale that was not possible with traditional offline retail. This is huge. One of the reasons ecommerce is such a profitable niche. Because it’s now an accessible business opportunity for so many, you don’t need the capital that was required of brick-and-mortar locations. Basically anyone with an internet connection can technically have an online store. Obviously, that’s an oversimplification ,but you get the idea. Because of this, global retail e-commerce sales are projected to reach 27 trillion by 2020. That is a massive market in need of copywriters. In fact there are over half a million on Shopify alone. Here’s another impressive stat as of July 2018: there were over 600,000 merchants on Shopify. Translation for us copywriters: That is over 600,000 potential clients for you to go after and that’s just on Shopify. There’s also Magento and Big Commerce. Those are Shopify’s biggest competitors. Because of all of this, ecommerce is a great niche for you if you want to be sure you’re choosing a niche that’s profitable, you aren’t sure what niche you want, you love products and brands, you just want to pick a niche and move on with your life. So why ecommerce? Well, you know they’re selling stuff. This means they need copywriters. They understand the value of copywriters. Which is great because not all people do. There are infinite sub niches because ecommerce essentially includes everything that’s sold online. There are infinite numbers of niches under the niche ecommerce. Think about all the things you get Facebook ads and Instagram ads for: personal development journals, mini refrigerators to keep your skin care products cold, weighted blankets for anxiety, coloring books for adults. You name it. You could definitely niche down and get more specific within e-commerce, which is definitely recommended. Your sub niche could be a subject or subfocus. And it could also be a type of copy. Ecommerce is fast growing. Because building an online store is accessible to just about anyone with an internet connection. Ecommerce is exploding. This means you’d be choosing a niche that’s only going to continue to grow in demand and finally, you can pick products you believe in. A big reason I love copywriting is because I believe you can use it to create a career that is in alignment with your values. You can still be an e-commerce copywriter and achieve this. Just go after products you believe in. Now that you’ve decided to become an e-commerce copywriter remember when you’re building your website to do SEO research. I went ahead and compiled a few ideas for you a few SEO keywords to keep in mind when you’re building your website: ecommerce copywriter, ecommerce copywriting, Shopify copywriter, Amazon copywriter, Amazon product writer, product copywriter, product description copywriter… could I say copywriter one more time. Alright, also be sure to highlight the types of copy ecommerce shop owners would want to see in your portfolio. So what types of copy do e-commerce shop owners need? Website copy, product descriptions, blogs, and emails, landing pages, and ad copy. So now let’s talk about going after ecommerce clients. If you’re already familiar with my style, you know that I recommend cold emails. Because you get to choose who you work with. You can find details about cold emailing in part three of my four part series called How to become a freelance copywriter. You can find ecommerce stores by searching Amazon for products and then looking at the actual store that’s selling the product. You’ll see it usually next to the picture of whatever the product is. It’ll say who the store owner is and so you can go find their website that way. Another option would be to click on Facebook and Instagram ads that you get for products. And when you do that, Instagram and Facebook are gonna start showing you more of the same. Hey, it’s that one time that those ads aren’t annoying. And then you can also research brands you already know and love. See if you can figure out who their competitors are. You could also look up ecommerce events, see who’s speaking at them and what stores the people who are speaking at them represent. This is one of those exercises where one door will lead to another and another and another. So let yourself go down that rabbit hole a little bit. And when you’re making a list of potential ecommerce businesses to cold email, the biggest question you’re gonna be asking yourself is: what can I do or how can I tell if an online store is doing well? Obviously, you want to work with an online store that can afford your copywriting services. So to do that, I recommend putting their website URL into similarweb.com. Similarweb.com gauges traffic to a website. threshhold where if the website doesn’t get enough traffic, similar web can’t register the data. If you put an online store into similarweb and find it’s not busy enough to produce a report it’s a good idea to go ahead and skip that store for now. This is not a hard and fast rule, this is just my recommendation. There is a limit on how many times you can use similar web for free. Another strategy for finding ideal ecommerce clients is to join related Facebook groups. Join ecommerce Facebook groups such as Shopify Entrepreneurs, Shopify Newbies, Ecommerce Elites Mastermind. When you join these Facebook groups, you can start to see some of the pain points of e-commerce shop owners. This helps you anticipate their needs and really get to know your audience better. Make sure you incorporate what you learn to spruce up the copy on your own website so you can reach them better and serve them better. Another great strategy is to establish yourself as an authority in these Facebook groups, be extremely helpful, respond to appropriate questions within the group. It’s better to bring overall value and not overtly sell your services here. Pretty quickly you can build a reputation by doing this. It’s a good technique for earning clients. Obviously copywriting opportunities will come up, but just stay classy: offer value first. And this strategy can take you far. Ecommerce is a great niche because there’s a ton of variety. It’s vast and shop owners are looking for copywriters And they understand the value of copywriting. So if you’ve been struggling with a niche or if you’ve been struggling to make your niche profitable, look at it through an e-commerce lens. Maybe you wanted to write about cooking or DIY, personal development and you couldn’t quite figure out how to make it work for you. See if you can find shop owners in alignment with the things you want to write about, because I’m sure they’re out there. And new shops are coming online every day. I hope that helps. Thank you so much for sticking around and remember: always reach out. There’s answers out there, answers to your problems, so never give up. Somebody has always gone through the struggle you’ve gone through before you and you will find the solutions. And never give up on building your copywriting dreams, because you are probably much closer than you think! Go ahead and subscribe to my youtube channel if you enjoyed this video and you want to see more things about copyrighting. Thanks guys!

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  1. Okay, THIS.  Just blew my mind.  I was struggling with lining up what I know (my profession) with my style of writing.  It just wasn't working and, I'll admit, I felt a little defeated. Until I realized that, in my case, my profession does not equal my passion.  Ecommerce lines up perfectly.  Step one is done.  Thank you for your YouTube vids-VERY helpful!

  2. So helpful! There are so many terms that get tangled up with other terms, making everything so difficult to understand when you’re a newbie.

    Thank you so much for clarifying things and offering definitions I can wrap my head around. It helps so much!

  3. Haha! Reluctant nicher! That's me. I fall into your second category–interested in so many things I feel overwhelmed!

  4. Yes, I just want to pick a niche and move on with my life 😂 Plus I’m obsessed with natural and minimal waste living. Wait is that it’s own niche 🤔. Semi-unrelated question: do you operate as a sole proprietor in your copyright business? I’m curious if you have created an LLC or anything like that. I hope you see this! 🤞🏽

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