April 7, 2020
Why Choose WooCommerce for Your Online Store

Why Choose WooCommerce for Your Online Store

Hi, this is David with Tiny Frog here to
talk to you about the advantages of using WooCommerce as your e-commerce system. So all the websites we make are built on WordPress, the most popular
website platform in the world and mostly all of the e-commerce websites use a
system called WooCommerce. And we love WooCommerce over here because it is
almost as popular as WordPress, which means it has very good support. That’s
the number one benefit of using WooCommerce. Your store is very important for your business if you have anything that breaks, or anything that goes wrong
it can hurt your sales right away and so using a system that has the support of a
full development team and the community is important because you know that
things are going to be updated quickly when the internet changes or standards
change they’re on it really fast. So WooCommerce is very very standardized for use with WordPress and updated frequently. The other advantage of using WooCommerce is that it’s open source which means that the entire website community out
there of software developers like myself can build extensions for it. So if you’re
looking for some kind of feature to add to your store it probably exists already
because there are millions of people out there building little widgets, building
little bits of code for WooCommerce which means that it’s very very
extensible. That’s one of my favorite benefits is that if I can go in and
write something quickly and tie it into the entire the e-commerce system and
there’s already a platform to be able to do that it’s very powerful, it makes
development much faster. Also, using WooCommerce can help you tie into all
the most popular payment systems. So as an online store, you probably process credit
cards or PayPal or stripe or anything like that and WooCommerce has them all built in, it has hundreds of different payment systems that you can install and
if it doesn’t you can have the web developer build it in. WooCommerce
is built so that things can be added very quickly in and out. So those are the
main benefits of using WooCommerce as a store, it’s important to use something
that’s already built rather than trying to design your own store because having
a web developer create your own sales system can very very costly and very
very time-consuming so you want to use a system that’s already out there, already
vetted by the entire world and we feel that WooCommerce is that system. So if
you have questions about setting up your store or WooCommerce or any of the
plugins that go with WooCommerce please contact us. This is David with Tiny Frog.

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