April 8, 2020
Why Choose Amazon Over Other eCommerce Platforms?

Why Choose Amazon Over Other eCommerce Platforms?

– Hey everyone, this is Jamie
Davidson with AMZ Insiders. A little bit about us, myself, and my two fellow
co-founders, Jason and Brad. We currently sell over $75
million a year on Amazon alone and, this coming year,
we expect to do over a hundred million dollars on Amazon. So, one of the questions we get often is once you’ve launched
a product on Amazon.com, which is the US, strategies
to what we should do next. People ask whether they should launch a lot more new products, whether they should go off of Amazon and launch their own website, Shopify, should they launch to other
platforms like Walmart. There’s so many different
things you can do once you launch your products. So they ask our perspective around that. So what we recommend,
or what worked for us, is instead of kinda jumping around to lots of different platforms, and, same thing with launching
a lot of different products, what we talk about is trying
to be really successful with one product initially
go as far as you can. One of the really great
things about Amazon is there’s so much you can do in scale with even just one product. And that one product it may mean that’s the one product you can maybe build a lot of
products that are very similar. If you think about you scroll
down on Amazon at the bottom, it will show you that people
that buy these products will also buy these related products. And that can give you an idea of, the type of thing within your brand. As you’re building your
product within your brand, what you can do, is really focus
on building that successful product on Amazon.com is the US. But without much effort at all, you can take the product
to Canada, for example. When we met with Amazon, the told us that most
people certainly do about 10% of what they do in the US in Canada which is relative to the population there. They told us some of our competitors actually do 30% of their business in the market up there. Just using that one example, it’s a lot less competitive and
so if there’s enough volume, depending on the product, if it’s something that’s sold in there, you can easily build new sales in a new market with
that exact same product. And certainly you can scale
that to other countries, over time as well too. We currently sell, let’s
see, in the US, Canada, Mexico, Japan, all over
Europe, Germany, UK, and so forth. And that’s the power of Amazon FBAs it’s designed so well that there are some steps involved to
get to these other places, you can easily do that. So again, what we recommend overall, is to stay focused on
doing a great job with one product or at least
staying within one brand of related products and really
seeing how far you can get because not every product is guaranteed to be a home run but when
you get some traction with a product and people are, the customer’s responding
really well to the product, there’s a lot you can do,
you can go a very long way. I mean in this business
itself, on our end, we really did not expand into
new categories in a big way until several years later, continue to build related
products or new designs on the products, but
really try to build within that category and do as
quality a job as we could, within that specific category. So, again, just to recap,
we recommend just staying, staying in focus, go really deep. When we talk about going
deep in a product channel and then eventually
leveling up to that product. Down the road you can also
go to other platforms, outside of Amazon but as
we’ve talked about before. Amazon is by far the most dominant e-commerce platform that’s out there. More than half of all searches
for any kind of product start on Amazon now, about
20 some odd percent start with Google and all the
other platforms combined, are less than 20%. So Amazon is by far the at least space, and as we like to say, that’s why we eat, breath and sleep Amazon, Amazon, Amazon. And just remember you
can go really really far without having to get together
a lot of winning products. Just get a few, and then stay
really really focused on that. So I hope you found that tip helpful, from a strategy perspective, what to do once you’ve got your first
product up and running and where to go next. There’s all sort’s of
different advice around it. What’s really worked for us
is really to stay focused and do a really good job there. And again if you found that helpful, go ahead and click the link below here, we’ve got a free workshop all
about everything we’ve done to establish our e-commerce business. And more importantly what you can do, to get underway on Amazon. We share all sorts of things
from finding products, to all sorts cool kinda
hacks and approaches, we can to rank your product. And really what the first
steps are, the next steps are; To either start a new Amazon business, or if you’re already up and
running on it, we can help you take your business to the next level. And make sure you have a lot
of success in e-commerce. So if you like this video, be sure to hit the thumbs up
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the strategy we recommend, about really going deep,
we’d love to hear about it. So comment below with any
thoughts or questions you have. (upbeat music)

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  1. Thanks for the info. I have a business name/product idea that would attract every NRA member and person nationwide and beyond who are in agreement with the 2nd Amendment. I'll keep watching your videos to learn more about starting a Amazon business.

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